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Rose (NUC).png
Alias Great Mother of the Lepus Clan
The Spoiled, Psychopathic, Childish Bitch
Origin Unknown
Occupation Great Mother Terranadrosus
Ultimorian Deity
Status Alive
Skills Transformation into either an indestructible baby rabbit or a glass cannon monster form.
A split personality which serves as the biggest reason she has an antagonist nature at all; she's completely benevolent in her actual personality.
Hobby Killing Netorare Genre Antagonists for sport.
Goals To eliminate the Netorare Genre entirely by killing all those who serve as antagonists in such works.

(Note: Everything in this particular article exclusively details Rose's malevolent split personality. For more information on Rose in general, click here.)

So let me guess this is the part where the other male of the OVA appears, rapes the female, and gets away with it entirely while the female and the other male are too stupid to realize it?
More like where fellow Ultimorian Deity Rose busts into the scene, chops off the villain's dick, rigs him into a torture chamber device, burns him alive, in public across international news, all the while she declares that if anybody just like him ever is so much as born, she'll raze the whole planet the next time she appears. Those rapists who are not informed of this have front row seats to the end of their own worlds, and they will be the last to die in said world.
~ Rebirth Grandis and Ultima's commentary on some Hentai they've stumbled across while Grandis is oddly specific about what Rose's malevolent split personality would do in the case described.

Rose may have an innocent, kind mannered personality... but there's two sides to every coin. Ever since Rose developed a split personality when she was very young and emotionally traumatized by abusive, adoptive parents, she is known to change between a completely benevolent, cutesy, and ditzy personality which is her default personality, and then there's this asshole of a personality she changes into when even the slightest bit of jealousy or envy enters her mind, or if she witnesses either herself or another couple going through a Netorare Genre plot. The results? She will brutally, and very bloodily, kill off whoever is deemed the antagonist male of the plot in question, to the point of going as far as to publicly announce their deaths as if she had achieved a nigh impossible task if she truly feels like being a wise ass about her kills. During a very, VERY dangerous incident many years ago, she had swapped bodies with Zenith because her malevolent personality became so heavily enraged to where she realized she lacked the power to kill who is responsible for enraging her this time, and thus her malevolent side possessed Zenith via exploiting the soothing voice of Zenith's wife to her advantage to basically trick Zenith into attacking and destroying entire universes under her own selfish, childish motivations and reasoning she gives as her malevolent self.

As noted beforehand, her peaceful personality is nowhere near close to an antagonist, and had it not been for her abusive adoptive parents, she would've never developed her malevolent personality in the first place and thus never even gained the ability to qualify as a villain. Even then, however, the implications of what might've caused her to develop said split personality to begin with are nothing short of horrifying if anybody had ever seen her as a child to know about her adoptive parents and seen her actions as of late to be able to piece two and two together to realize just how fucked up Rose's early life was to the point it's a fucking miracle that some... thing... intervened with her growing up and allowed Rose to keep her benevolent, cheerful personality since she now had the true love from her debut incarnation back in her life again to keep her a happy individual. However, be heavily warned, since this true love in question is noted to be quite a douche towards anybody who isn't Rose, but is noted as being lazy enough to the point he'll simply ask politely for malevolent Rose to take care of whoever ticks him off... be thankful she'll be the one to kill you instead of him...


Rose's entire mentally became shattered while she was growing up due to constant domestic abuse, being kidnapped from her true parents, being forced to marry a man who had raped her in the past, blackmailed by close friends, and just about suffering nearly everything humiliating to the point it was later discovered that she was taken captive with the intent of revealing her out as a Terranadrosus... she was not, but it wasn't long before a part blood Terranadrosus found her and offered her great power if she simply allowed herself to be bitten by the part blood. Upon being bitten, Rose was sedated as to allow the Terranadrosus to escape unnoticed by Rose's captors. When Rose awoken from her slumber, she was noted as beginning to exhibit entirely separate personalities to where those who had once had no fear of her and used her for their own gain had suddenly become afraid of her. The final straw was the wedding with her rapist, in which she suddenly snapped when the bite's infection became too much for her body to handle, and the timely arrival of three other half blood Terranadrosus jumping through the ceiling windows, and thus beginning an uncontrollable part of Rose's life where she slaughtered everybody on an entire planet and never showing remorse because nobody had ever shown her the slightest bit of remorse.

Her personality is basically a Foil to that of Brenda Kenson from the same continuity. Brenda has a very similar backstory, but is not that extreme since the colony she was raised on was smart enough to not go to said extremes since they had already heard of the incident Rose was involved in. Not only that, but when Rose meets her true love counterpart to Brenda's husband, William Kenson, Rose's partner instead ENCOURAGES her violent behavior rather than tries to subdue her to where she's mellowed out and no longer anywhere near the level of an antagonist she is known for. As a result, Brenda is a former tragic villain who became redeemed because of her husband, whereas Rose is what Brenda's personality would've looked like had Brenda not gotten it as easy as she had in comparison to Rose's much more brutal past. However, it is noted this in and of itself is situational due to Rose's split personality factor; Rose has been noted to display a personality not too different from modern day Brenda if she is not provoked into hostility.

In addition, her Terranadrosus form is noted for an odder personality in that she's a lot more reckless in attacking a target, and that her lethal blows tend to more to be over the top in nature because of the fact she wants to ensure that her target not only dies, but also dies a very grizzly demise before anybody and everybody who witnesses it. She is also noted as having one of her hostile personalities being nothing more than a incredibly psychopathic manchild in nature, to where she will often attack people who showcase even the tiniest bits of malice without any explanation for her suddenly violent outburst. Thankfully, this personality is the most difficult to unleash upon somebody, and those who do unleash it had done something so royally fucked up that it did nothing but remind Rose of her mental trauma.


Because of the type of powers her counterpart and foil Brenda Kenson has (powers over gravity), it is believed that Dragora Galaxia's hatred towards Rose's kind would lead Dragora into giving Brenda the type of powers she has because he had figured out the Terranadrosus's key weakness; they rely so heavily on six spider-like limbs (capable of merging into two giant legs akin to a Rabbit) that their bodies are heavily prone to gravity due to how they move across the terrain. They require consistently stable ground to be able to move around, and Rose in particular is noted as being a clumsy individual all because of her reckless nature regardless of which of her hostile personalities is in control, to the point Rose cannot handle unstable surfaces very well compared to others of her kind. She's so influenced by gravity's natural abilities that Dragora Galaxia had effectively designed Brenda's powers as Ursason to be the perfect counter to the Terranadrosus as a whole.

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