"I want you to take a moment and think about all the things that define your life, all the people you love, your job, your co-workers, your home, and now imagine, if, one day, in a flash, all of that vanished. Would you simply accept your new life, continue on, or would you do whatever it takes to get back what was taken from you? Because I can assure you, I will get everything that was taken from me."
—Eobard Thawne[src]

Eobard Thawne (born in 2151)[1] was a supervillain from the future known as "Reverse-Flash" who traveled back into the past to killBarry Allen as a child. While attempting to do so, he battled the future Flash that transported Barry's younger self away to safety whilst an angry Eobard escaped after killing Nora Allen. When he tried to escape back to his time, however, Eobard lost his super-speed, becoming stranded in the 21st century.

Impersonating Harrison Wells, he forged a life for himself as a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs eventually becoming the Director and pushed through for the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure that Barry Allen becomes the Flash and teach him to increase his speed so that he could return to his own time in the future.

Because his ancestor Eddie Thawne killed himself, Eobard was erased from existence.


Reverse Flash


Eobard Thawne was born in 2151 and became a metahuman with almost the same powers as Barry Allen/The Flash, though suffers the flaw of having a limitation to the Speed Force he can access. After a yet to be revealed future event Eobard not only time traveled to a point where Barry was alive but also came to form a bitter grudge against the speedster, and became a criminal named Reverse-Flash whose life’s desire was to kill him at any cost. Eobard and Barry would fight each other for a long time but with neither speedster managing to defeat the other. He also somehow obtained possession of Gideon, an artificial intelligence program created by Barry.

Crisis in 2024

In the year 2024 Reverse-Flash engaged Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl in Central City atop tow leaking oil trucks. However in the confusion Flash and Reverse-Flash vanished and were reported as missing.

Murder of Nora Allen / Becoming Harrison Wells

In an attempt to kill Barry before he becomes The Flash, Eobard traveled back to the year 2000 to kill Barry as a child only to be pursued by The Flash from the future. The two fight inside the Allen house, each landing solid hits on each other with Eobard gaining a slight upper hand. When the 11 year old Barry comes into the room he sees his mother, Nora in the center of the room surrounded by streaks of yellow and red lightning. Seeing this as his opportunity to be rid of The Flash, Eobard moves in to kill 11 year old Barry only to be stopped by The Flash who manages to take his younger self 20 blocks away to safety. In a fit of rage and frustration for failing to kill Barry yet again, he killed Nora instead.[2] He flees the scene to return to his own time which he hopes will now be one without The Flash but he is stopped by his sudden loss of connection to the speed force. After Gideon confirms that his powers have been drained due to his latest time jump he realizes that he is now stranded in the 21st Century with no way back to his time. Realizing he needed to wait it out until Barry becomes the Flash in the future, to harness his Speed Force, he stalked the scientist Harrison Wells, who he viewed as a great mind from his past. He made him crash his car, killing Wells' wife Tess Morgan and leading to Eobard stealing Wells' face, intending to use Wells' reputation and his own futuristic knowledge to create the particle accelerator ahead of schedule (In his original history it apparently took Wells until 2020 to create it). As he was found, he subsequently took the identity of Harrison Wells.

Explosion of the particle accelerator

As of 2013, "Wells" was still the director of S.T.A.R. Labs. In late 2013, he held an event at which he planned to switch on S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, which he had created. He began speaking on stage, claiming that the particle accelerator would create a brighter future, bringing advancements in power and medicine, as well as physics as they knew it.[4] Later that night, the particle accelerator was switched on. However, particles began to behave abnormally, such as liquids floating in the air, followed by a loud bang from the accelerator. Wells sent Ronnie Raymond and Cisco Ramon down to manually shut the particle accelerator down before anything bad happened. After Ronnie had vented the system, assuring S.T.A.R. Labs' safety but sacrificing himself in the process, Cisco called Wells down to the chamber. Wells made his way down, but not before entering a secret room , taking off his glasses and watching a screen, on which Barry Allen, then a forensic assistant, soon to be known as The Flash, was struck by lightning in his lab.[5] After the explosion, Harrison was allegedly paralyzed, though it was later found out it was a facade.[4] (Wells had hidden an machine inside it, which fed him with Speed Force.)

After Barry was put in to a coma due to the lightning strike caused by the shock-wave, his condition eventually went critical, at which point Wells convinced Joe West, Barry's foster father, to allow him to move Barry toS.T.A.R. Labs.[4]

Working with The Flash

After Barry woke from his coma, Dr. Wells was called down to the lab to talk to Barry. He took Barry around S.T.A.R. Labs, explaining what had actually happened on the night of the particle accelerator explosion and how they'd moved him. Before they could run more tests, Barry left. After having realized he had the ability to run super fast, Dr. Wells and the team went to an airfield where they sought to test Barry's speed. Wells cautioned restraint, though Barry instead ran at full pelt, accidentally running in to barrels of water. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry told Harrison of his belief that perhaps there were more powered humans like himself, perhaps even another with super speed (as he had seen on the night of his mother's death, which, of course was turned out to be "Wells" himself), though he said he believed that Barry was most definitely unique. Following a later run-in with Clyde Mardon's weather manipulation, however, Barry returned, angry that Harrison had seemingly lied to him. The latter admitted fault, explaining that the explosion had released various forms of seemingly theoretical energy across the city, including anti-matter, dark energy and x-elements. Barry mentioned that he planned to stop Mardon, though Wells attempted to stop Barry from taking the risk, as he was incredibly important in terms of scientific advancement. Despite Harrison's claims that Barry was not a hero, only simply a boy who was struck by lightning, he headed out to find Mardon anyway. As Barry struggled to unravel a tornado Mardon had made, Dr. Wells intervened over the communication, apologizing, reassuring Barry that he did in fact believe in him, that he could undo Wells' wrongs. After, Harrison went to a secret room in which he held a digital newspaper from 2024, headlining that The Flash had gone missing in a crisis (see above).[4]

After Barry's run-in with a strongman at the Central City National Bank, he arrived back at S.T.A.R. Labs with a formerly broken wrist. Barry described the strongman to Wells, voicing his wishes to take the information to the police. However, Harrison reassured Barry that keeping his secret identity hidden was the best option, for his safety. He sent Barry to go obtain DNA samples from the crime scene.[6] Later after they'd pieced together evidence leading numerous crimes to suspected meta-humans from the Central City Circus, Dr. Wells provided some details he knew on Mr. Bliss from having attended the circus previously, and Barry left to find the circus.[7]Cisco and Caitlin arrived back sometime later with Barry. They explained how he'd been forced in to a catatonic state by Nathan Bliss. Harrison urged that Barry get better in order to save the city.[8] Figuring that the catatonia could last from a few minutes to a few years, he suggested that Cisco and Caitlin go to warn spectators of a Central City Cougars game of what Mr. Bliss and his circus were about to do. After they left, Wells stood up from his wheelchair and went to his secret room, opening a panel and picking out a gadget. He returned to Barry and used it on him, waking Barry up almost automatically. As he placed the gadget in to his jacket, Barry asked what had happened, Wells putting it simply down to his regenerative capabilities. He sent Barry to follow after Caitlin and Cisco to the stadium.[9] After Barry had defeated Bliss and his circus, they went through S.T.A.R. Labs and talked. Initially discussing Barry's distaste for Cisco's "super protein bars", Wells complimented him as being a hero, rather than a supposed freak. Barry soon left for his job.

Wells even located the meta human Hydro Hunter in Gotham City and sent Barry over to catch him. At first Wells didn't feel comfortable with Barry's association with a teenager in this matter until he saw how successful Bruce was in capturing Hydro Hunter. Wells told Bruce how he met Thomas Wayne before and how he would definitely be proud of him. Even though Bruce responded politely to Wells, he still felt there was something odd about him.

After having acted as a hero, Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Dr. Wells again cautioned restraint to Barry, telling him to make sure he knew his limits. Barry later tried to act the hero again, though he passed out. He was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs and despite being scolded, they decided to try some tests. Barry began running on a modified treadmill, causing him to eventually pass out. Harrison identified that it had to do with his glucose levels, due to an extremely fast metabolism processing it too fast. They hooked Barry up to 40 IV bags before he finally awoke. As they began discussing a new diet for Barry, Joe West entered the room; Wells was surprised to see him. He reassured Joe that they were looking out for what was best for Barry, though Joe disagreed that what they were doing was the way to do it. Barry yelled at Joe, causing him to get upset and leave. A while later Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, having been beaten up by another meta-human, who they identified by blood samples as Danton Black. Barry decided against trying to take him down, and despite Harrison's support, he was adamant that what they were doing was a mistake. Following that, Wells went to talk to Joe. He claimed that next time Barry suited up, he would doubt himself. Wells headed back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Caitlin was able to grow a clone of Danton Black from a replicating cell, so they called Barry in and explained this. The clone promptly awakened, presumably due to the prime Black activating some clones, and Joe hurried in through the doors, shooting the clone and reassuring Barry that only he could stop meta-humans, being one himself. They talked to Barry when he reached Stagg Industries and Dr. Wells noted that he had to find the prime one, the original Danton Black. Ultimately, Danton was knocked over an edge, but despite being caught by Barry, forced himself to drop, killing him. The team watched a news report of it on the TV afterwards. Following that, Dr. Wells visited Simon Stagg. After Stagg claimed that he wanted to find and use "the streak," Wells stood up from his wheelchair and stabbed the man, claiming that The Flash, as he would one day come to be known as, had to be kept safe.[11]

After the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a presumed meta-human, the S.T.A.R. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects. Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Cisco and Dr. Wells went down to the particle accelerator's core chamber. Dr. Wells had to go do some modifications while Cisco waited, and they soon went back up. Wells realized it was hard for Cisco to be there. The two later assisted Barry when he went after a mist-controlling meta-human inside the Central City Shopping Mall. However, Barry discovered that the man could turn himself in to gas, and inhaled some of his toxic gasses, before racing back to S.T.A.R. Labs where the team painfully extracted the poisonous gas. The team was soon able to identify the makeup of the gas: hydrogen cyanide with traces of a sedative. Barry figured that the two would be mixed in a death row execution and they identified the meta-human as Kyle Nimbus, proudly nicknamed The Mist by Cisco. Barry went to protect Nimbus' next target, Detective West, and the team supported him. Unable to outrun The Mist, they suggested he make him tired, as he would have to revert to his physical, human form eventually. Barry succeeded and The Mist was taken back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he was locked up in the particle accelerator prison.[5]

Wells defeated Barry in a game of chess while Barry also played a game of table tennis with Cisco and a game of Operation with Caitlin. When Felicity visited S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells greeted her and was more than pleased to meet her, noting he's aware of all her accolades and that he always keeps an eye out for such talent. When Felicity questioned about the possible dangers of what Barry does, Wells reassured her that everything they do is to ensure Barry's safety and that Barry is in good hands. Wells was later furious at Cisco, who built a weapon powerful enough to kill Barry despite his speed without any consent, though Cisco built it prior to Barry waking from his coma. Wells ordered Cisco to track down where the cold gun is and to do so immediately after telling him weapons don't belong in S.T.A.R. Labs. After Felicity left, Wells noted she was a remarkable young woman. Wells told Cisco to never do anything as to build such a weapon again, though he was unaware of another similar weapon that Cisco had built which was also stolen.[12]

After Barry failed to stop Tony Woodward, Dr. Wells told Barry they'd find a way to stop him, but told Barry to rest and heal for the time being. A day later, Joe visited Wells, asking for help on Nora Allen's murder case. When Joe asked if his particle accelerator was possibly involved, Wells reminded Joe that the murder occurred 14 years ago. After a few other suggestions from Joe, Wells told him that they were all highly unlikely. After Barry tried to stop Tony Woodward alone, Wells was furious as they had yet to find a way to stop him. When Barry told him that he could just heal, Dr. Wells told Barry he can't heal if he was killed. Wells then told Barry could stop Tony Woodward if he moved fast enough as any material can be struck at a high enough velocity. The following day, Wells had a drink with Joe, where Joe suggested that he was involved as Wells arrived shortly after Nora was murdered. Wells told Joe to look up Tess Morgan before leaving. Joe visited Wells at S.T.A.R. Labs, apologizing for accusing him for murder. Wells then told Joe about his past and why he moved to Central City.

In an entry in his personal log, Dr. Wells noted that Barry was driven to use his powers to help people, and stated that this was keeping Barry from realizing his full potential. He later told Barry that he had to "kick it up a notch" in his training. When Farooq Gibran attacked S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells released Tony Woodward, offering him his freedom in exchange for killing Farooq. Later, he had a brief argument with Barry about sacrificing Woodward to stall Farooq, angrily insisting that he had merely done what was necessary. When Farooq cornered Team Flash, Wells confronted him, reciting from memory the names of everyone who died in the particle accelerator disaster, and demanding that Farooq leave the others alone, saying that he was the only one who deserved to be punished. After Flash defeated Farooq, Dr. Wells made another log entry, stating that he had previously been mistaken and that Barry's desire to help others was the key to developing the Flash's potential, not an obstacle as he had thought. He then took a blood sample from Blackout's corpse, saying that he was interested in finding out how the latter had drained the Flash's powers.

As the Reverse-Flash, Wells reappeared in Joe West's house, while he was investigating the man in yellow, and stole the evidence and threatened his daughter Iris by stabbing a similar knife into her photograph, to scare Joe away from investigating Nora's murder.[13]

A few weeks later the Reverse-Flash stormed Mercury Labs looking for a tachyon prototype device, killing the guards but was unable to reach the device due to the doctor sealing it away and he stormed off. Later the Reverse-Flash spied on Barry as he talked to Iris then when Barry noticed him he ran after him, demanding to know why he killed his mother, but the Reverse-Flash instead challenged him to a fight in a stadium. The Reverse-Flash proved to be the better speedster but also claimed that Barry already knew his identity, that they'd fought for a long time with Barry always losing. He also told Barry it would be his destiny to die at his hands, as it was his mother's. Later S.T.A.R. Labs orchestrated a trap using the tachyon prototype and lured the Reverse-Flash in.[14] A holographic recording, seemingly actually real to almost everyone, played of the Reverse-Flash, who only answered to Dr. Wells. As the force-field appeared to fail, Wells rushes into the force-field so fast that no one had time to think and were all frozen, making it look like the Reverse Flash pulled him into the field. In the field, Wells hits himself so fast that no one can see it and makes it look like the hologram of the Reverse Flash is doing it.[2] After the field disappears, Wells runs to his room, puts his suit on and leaves a very lifelike speed-mirage of Wells laying on the floor by bouncing back and from both locations repeatedly, then snatches the device as the Reverse Flash and speeds it to his secret room. He then reappears in the basement, and while still bouncing back and forth to maintain the speed-mirage of Wells, the Reverse Flash kills Eddie's task-force in seconds without any effort and attacks Joe, letting Eddie live. This reminded him of his previous threat to Joe, then The Flash arrived and fought him. However, the Reverse-Flash again proved superior to the Flash, but he was timely saved by Firestorm. The Reverse-Flash vowed their fight wasn't over and ran.[14]

Physical appearance

Before he came to the year 2000 and became trapped in the past, Eobard's physical appearance was of a tall, somewhat muscular man with blond hair and a pronounced cleft chin. After grafting Well's DNA onto his own, Eobard took on his exact appearance, becoming more lightly built and acquiring straight black hair and a lighter skin tone.

In order to ward off suspicion of his being the Reverse-Flash, Eobard pretended to need a wheelchair and glasses, though his wearing of running shoes can be seen as a clue as to who he really is. Eobard can make his eyes glow red which, although it's currently unclear how, is in some way tied to his Speed Force connection.


As Harrison, Eobard is a scientific genius responsible for numerous achievements in the scientific field and has a large sense of respect from the scientific community, as was the very genius behind the particle accelerator's existence. Eobard is a character of duel-identities towards his team and himself as he openly appears caring and compassionate, guiding Barry into his journey of becoming The Flash, but has been shown to be willing to kill to ensure his safety, and willing to sacrifice the meta-human prisoners to ensure his protection. He also seems to be willing to sacrifice other people as he activated the Particle Accelerator after being warned of its possible malfunction at the risk of the city and sacrificed Ronnie Raymond's life, all to ensure Barry Allen would be struck by the lightning bolt that turns him into The Flash.  

Eobard is shown to be a very secretive man, as not one of his workers has ever visited his house - has either killed or manipulated people to their deaths. He does, however, seem to care about Barry's life, as he nearly gave up his secret to rush to Barry when he chose to take a missile head on, instead of running from it. He also protected Grodd from being tortured by Wade Eiling's inhumane experiments. Despite at first being tempted to kill Firestorm, Eobard decided to delay his plans to help him separate into two people again. However, despite all the "good" that he has done, it was revealed in "Out of Time" that Eobard doesn't actually care about anyone or anything, shown when he ruthlessly killed, of all people, Cisco; he has stated at least twice that he considers those he kills as having been "dead for centuries" from his perspective. Eobard will do anything to get back to his time, and only ever saw Barry as a "means to an end" that would finally help him accomplish that.

According to Gideon, Eobard is short tempered and unstable, which can be seen in his murder of Nora Allen after Future Barry saved his younger self from danger (though he reasoned that he murdered Nora to try and ward off Barry from becoming the Flash) and his numerous threats to Iris and the rest of Barry's loved ones whenever his plans start to fail, attempting to kill them seemingly on a whim. After finding out that Barry and his team knows he is the Reverse-Flash, he reveals a part of his real personality; Eobard is self-righteous, and tries to justify his immoral actions, by stating that everything he had done, has made Barry and his team's lives better, despite the fact that he has been selfishly using Barry, so he can get back to his own time, Eobard has now completely abandoned his duel-identities.

Once finally dropping his facade as Harrison Wells, Eobard showed himself to have a very arrogant and somewhat sadistic side, mocking his enemies for their vain attempts to stop him. He also showed delight in others' confusion at the situation. Another notable personality trait is his deep and insatiable hatred for the Flash. He hated him so much and was frustrated by his failed attempts to kill him, that he went back to a time when the Flash was still a child to kill him, killing his mother in a fit of rage when he failed yet again. His only reason for not trying to kill Barry again was because he needed Barry as a means to return to his own time, noting that he would kill Barry when he is longer no necessary to him. He is also very laid-back about what happens to him, though this is usually happens when he believes that his plan will not be affected.

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