Rejuvenator's Earth disguise


He was born in a core of a dying planet with no known name as a last attempt to save other worlds. However, a planet of warlords found the planet's core and turned it into a Harbringer.

Before finding Earth

After murdering the War-chief with a rock, Rejuvenator ran into the planet Scarge and destroyed the planet, taking it's relic- The Cosmic Staff. He then flew to more planets and destroyed all of them until he reached earth

Post-Earth Era

Rejuvenator flew onto the surface of the planet, looking to destroy the planet when he was knocked unconsious by the corrupt group known as Four Harbringers. He then was locked away to forever be a secret power source for all their experiments.

Rise of the Eliminator

Finally escaping (And killing off) the Four Harbringers company building, he searched for another powerful being that was just as strong as him, the Eliminator.

Powers and Abilities

  1. Cosmic Planetary Beam: The Rejuvenator can channel some of his power into a deadly beam that, when used on a human, will completely vaporize their atoms and turn them into more energy he can use for more power.
  2. Fire Breath: The Rejuvenator can superheat plasma from his insides which he can use to burn opponents alive.
  3. Flight: He can fly for a long time, due to him being created from the core of a dead planet.
  4. Time Travel: He can travel through time and alter events that will never happen to happen
  5. Power Removal: He can warp reality to take away powers from people, such as the Eliminator and Death
  6. Galactic Form: He can use 50% of his power to give him a 750% power boost, along with more powers to use in battle
  7. Thor's Bolt: He can emit an electric field which can destroy all technology in a 50 mile radius.
  8. Ymir's Breath: He can freeze opponents solid with Ymir's Breath to give him time to eradicate his opponent
  9. Apocalypse Beam: A deadly beam capable of destroying galaxies, but it needs time to recharge.


  • He is made to battle Only the Eliminator. Not anything stronger than him, such as the Eliminator Mk II
  • He can destroy planets, but if hit with a similar attack he will easily be killed by such an attack.
  • He does not plan for anything and rushes into battle, which he easily get killed because of that.
  • He is the embodiment of destruction which means he must kill at least one person a day.
  • Thor's Bolt and Ymir's Breath are only usable in his Galactic Form.
  • Thor's Bolt only affects robots. This was shown when he tried to electrocute Annihilator.
  • The apocalypse beam takes weeks to recharge not just the beam but all powers (Excluding flying because he's a planet's core).

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