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Listen, Jeff.. It's not that I don't like you, it's that.. I HATE you! You're the bane of my existence and I would love to kill you. But since I'm in a hurry, about if I buy you a new game, would you please leave me alone?
~ Slendy to Jeff.

Slenderman (or "Slendy") is one of the secondary "protagonists" of Pasta Monsters. He is the rich, aristocratic boss of Jeff as well as the Proxies.

He also has over 500 self-portraits and is delusional about his talents (such as playing the piano and french horn) though nobody around him considers him to be very good.


Slenderman was born when Lord Zalgo met a female demon and had casual sex with her. He then, however, left her without making her his queen as he promised. The girl eventually had a baby and sent it to Zalgo under his orders. Zalgo intended to murder the baby and feed it to his Hell-Hounds but the Shadowlurker stopped him, persuading Zalgo that he needed a heir to his throne. With that, Zalgo named the baby "Slenderman" and prepared it to rule his throne.

Zalgo would later go one to have four other children, intending to find out which one is the most worthy of the throne. Over a course of two decades, Zalgo would subject his young sons and daughter to horrific abuse, both of the physical and psychological kind. Not long after they are born, Zalgo, in order to put his new initiation to the test, strips his terrified children naked and then dumps them into a pit of hellfire from the Pit, causing them nightmarish agony, searing thier skin black and giving them magical tentacles (which we're actually the children's rotten flesh.) From this point onwards and for years on for every day of Slenderman's life, Zalgo puts the child through brutal life-or-death training routines, where the slightest deviation means beatings and torture and the other four children die in the brutal courses, leaving Slenderman as the only survivor. One exemplary instance of this was when Zalgo forced the boy to fight a hulking demon henchman whilst he was still a young child, leading to him to be beaten senseless in his ineffectual attempt to attack the demon. In the midst of this routine, the young, inquisitive Slenderman, sneaks away from the battle in tears of pain, and finds a portal to the human world. Slenderman stared out into the outside world (which should be noted Zalgo has never let Slenderman venture into). Zalgo sees him gazing longingly outside and seems to comfort him... before grabbing Slenderman by the neck and tossing him to the brutish demon and ordering that Slenderman be brutalized for his brief distraction, watching without a hint of emotion as the demon brutally beats the young boy.

During his teenage years, Slenderman wandered around the Pit, seeing all the enslaved humans and monsters from different worlds forced to Zalgo. The Dark World is riddled with likenesses of Zalgo, and his demonic minions swarm the lands. During this, Slenderman finds that his long-lost mother, like all his other family members, have been put to work in the mines, though she is being tormented by Zalgo's evil minions far more than anyone else. Before the woman is about to be punished via whipping, Slenderman arrives and battles Zalgo's minions. He easily defeats them and frees his mother from his shackles. His mother, Akira, tells her son that Zalgo means to use the riches found in the Pit to strengthen his powers and take over the entire multiverse. Slenderman promises that he will vanquish Zalgo by the power Zalgo bestowed upon him, before Akira dies due to starvation.

Zalgo, sensing this, told his henchmen to kill Slenderman but Slenderman fought his way through Zalgo's kingdom, using his father's power. After teleporting to his throne room, he challenged Zalgo for the throne. Zalgo, believing no one could harm him, accepted and they engaged in battle. Zalgo shape-shifts into the form of a large gorilla. Zalgo attacks Slenderman with furious claw swipes and powerful punches, managing to harm the Slenderman's back. But soon enough, Slenderman manages to catch Zalgo's arms with his tentacles, ripping his arms and legs off, forcing Zalgo to morph into a spider. Slenderman states that Zalgo will never be able to defeat one of his own, no matter what form he takes. Zalgo continues to attack with his teeth and sharp arms, but is cut down by Slenderman once again, and is sent tumbling in the darkness of his lair. Zalgo then emerges in the form of a giant squid. He tries to attack with his tentacles, but Slenerman cut his tentacles one by one, eventually taking to higher ground. Zalgo then shape-shifts into the form of a hydra and charges at the prince, who dodges and cuts Zalgo in half with a magical beam, forcing him to shape-shift into a dragon. Slenderman then prepares to finish Zalgo and morphs him tentacles into a sword and pierces Zalgo through the head. Zalgo tumbled to his lair's floor, reduced to the helpless, cowardly shadow he truly is. He looked up at his son and declared, "You might have beaten me now, but I will return in the future stronger than ever". Slenderman exclaims that there is no future for Zalgo, but he disagrees. Zalgo tears a portal to the Dark World through which Slenderman is flung into the distant future, where Zalgo promises they will meet again, but next time he will destroy Slenderman once and for all. However, this inadvertently made Zalgo's predicament worse, as the Monsters, who had been killed and tortured by Zalgo for years, finally found a leader: Slender Man.


Slender Man is a classy, posh, grumpy, hot-tempered, arrogant, classy, sophisticated person. He enjoys easy-living and considers himself a "higher-being". However, he hates his employees (particually Jeff and Ben) as they never listen to him and usually disobey. Sometimes he has even thought of (and even tried) killing them. 

He enjoys being left alone in his office, where he usually plays on upper-class instruments, watches old black and white movies, and eats fancy dinners. He hates it when people enter his office. 

With that said, Slendy does have a soft side, he does protect and care for his henchmen from time to time.



Jeff the Killer

Slender Man dislikes Jeff, and often tries to avoid him. The main reason Slender Man's massive hatred for Jeff's existence is because Jeff can be extremely annoying towards Slendy, but Jeff is unaware of this, and thus continues to irritate him. However, on occasions, Slenderman can display sympathy for Jeff. In addition, when Slender Man is in a good mood, he is usually kind to Jeff.


Slenderman dislikes Ben, but sometimes likes him, the reason is somehow Ben can be a non-annoying type occasionally and can be quiet sometimes. Slenderman mostly calls him an idiot, imbecile etc.

Sally Williams

Slenderman is generally tolerate and caring of Sally. Sally even calls him "Uncle Slendy".


President Bush

Slenderman does not seem to mind President Bush, but can sometimes lose patience with him, usually when he is a cheapskate, which usually results in him getting angry with Bush. He also gets angry when President Bush blames something on him. Slenderman and President Bush have been working together for a long time so the two have developed a decent relationship.



Slendy and Zalgo hate each other despite both being son and father. Slendy usually does anything in his power to avoid Zalgo.


Slendy and Enderman have been intense rivals throughout the entire series. Enderman is always trying to steal Slender Man's money which usually backfires. They used to be best friends but Slendy simply says "It's all in the past". 


  • In xcomickittyx's Halloween photo, where Pasta Monster characters were shown dressed as various monsters during commercial breaks, Slender Man was dressed as what appears to be the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Slender Man appears to be not much older than Jeff and Ben, although Ben and Jeff are often called kids, probably due to their childlike tendencies and immaturity.
  • Slender Man has a distinct, smug belly laugh.
  • Some people online have stated that Slendys birthday is on October 31st. However, xcomickittyx has unconfirmed this.
  • In Slender Man Incorporated, Slender Man sometimes has different jobs from his regular C.E.O job, usually replacing Jeff as Head Proxy when he is absent.
  • Slender Man says he is allergic to balloons but he has touched balloons in several episodes.
  • Slender Man often mentions the running length of one episode of the show (Thirty minutes), usually in subtle ways.
  • A character resembling this Slender Man make a cameo appearance in the Japanese anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Enderman reveals that Slender Man has worked at the Slender Man Incorporated for 20 years. This means he is at least around mid-30's or early 40's, since it would be logical that he began work as a teenager or young adult.
  • In some episodes, Slender Man reads magazines at his job. The title varies a lot. Titles include "Work!," “Art," "Proxy Ink" and "Rich People Monthly"
  • It is stated that Slender Man is allergic to bluebarries and the color pink.
  • According to Proxy Mansion's tour guide, there are over 5,000 statues of him inside and out of the mansion.
  • Slender Man represents the Deadly Sin of Wrath.

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