Have you seen the stickers on my door? Have seen the rug? It's heart-shaped! Right Eric Excel? They symbolize something! They symbolize! They symbolize about me! MEN ARE MY SLAVES!
~ Silveria
Silveria Rothstein
Silveria rothstein full body by mikonekocream435-d98y5a2.png
Alias Roth
Origin Unknown
Occupation Singer
Status Alive
Skills Flight, Shooting Flames, Crossbow
Hobby Singing, Capturing men (Formerly)
Goals To capture Eric (Formerly),
Destroy Asmodeus and her minions.

Silveria Rothstein (シルベリアロススタイン Shiruberia Rosusutain) is one of the Main Protagonists of Émeraude. She is introduced in the third chapter of the novel.




Chapter 3: Concert Incident

Silveria tried to sing, but she can't. Eric asked Tsukisa if she was in a stage fright then she answered that there is rumor that she is a demon with an ability to transform into a human and is unable to control her demon powers. Tsukisa says that there is another rumor that Silveria's mother is a succubus but then she got interrupted as Silveria sprouts wings and tail and flies out of the stage and captured Eric. She then creates a hole on the ceiling by shooting flames and escapes.

Chapter 4: Silveria

Silveria is now wearing her bondage outfit, consisting a black corset, stockings and thong. She asked Eric how does he know her name and Eric answered that he talking to her mother. After that, Silveria said the stickers on her door and her heart-shaped rug symbolizes her lust over men. She then ties a ball gag around Eric's mouth. She prepares a whip she got from the table but then gets interrupted by Tsukisa. Silveria then released Eric and removed the ball gag from his mouth.

Chapter 5: Ein Kampf

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