Shadow La is a evil Shadow Creature created by Shadow Aaron.


Shadow La has a female human head with light blue skin, blue hair with a long ponytail. She has a torse like Shadow Joe or Shadow Aaron, but her fur is blue. She has Nightmare Moon's wings, Yzma's right arm, Kraab's pincer arm, Trixie Lulamoon's tail, and Sontata Dusk's legs. She has blue rabbit ears, and the crystal on her forehead is red like Shadow Aaron.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrokinesis/Electricity Manipulation:
  • Oxygen Independence:
  • Flight:
  • Toxikinesis:
  • Hydrokinesis:
  • Laser Blasts:
  • Gas Ejection:
  • Pincer Claw:
  • Aerokinesis:
  • Siren Song:
  • Hypnotic Music:
  • Music Manipulation:
  • Magic:
  • Immortally: