Saten Twist
Saten Twist is portrayed as the alcoholic/comedic anti hero of the fanpop mini series "Saten Twist Adventures".


Born in Fillydefia, Saten has a very traumatic childhood.. HIs father was an abusive drunk who constantly cheated on his mother. And his mother never showed him much love either.

Only one to care for him was his cousin/friend Derpy Hooves.

They continued growing up in Fillydefia, till one day Saten unintentionally kills a local bully, who showed, uninvited, to make fun of Derpy after she bangs her head, causing her trademark eye design. Ironically this caused him to get his cutie mark, despite it not even being his "talent".,

Derpy, fearing prison, gets them to move away from Fillydefia, with the help of their 'friend' Chimeny Sweep. Trixie Lulamoon is also said to be a close friend they had in Fillydefia (one of the few).

Eventually this causes them to arrive in ponyville, and start a new life.


Although he usually means well. Saten Twist isn't always as innocent as the other my little pony characters. He's been known to kill 3 people (though non of them were on purpose).

Saten often reveals to have had a very bad childhood, his father was abusive to him and his mother, and his mother was emotionally distant, never showing him any true signs of love. As a result, Saten has grown into a recovering alcoholic, who sometimes takes weed, and has strong temper issues witch often makes him unpredictable, and sometimes even sadistic. 

However, he is also shown to be quite immature and doesn't often take things too seriously. Cause of this, Saten is often considered one of the most sarcastic characters of the series.

Saten can sometimes be considered a bit creepy when it comes to woman, often flirting with them at the LEAST appropriate of times. And on rare occasions he actually stalks them before having gotten together with Trixie. But Saten's strongest quality is his loyalty. And he may not be winning any "boyfriend of the year" awards, but he would NEVER cheat on Trixie. And although Saten still flirts with most girls he meets, he never actually tries anything.

For the most part, Saten loves causing mischief on his spare time. And he tends to get along well with Pinkie, cause they both love pranking people (although Saten's pranks can arguably be considered a bit crueler).

But despite all his flaws and temper issues, Saten isn't "at heart" a bad person. He is strongly loyal towards the ones he cares about, especially Derpy, and later Trixie, not afraid of physically harming those who wrong them.

He is also quite nieve, as he never realized Trixie's true feelings despite how obvious it probably was. It wasn't till she told him herself, while revealing to be very heartbroken about Saten falling for AppleJack instead of her.. But Saten later made up for this and is currently her boyfriend.. 

Relationships with characters

DERPY HOOVES: Derpy is his only known cousin, and seemingly the only member of his family that he actually care about. As its heavily implied that Saten Twist hate's both his brother and mother. And his father is said to be either dead or ran out on them.. Because of this. Saten Twist is very protective of young Derpy. To the point that he literary stabbed a pen into someone who implied she was ugly.. She is one of his closet friends. And is also the only character to smoke as much weed as he dose, yet still be a positive role model (for the most part).

APPLEJACK: It's no secret that Saten Twist has love Interest towards AppleJack. It's proven that she was briefly his girlfriend, but she had to dump him over his obsessive drinking. Saten went into a small depressed over this, and clearly still likes her that way. Reasonably, AppleJack felt guilty about hurting him so badly, but she lost a fair amount of respect for him after he never left her alone. But she regains it by the end of episode 7, where she finally considers him a friend. But 'only' a friend.

APPLEBLOOM: AppleBloom sees him as a second brother, and it's shown to be him that she's telling it to after getting her cutie mark. And she sometimes asks him for advice. Though he rarely ends up giving any. AppleJack worries about AppleBloom's choice of having him as a role model. She knows Saten isn't exactly a good influence on her, but still lets AppleBloom make her own decisions (this being one of them).

SWEETIE BELLE: Sweetie Belle really likes him as a friend. Not much else is known.

PINKIE PIE: Pinkie Pie sees him as a bit of a older brother despite his less than proper role model traits. But he deeply cares for her. Because of this it's no doubt to have been Pinkie herself (and maybe AppleJack), who convinced the other main six to have him join their little group, witch earns him a lead role in the show.

RARITY: They have a bit of dislikness of each other, Saten views her as arrogant, and Rarity views Saten as little else but a trouble maker. But in the end, they still care for each other. (though probably won't openly admit it).

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Their relationship seems to be mostly positive, though they do argue on occasions.

SPIKE: Despite often saying he hates Spike. He dosen't MEAN it. In fact, they seem to be very close..

MASTER SWORD: They often have a off & on type of friendship. Saten will normally use Sword as the unwitting victim of various pranks. And Master Sword will sometimes question why he's friends with Saten (so do the readers probably). But, they do enjoy each other's company. And it's proven, that Master Sword is dating Derpy..

TRIXIE LULAMOON: Trixie is shown much more positively than she is in the actual show. Her arrogance is only part of her stage acts. The REAL Trixie is a very kind and loyal person. She, Derpy and Saten are childhood friends. And despite when he tired to kill her that one time, she has an clear crush on him, but he was too nieve to see it.. It wasn't till she told him herself, while revealing to be very heartbroken about Saten falling for AppleJack instead of her.. But Saten later made up for this and is currently her boyfriend..

STARLIGHT GLIMMER: Saten became instantly attracted to the young unicorn, even after discovering her true colors he still appeared attracted to her (maybe even more so). but he never gets to date her cause of his loyalty to Trixie, plus Starlight has NO interest in him, it's mentioned she even threatened to give a restraining order. But after Starlight's redemption in Season 6, she ironically has Saten become one of the first friends she ever had, maybe even sees him as brother. And Saten sees her the same way..

GLAZE WOODENTOASTER: One of his childhood group of friends (consisting of Saten, Derpy, Trixie, Glaze). She's apparently his weed dealer now, but never smokes it herself (though mentioned she might of in high school with Saten and Derpy). Her relationship with Saten seems more flawed now, she is much less patient than his other friends, sometimes completely hating him. mainly because she has matured over the years, but Saten hasn't. But in the end, she really DOSE care about him (in her own way), and Saten seems to flirt with her sometimes, saying she's grown to be very hot, witch usually makes her blush..


  • He shares much similarities to the characters Red from Dick Figures and Dan from Dan Vs.
  • His Cutie Mark is the same one of Fluttershy from Pony Mov (least till he gets Glimmer to remove it for him).
  • He was orginally designed as an alicorn. But now he's just an simple Pegasus.
  • the series can also be found on

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