Slade (Character What)

Slade (sometime; Deathsmoke) is one of the major villains in the Character What franchise, He is a character from the Teen Titans series, and a villain from the DC universe.


After Shadow Aaron's defeat by Shadow Joe, Slade was summon along with some other villains by Shadow Aaron to warn them about Shadow Joe is the upcoming threat to all evil.

After Shadow Aaron's second defeat, Shadow Aaron teleported Slade to his empire.

Character What: The Adventures

Character What: Tales

Character What: Hero Force

Slade makes a cameo in The Returns of the Dazzlings.

In Dig for Germs, Slade was one of the few villains who were hired by Shadow Aaron to dig for germs underground. Slade along with the other villains didn't have any luck finding any germs.

In Return for Revenge, Slade join forces with Shadow Aaron and other the villains to seek revenge on Shadow Joe.

In Showdown, Slade along with the Joker, Freddy Krueger, and Darth Vader fight Shadow Joe in a four against one battle. Slade was the last one standing to fight Shadow Joe. Slade was ultimate defeated by Shadow Joe with one simple punch, The left half of Slade's mask was broken showing half of Slade's face (but his face was cover with dark) and Slade than flee.

In Villains Meeting, Slade was at Shadow Aaron's villain meeting.

In Know Your Enemy, Slade appears during the song "Being a Villain" singing with the other villains. This mashes Slade's first singing role.

In Round One, Slade was a participant of the Golden Fist Tournament and was the first opponent of Shadow Joe.

In Men Club, Slade was one of the few male villains in Shadow Aaron's "Men Club".

In Up to the Next Game, Slade was one of the contestants chose by Charles Zenith to win Shadow Joe's hands. He lose the third round when Shadow Aaron push him into the water. Charles Zenith than teleported Slade into the Null Void with the other losers, Shadow Joe arrive in the Null Void to free Slade and all the losers from the Null Void.

Character What: New Hope

Character What: Ultimate Hero

In Watch the Piplings, Slade was with other villains at Pete's "We Hate Shadow Joe Barbecue".

Slade makes a cameo in Breakfast Time, When he was at the Super Villain Super Market.

In Villain Theme, Slade was part of Shadow Aaron's team, He was seen in the villain version of Dark Horse, He also had a singing role in the song.

In The Return of Slade, Slade plot revenge on Shadow Joe.

Character What: New Adventures

In Slade's Revenge, Slade seeks revenge on Yojojo for killing Shadow Aaron.

Character What: Hero Times

Character What: Villains Revenge

In Darkness Nightmare, Slade appears in the Piplings' dream.

Character What: Friendship is Magic

Character What: The Last Stand

In Hero Past, Slade appears in a flashback when Shadow Joe and his team mates have a battle with him.

Powers and Abilities

Normal Abilities

  • Martial Arts: Slade possesses high levels of martial arts.
  • Enhanced Strength: Slade possesses high strength.
  • Enhanced Speed: Slade possesses high speed.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Slade possesses high reflexes.
  • Enhanced Agility: Slade possesses high agility.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Slade possesses high recovery.

Powers from Trigon

  • Demonic Pyrokinesis: Slade can manipulate and control demonic fire.
  • Super Strength: Slade is a lot stronger than his normal strength.
  • Super Durability: Slade is highly durable.
  • Flight: Slade can fly into the air.
  • Regeneration: Slade can recover a lot faster.
  • Phasing: Slade can pass through anything.
  • Electricity Generation: Slade can generate electricity.
  • Teleportation:
  • Time Immunity: Slade is immune to time-based powers.