Queen Cassandra
Alias Majesty,My Queen
Origin Unknown
Occupation Queen
Status Alive
Skills Being mean to her subjects and manipulated people.
Hobby Giving order.
Goals Kill princess Johanna so she will not marry her son.

Queen Cassandra is the widowed mother of prince Azim, she's the main antagonist of the first season of the serie Medieval Time Story.

In Princess Johanna

You will never marry my son
~ Queen Cassandra to Princess Johanna

her son told her that he want to be married to a young girl, but Queen Cassandra doesn't like that, because she ddesn't want to lose her son to the first girl he will saw, but unfortunately for the queen, a princess came to visit the country of Florence with her Family.

Queen Cassandra was informed of their arrival, she see princess Johanna who seem to be lovely, her son then fall in love with her, and the queen doesn't like it, she will want to get ride of the the young princess, because she doesn't want her son to be with her, she will tried to kill her herself, but her plan will failed.

So, still angry that the poison wine didn't work, she will find a new idea to get rid of the the princess for good, she will go out the castle to find a mercenary who she will hired for kill the princess.

Well during the second episode she was really angry, because her first plan as failed, and now she had to find a other way to kill the princess, same if she shoukld put her life on the line, but she doesn't want any one to take her son away, but will happen when her son finally discover his mother true intention over Johanna.

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