Some of the characters on this wiki are not necessarily villains, just antagonists but their articles can stay.

Rosalina is one of the main characters in the SuperMarioLogan franchise.


Although Rosalina is usually nice, she was a little bit of an antagonist in some videos.

Villainous Acts

  • In Jeffy's Bad Word, she lies to the police that Mario likes to beat Jeffy all the time, which is not factual.
  • In Jeffy's New Toy, she terrified Mario by dressing up as a scary-looking doll, and holding Mario at knifepoint, just for lying to her about a pornographic movie called "Ass Pounders 2". This is hypocritical, as she is guilty of lying as well, for lying to the opice that Mario likes to beat Jeffy all the time.
  • In Jeffy's Brain, she wasted a perfectly edible slice of pizza given to her by Mario, just for becoming a vegetarian five minutes prior. She then flirts with her twelve-year-old son Jeffy just because of his French accent, and told Mario not to be jealous.
  • In Shrek's Coma, she flirted with Shrek in the body of Atso (an obese second-grader), just because she thought Atso's body was sexy, causing Mario to be jealous and break up with her. She later cheated on Mario with Shrek, and expected Mario to apologize, even though it was her own fault Mario broke up with her.