The Nihilist Maiden
Shamira (Raven Crystal) (2)

Alias Sham (by Menora)
Origin Unknown
Occupation low member of the Raven Crystal (formerly)
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Skills Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Goals Unknown
Shamira Talisman is an former antagonist in the Good Wolf franchise. She is a former member and bodyguard of the Raven Shadows and later girlfriend of Good-Hearted Howler Ciar Quakerseism.


Befriending the Wrong

Shamira was born in the northwestern town of Mistlyn to Eleora Talisman and her husband. Four years after she was born, her father left her and her mother to be with a frog woman, leaving Eleora alone to raise their daugther. Unfortunately for Shamira, growing up in half of the west was anything but easy, as kids 




​Skills & Abilities




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