SCP-682 shortly after breaching containment
Alias SCP-682, The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile
Origin Unknown
Occupation Monster
Status Unknown
Skills Strength, speed, regeneration, adaptation
Hobby Killing,
Goals Obtain freedom and destroy any lifeform it sees
they were… disgusting…
~ SCP-682 explaining why it killed a batch of farmers when it once broke out
SCP-682 is one of the most deadliest monsters held captive within the SCP Foundation. It is a large nearly-indestructible lizard-like reptilian creature with an unknown origin.


While the SCP Foundation is known for capturing and observing various anomalies, SCP-682 is the only SCP in the Foundation deemed so dangerous to the point where the Foundation has tried many attempts to destroy 682 in order to save humanity, but have constantly failed due to its abilities.


SCP-682 is an aggressive and destructive beast with a deep hatred of the human race, who wants nothing more than to break out the facility and to kill every lifeform across the Earth. 682 is shown to be a generally non-talkative creature, who prefers to kill and destroy without speaking much and when 682 does peak, it speaks in very short rude sentences, and often uses expletives when it speaks.


SCP-682 have been shown to possess great strength, speed, and reflexes as well as having incredible healing powers and the unique ability to adapt to anything that can harm it, effectively making SCP-682 nearly impossible to destroy.