The Captain


Stagg was a sergeant of the Enforcers, a paramilitary group that protects Mega Kat City. Stagg only got the position of sergeant because his late father was a senator after Stagg was principal of an elementary school. When the school was raising money to help a country in the West Indies, Stagg stole half the money they raised and used it to buy a new car. In other to protect Stagg, Stagg’s father the Senator convinced the naive fool Mayor Manx to give Stagg a job on the Enforcers. Stagg got the rank of Pilot since the Senator taught him piloting when he was little.  

Stagg is also corrupt just like his father which was he was being ruthless and uncaring towards others. Stagg has worked with Dark Kat many times since he wants crime to be the law of Mega Kat City. When Sergeant Chance Furlong, Corporal Jake Clawson, and Unit One were after Dark Kat, Stagg tried to convince Chance and Jake to let Dark Kat escape since he was scared Dark Kat was going to be in jail. Chance called off everyone in Unit One since he saw they were all scared. Stagg informed Commander Feral about this and Feral interfered with Chance and Jake’s attempt to capture Dark Kat. As a result, Chance and Jake were forced to work in the salvage yard and Stagg got Chance’s leadership position.

Like Feral, Stagg dislikes the Swat Kats because he's jealous of them and since they interfere with Dark Kat. In Night of The Dark Kat, Stagg was one of the idiots firing at the Swat Kats when they 'kidnapped' Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs. Feral stopped Stagg and his partner since he feared that they might kill the Deputy Mayor by mistake.

In Razor's Edge, Stagg helped Dark Kat with his sinister plan by lying to Feral that the Swat Kat Razor's missiles were used to harm innocent bystanders. However, Stagg's boss Lieutenant Felina Feral investigated and found the truth while assuming Stagg was wrong. Stagg tried to betray Dark Kat by tipping off the Enforcers on where the next robbery would happen and naively assumed Feral would deal with the crisis, however he was wrong.  Dark Kat promised Stagg that he would rebuild Mega Kat City and make him the new Chief of Enforcers. However, Stagg changed his mind once he learned that his father was backing him for Chief.

Stagg also seems to want to hog all the glory for himself, In The Deadly Pyramid, Stagg and Unit One tried to stop some mummies in the mountain side. Once the Swat Kats took down the mummies, Stagg rudely told the Swat Kats to leave and tried to take all the credit for himself. However, Stagg got killed by the mummies in a helicopter crash.      ☁ 


Stagg appears to be friendly and caring for his team like when he tried to convince Chance and Jake to back off. However, Stagg is actually corrupt and willing to hurt anyone to get what he wants. Stagg knew that Feral would interfere with Chance and Jake's attempts that would result in Chance and Jake nearly being killed, Enforcer Headquarters being destroyed, and him becoming the Sergeant.Stagg appears to be a liar since he covered up the cause of explosion in Razor's Edge while lying to the loyal unnamed Enforcer Sergeant. Stagg also appears to be really desperate to become the new Chief Enforcer since he reasoned that if he could take down the mummies, then that would aid his bid in becoming Chief Enforcer. Fortunately, he never got to achieve a high ranking position. Stagg also appears to be greedy as well since he stole money from the school when they were raising it to help a developing country so he could buy a new car.







The Senator (former)

Mayor Manx (former)

The Enforcers (former)

Mega Kat City Elementary School (former)

Dark Kat (ally turned enemy)


The Swat Kats

Past Master


Dark Kat

Lieutenant Felina Feral


Night of The Dark Kat

Razor's Edge

The Deadly Pyramid

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