Sarah McRomp

Sarah McRomp, the cruel British archeologist.

Sarah McRomp is the Main Antagonist of the game Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway. She is an orange british mouse who spent years trying to find the ancient curse of the uncharted island with her assistant Nima. Upon finding the island, the one the Small Gang were in too after they had shipwreck, Sarah orders her mice mercenaries to kill them to prevent them from foiling their plans.

At the temple, Sarah summons the curse and takes full control of it to kill the Small Gang but they manage to defeat it. Once the curse was sealed, water begins to flood the temple. The Small Gang made a run for it while Sarah and Nima were swept by a current, falls into a chasm and drowns.
Sarah McRomp's and Nima's death

McRomp's fate


She wears a dark brown jacket with a green tank-top underneath, black gloves, brown shorts held by a black belt, white socks and brown boots.


  • She appears to be a parody of Lara Croft only more villainous then heroic.
  • She and Nima are the only two characters in the Critter Fighters series to die.

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