Shendu is a villain in the Character What series, Shendu is a villain from Jackie Chan Adventures, He is a giant dragon-like demon sorcerer and a energy of Jackie Chan.

Character What: Hero Force

In The Rise of the Demon Sorcerers, Shendu have a battle with Jackie Chan and Jackie was losing against him, but lucky Shadow Joe can there in time to save Jackie Chan and tell Jackie to let him fight Shendu. Then Shadow Joe and Shendu have a battle, Shadow Joe use the powers that Shendu has with the Talismans such as his Levitation, Super Strength, Pyrokinesis, Heat Vision and Invisibility. Shadow Joe then use his Chi Magic to remove the Talismans from Shendu's body. When Shadow Joe remove the last two talismans (Rat and Tiger Talismans) from his Shendu's body, Shendu was turn back into a stature, Shadow Joe then storage Shendu in another dimension so he won't cause any harm.

Powers and Abilities

Shendu possesses powers from all 12 Talismans, and possesses demonic magic.

  • Levitation: Shendu can lift and move himself into the air, gain by the Rooster Talisman.
    • Telekinesis: Shendu can lift objects into the air.
  • Super Strength: Shendu possesses superhuman strength, gain by the Ox Talisman.
  • Invisibility: Shendu can become invisbie, gain by the Snake Talisman.
  • Super Speed: Shendu can increase his speed, gain by the Rabbit Talisman.
  • Astral Projection: Shendu can eject his sprint from his body, gain by the Sheep Talisman.
    • Dream Enter: When Shendu in astral projection, Shendu can enter a person's dream.
  • Combustion: Shendu can shoot destructive fire blasts, gain by the Dragon Talisman.
  • Animation: Shendu can bring inanimate objects to life, gain by the Rat Talisman.
  • Regeneration: Shendu can heal himself from injuries, gain by the Horse Talisman.
  • Animal Transformation: Shendu can turn people, creatures, and objects,including himself into animals, gain by the Monkey Talisman.
  • Immortality: Shendu live forever and he cannot die, gain by the Dog Talisman.
  • Heat Vision/Optic Blasts: Shendu can shoot heat beams from eyes, gain by the Pig Talisman.
  • Spiritual Balance/Yin & Yang Separation: Shendu can bind the powers of the other Talismans together into one, gain by the Tiger Talisman.
  • Supersonic Flight: Shendu can fly a supersonic speed, gain by the Rooster and Rabbit Talismans.
  • Pyrokinesis: Shendu can manipulate and control fire.
  • Fire Breath:
  • Possession:
  • Demonic Magic:
    • Object Creation:
    • Fortification Creation:
    • Portal Creation
    • Magical Energy Absorption:

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