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Whats so scary?=

Qem appeared in many The Felipebross And Eddybross Show's lost episodes. This includes, Water-Skin, A Bit To Much Rats, Just A Bit Abstract, Early Reel and Ouch! For some reason, all of these lost episodes are glitchy. However, the lost episodes without Qem in is fine. Some people may have a theory that Qem is makes the show's episodes glitch. This is due to Qem's extremely vile and horrid nature in season 3 and 4 or the episode's footage. Also, looking at Qem's former designs for his own website is strange as well. When you click it, the site will glitch before Qem's face coming up saying "Sorry! This part of the site is restricted to non-site admins." before going back to the site's menu. If you try again, Qem will instead say "I told you not to look. Please come off this site or else.". He will later jumpscare you in a strange manor

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