Sauron render lord of the rings conquest by angelus23-d5wdt9e

Sauron is a major villain in the Character What series, Sauron is the primary antagonist from The Lord of the Rings.

Powers and Abilities

Sauron is the embodiment of greed.

  • Ring Creation: Sauron can create magic rings such as The One Ring.
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship:
  • Umbrakinesis: Sauron can control darkness.
  • Enhanced Strength: Sauron possesses incredible strength.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Sauron possesses incredible stamina.
  • Telekinesis:
  • Pyrokinesis:
  • Telepathy:
  • Mind Control:
  • Matter Control:
  • Divine Magic:
  • Elemental Control:
  • Dark Magic:
  • Necromancy:
  • Illusions:
  • Shape-Shifting:
  • Reality Warping:
  • Energy Wave Emission:
  • Conquest Empowerment:
  • Immortally:

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