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Shere Khan is one of the minor villains in the Character What franchise. Shere Khan is also the main antagonist from Disney's The Jungle Book.


After Shadow Aaron's defeat by Shadow Joe, Shere Khan was summon along with other villains by Shadow Aaron to warned them about Shadow Joe is the upcoming threat to all evil.

Character What: Tales

In the The Jungle Book episode, Shere Khan reprise his role from The Jungle Book film, with Shadow Aaron making aware that Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle will stop him.

Character What: Villains Revenge


Character What: Tales

  • The Jungle Book
  • The Jungle Boo II

Character What: Hero Force

  • Episode 1 (first re-appearance)
  • Come back to the Light: Part 2
  • Destroy Shadow Aaron
  • The Return of the Dazzlings (cameo)
  • The Octonauts and the Villains
  • Villain Meeting
  • Shadow Aaron's Army of Villains
  • Evil Victorious: Part 1
  • Evil Victorious: Part 2
  • Spooky Hideout

Character What: New Hope

Character What: Ultimate Hero

Character What: New Adventures

Character What: Villains Revenge

  • The Return: Part 2 (first re-appearance)
  • Darkness Nightmare (dream)
  • Beware of the Enemy
  • Shadow Aaron's Rate
  • Hero For The Day (cameo)
  • I'm Not Shadow Aaron (cameo)
  • HIM Out
  • Villains in Ponyville
  • Rainbow Dash and Bambi
  • The Return of Pikachu
  • Little Pony Army
  • Make Up Time
  • Ultimate Revenge of the Enemy: Part 1
  • Ultimate Revenge of the Enemy: Part 4

Character What: Friendship is Magic

Character What: The Last Stand