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Rasputin is a major villain in the Character What franchise, Rasputin is also a character from the 1997 Don Bluth film Anastasia.

Character What: Hero Force

In Return for Revenge, Rasputin join forces with Shadow Aaron and the other villains to seek revenge of Shadow Joe.

Rasputin makes a cameo in Up to the Next Game, When he was chosen by Charles Zenith to be a contestant to win Shadow Joe's hands, but Shadow Joe didn't want many of his enemies to be contestants to win his hands so Zenith demise Rasputin along with a few of Shadow Joe's enemies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sorcery: Rasputin possesses great magical abilities all come from his amulet.
    • Magical Beam Emission: Rasputin can project green magical beams from his amulet.
    • Dream Manipulation: Rasputin can manipulate dreams as shown with Anastasia.
    • Animation: Rasputin can bring to life any inanimate object as shown bring the Black Pegasus statue to life.


  • Rasputin is one of the few villains in Character What to be based on actual historical person.


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