Silver the Hedgehog
Silver the Werehog
Alias Silver the Werehog, Silver
Origin Unknown
Occupation Hero
Status Presumed Deceased
Skills Speedster, Claws attack, Super strength
Hobby Kidnapping Blaze
Goals Take Blaze in hostage, hurt Jet and Charmy. Defeat Sonic and his friends (all failed)
Silver the Werehog is the main antagonist from the fan-made video Silver Unleashed, he was originally Silver the Hedgehog who was trapped by Dr. Eggman and killed him, he was responsable for injuring Jet and Charmy and attempted to kill Blaze in order to take her in hostage. He was stopped by Sonic the Werehog and was turned back to normal.


Silver goes to Dr Eggman's base, where he is zapped by the same machine used in the game. When back his friends try to convince him that he's a werehog, but he doesn't believe them. By the way, Sonic turned into a werehog because Silver bit him. Silver has taking Blaze in hostage and attempts to kill her, but he was later stopped by Sonic and was shot by Sonic's friends and went back to normal.
Silver Unleashed part 307:04

Silver Unleashed part 3

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