Snipsy Snap and Snailsquirm, often referred to as Snips and Snails are the (former) lackeys of Trixie and Sunset Shimmer and the secondary antagonists of the first three Netflix Smash Bros.: The Grand Ed-venture games. They are also background characters in Netflix Smash Bros.: Twilight Unbound and minor antagonists in Netflix Smash Bros.: The Grand Ed-venture 4.

Snips and Snails are not evil incarnate, but they are more likely to be known as partners-in-crime. Each of the two share different personalities - Snips is very excitable and quite goofy, like most other cartoon characters in the series, while Snails on the other hand is more relaxed and dumber than Snips. He is shown to be slow and very hungry, often only thinking about any kind of food.

Netflix Smash Bros.: The Grand Ed-venture

The two first appear in the first game and are shown in the audience, thinking that Trixie really is "great and powerful". The Eds, however, oppose to her. When the Eds embark on their first ever quest, Trixie is outraged to hear that they are trying to prove to Ponyville that Twilight Sparkle is better than her. She sends out the two friends to go after them to make sure they don't reach her palace in Bunnitan, where she is planning to unleash Ursa Minor to battle him and turn Twilight into a reject. After the Eds defeat the constellation bear, they actually draw on Trixie's cabin and turn her into a laughing stock.

Netflix Smash Bros.: The Grand Ed-venture 2

In the second game, they help Sunset Shimmer try to steal Twilight Sparkle's crown and usurp her throne as the new princess of Equestria and the Complex Colonies. They are seen chasing after the Eds riding their Turbo Shopping Cart out the front door and launched far away from the school. When the Eds return with the help of the catapult they built, Sunset hires the two lackeys to go after them and prevent them from getting to the Fall Formal to warn Twilight about her plan working further. The Eds make it to the Formal, so instead they come up with a distraction; they kidnap Spike (as a dog) to lure the Mane Six and the Eds into her trap. When Sunset Shimmer turns into her demonic form, she turns them into demons and commands them and her army of hypnotized high school students to deal with the Eds first. When they both return to normal and both the Eds and the Mane Six do their best to redeem Sunset, Snips angrily asks about him and Snails' deal. Eddy tells them to "hit the road".

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