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Sizrzenz (Pronounced as "Sirens") is a Spicivore who first made his first and only major appearance in "The Four Digit Dancer" Creepypasta. Sizrzens is never given an actual name in the story itself, but instead referred to by the title of the story itself. Originally thought to be "made up at the tip of his tongue", Uncle Martin imagined the design and basis of an imaginary creature whose description took a horrifyingly ironic twist and perfectly matched up with Sizrzens, all the way down to physical appearance, and even his own behavior pattern. The story didn't cover everything about him, though, as for the most part he never got a chance to utilize his full roster of abilities due to only appearing for a brief encounter with the alien, before Uncle Martin had slain Sizrzenz after he had killed his younger cousins and his father, which in return prompted an entire clan of Spicivores to ransack Martin's own house.


According to an unknown source, Sizrzens is the largest Spicivore individual on record; he stands 7'03" in height, and weighs 277.5 lbs. In terms of overall looks, though, he's not too different from a normal Spicivore. Despite his unusual large size, he still primarily stands on two legs, and is very athletic (Hence how he "earned" his name). In addition to his usual appearance, he is covered in various scars around his body, and was very durable enough to withstand enough shots fired before promptly being killed by a fatal shot through his mouth that pierced his skull. While not pointed out in the story, Spicivore blood is navy blue in color. What is mentioned in the story, though, is that Spicivores can move their front limbs as if they didn't have actual bones present in them, or, at least, bones that would make them similar to human arms by comparison.


According to Uncle Martin's narration, he appears only once a year (excluding leap years), and each year he moves up a day from when he last appeared. For example, if he appeared last year on June 16th, he'll appear the current year on June 17th. Due to records from Uncle Martin's dad, however, he apparently appears in a time frame rather than a single day of the year. However, he seems to deliberately make his appearance known on the day that he's "predicted" to appear, as it's the only day in which the earsplitting siren noise he makes is heard. He seemed fairly oblivious to human weaponry, as prior to the encounter with the protagonists, he already had two bullet scars on his arms. Perhaps due to his immense size as a Spicivore, his signature "dance" motif appears to be him trying to simply keep his balance, since normal Spicivores never surpass 6 feet in height under normal standards, and it's later remarked by an "observer" to the events that Sizrzenz appears to be suffering from a tumor of sorts that caused his abnormal size, and that this trait, among many others, is why Sizrzenz is apparently the most diabolically insane of the cult that is present in the territory he inhabited.

Background (The Four Digit Dancer)

At least 197 years ago, Sizrzenz appeared and began a cycle in which he would appear once a year on Earth, and then begin reappearing from an unknown location every year, excluding leap years, on a day up than the last year in which he had appeared. During his time on Earth, he allegedly killed an unknown amount of human individuals, but he killed no less than three victims, all of which were slain within the story. Uncle Martin was first informed of Sizrzenz's existence in the form of two of his cousins mysteriously vanishing during the moment he was telling a bedtime story to the cousins still in his house, and prior to this, Martin had innocently been telling them about a creature almost identical to Sizrzenz in appearance and behavior. Trying to make his story more tame the next night by stating the creature fed on plant matter didn't change a thing (Spicivores are Omnivores by nature), and this is when he decided to help out his father at work and he learned that his dad had been tracking disappearances which also followed an identical pattern to the story that Martin had been telling, and late in the night, both of them set out on a patrol in the park.

At the park, all the dogs began barking for no reason, another thing about Martin's story that turned out true, as well as a bright flash from out of nowhere. When Martin and his father quickly followed the trail given off by the light, they swiftly discover Sizrzenz, standing on one leg and apparently performing an odd dance or ritual of sorts, with the bodies of Martin's two missing cousins beside it, and their necks pouring out blood with their heads partially ripped off. Sizrzenz is ordered numerous times by the father to get on the ground, and when Sizrzenz kept ignoring him, he opened fire and prompted Sizrzenz to let out an earsplitting shriek to immobilize the two of them, before attacking and killing Martin's father by decapitating him the same way it did with his cousins. Martin, filled with a sense of despair, grabbed his father's gun and managed to shot Sizrzenz through the mouth, causing the bullet to pierce his skull and kill him swiftly.

In the aftermath, a clan of Spicivores ransack Martin's house and kill everyone inside, and apparently it was deliberately out of revenge against Sizrzenz's own death.

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