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Emperor of the Dinoids
Alias Emperor of the Dinoids
Origin Unknown
Occupation Dinoid Leader (Season 1 to mid Season 2)
Status Deceased
Skills Incredibly durable, heavily built armor covering his whole body.
Nuclear Power Core unique to himself, in addition to Nuclear powered weaponry.
Supreme strength.
Hobby Overseeing the actions of his fellow Dinoids through his flagship.
Goals To conquer Earth (allegedly).

Saideus is the current Leader of the Dinoids as of 2159, because Saideus was not in approval of Tyrannox's actions against Earth. Saideus, not knowing the full situation of Tyrannox's reasons for attacking Earth like he did, challenged him to a duel to determine who would become in charge of the Dinoids afterwards. Saideus, ultimately, proved to be victorious. Without realizing it, however, his mind suddenly became inflicted with a sudden force of psychic energy that he collapsed after he had felled Tyrannox, and by the time he awoke, he was trembling heavily and thinking like an entirely different person, which eventually leads to his downfall into villainy as seen in the present day of 2209. However, it is clear that prior to this mental damage, Saideus was not that bad of a fellow.


Saideus is an Ankylosaurus type Dinoid, but similar to most strictly Quadruped Dinosaurs, he has an upright stance as a Dinoid. However, even then, some Quadrupeds actually do maintain their status as such when made into Dinoids, and Saideus is actually such an exception. His movement, when in a running stance, has him on all fours, and even then, some other movements require Saideus to be on all fours for him to properly perform a specific maneuver. His Power Core type is a Nuclear Energy Type, which powers his tail club weapon to have an explosive, radiated attack if it ever manages to hit. The radiation actually does very little to a Dinoid target, but if you actually have the misfortune of having such a Power Core, Saideus describes the experience of living with this type of core as suffering.

Saideus, though not medicated to have had such a flaw prior to his duel with Tyrannox, has suffered from a mental handicap ever since 50 years ago, and as such, has had difficulty with realizing certain words he says or commands he gives as the new leader of the Dinoids. This, among with the manipulation of his own mind by his younger brother, has lead to Saideus committing morally wrong acts against other beings, but at the same time, it becomes painfully clear to anybody that actually gets to know Saideus that his mental handicap is essentially forcing him into making these actions to begin with. Again, his own brother manipulating his mind to encourage this bad leadership is also not helping his case.


Saideus's personality was originally that of a pacifist; he knew far too well what kind of damage his own attacks could cause if he ever used them, and thus he only resorted to violence if it was a last resort or if it didn't involve actual deaths. When his mind became incredibly warped by an unknown assassin after he had beaten Tyrannox in a duel, he became an entirely different person. He originally challenged Tyrannox because he refused to believe Tyrannox had a legitimate excuse for attacking humans just for the sake of him being backstabbed; he knew of Tyrannox, being a large sized Dinoid with active weaponry, would be a very huge red flag to the humans about him staying around just "to visit". Regardless of how Tyrannox tried to prove his innocence, by the end of the day, humankind was almost destroyed because of Tyrannox, and Tyrannox himself barely had any injuries as he had claimed to have had, which is exactly why Saideus challenged him to begin with.

After the duel and when he woke up, he was determined as suffering from a near terminal handicap that affected his mind, and thus when he was told this, he immediately warns his fellow Dinoids that whatever he begins to say or might end up saying, that not only will he more than likely not even realize what he says, but what he ends up saying will more than likely warp Saideus's entire personality into that of a monstrous villain. As such, he silently hopes Tyrannox will just mercy kill him, but the day never arrives until a good 53 years later, in which Tyrannox Mk II, the reborn Tyrannox as built by Blades, ends up slaying both Saideus and his younger brother to ensure that neither of them pose a problem towards the re-established Dinoid order.

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