Queen Savjainor is the tertiary antagonist of Jade Lords season 1, and a major antagonist of it's next season. She is the queen of Dextagly and was corrupted by Zevrick Hofernord to become his right hand, wife and personal sex slave.



When she was 14 years old, her parents (the rulers of Dextagly) got killed by Zevrick, and she was corrupted, as she cried, and had no other choice but to rule the kingdom instead of her deceased parents.

After 2 years, Zevrick then gave her a possesed necklace, which she can rule the kingdom with, but must follow every order he gives her, or she will die as her soul goes to hell.

Season 1

She at first sent an army of hellborn gollums to crush the golden kingdom, and bring her Morfus Heirlust. She then asked him for his hand in marriage, telling him she saw some potential in him to release her secretly from the necklace's curse. However, later, when Zevrick found out she has a plan, by reading her thoughts as he does once every while, he saw her betrayal, thus  invading her dream at night and commanding her in her dream to kill Morfus and tell him she never loved him. Then, she secretly tried to stab Morfus, who slept with her, but Morfus woke up and fought her back. Then, she told Morfus she never loved him, and that as an act of revenge, she is planning to take over the golden kingdom. Then, she attacked with her hellborn gollums, however, all the gollums were killed by the orcish sword, and she has teleported back to her castle in Dextagly. She then remembered how her parents loved her, hoping she will one day be released from the curse. In the next night, she dreamed that Morfus betrayed her, and then that same invading form of Zevrick appeared touching her, and telling her that her parents want her to finnish him off. Then, she woke up shocked, crying, and sending her top henchmen and a master of dark arts, Zen , to assasinate Morfus for the Crystal of Lionheart.

Then, Zen has brought back a traitor, Baraxhann, and told her that he is trying to align himself with the golden kingdom. She told him that the consequence is dying in disgrace of his own allience. She told Zen to keep an eye on him, although he didn't after he left the devil's allience. She then ordered her royal guards and their general Brutus Mangwole to destroy the golden kingdom back down to size, and assasinate Zen and Morfus. The mission to assasinate them was success, however, she cried, till a ghost form of Zevrick teleported to her location and touched her back, calming her down.

Season 2

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