Razor is a serial killer who started out as a scientist named manny tyler.He was constructing a new alternat source of energy for man kind.Its a radioactive slime that creates lightning which can turn into a power source to use for all technology like phones of cars.And it can turn into a gas that can be use as a non toxic material that is biodegratable.The only down fall is that its currently unstable.Manny,being how he is a regular nice nerdy type of guy is exited when he told a company named sub energy about his plan.They think since the world is too poluted as it is that they wont risk radioactive slime oozing into the general public.Manny said that hes been working on that and has his bio bots to do experiment without any actual human being affected by radioactivity.The bio bots are specially made robots that are immune to radiation and pollution.The sub energy company thought though the new power was dangerous,the robots could relly sell.So the reccomend manny to go and sell his bio bots.As the company left manny was disapionted.Manny decided that he persinally will speed up his work on the energy and he would do that at mid night.It was a rainy and stormy night.Manny was trying his best to make his energy stable.Soon his lights and machines started flickering on and off.This scared manny a little.So maany was going to put his new energy in a tube and put it in a special macine that can contain the tube of radioactivity.Soon lightning struct building and then shocks manny as he was touching the metal machine.The energy then reacted to the lightning by shooting electrical lightning which burn Manny's cloths and nearly fried all  of manny's body off.The electricity that struct manny erased all of his memory.Then the macine exploded which then the tube of radioctive energy was now covering the  bead boddy of manny.The body soaked it up and a zombified version of manny was crawling to a near by machine tso he coulg get to his feet.His radioctive boddy absorbed the wires and metal pices from the machine and constructed into a bio mechanical huminoid that seems to be sortof crazy and creepy.Manny then saw one of his bio bot in a watery tank and is working on some of the energy.Manny lashed out into the tank and dismantle the bio bot.Manny then mutated and now is this huminoid Crah test dummy-looking creature that has manny powers.Mnnny then went to go get some cloths to put on.He was originally 5/8 and is now nearly 7 feet tall. so he stole from a local store near his lab and started glitching soon he has only one motive.It is the urge to kill.He now see humans as inferior creatures who only want to destroy planets by pollution and war.So still to thiss day manny who soon calls him self razor is one of the most unstop able creatures on earth.


Razors kinda creepy... he doesn't talk all that much and when he does its in this sort of nice formal tone that's still robotic.He only kills for defence of if he thinks your in his way or inferior.He also kills just because he cant control him self.


  • Regeneration
  • Lightning
  • Super strength
  • Teleportation
  • Immune to radiation of pollution
  • stealth
  • smoke
  • Survive in extreme temperatures
  • The ability to use any weapon
  • His powerful weapon thats a kunai that can retract regen and can cut even animantium.
  • Reincarnation

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