"I will be your worst nightmare. I will destroy everything you care about! I will take away everyone you love! I will be your own nemesis!" Qem to Felipebross And Eddybross.

Qem is a secondary protagonist turned main antagonist in The Felipebross And Eddybross show.


Qem is a star warrior in the series. In lost episodes, he has gone through many problems such as Ratitis, Water Skin, The 4 Stages Of Abstract thought and Lung Cancer.

In season 3, he is shown in an episode called The Void as one of the world's mistakes. Season 3 onwards, he escaped the void and is left disfigured. He then later plays a similar role to Rob in The Amazing World Of Gumball, becoming Felipebross's and Eddybross's arch nemesis.

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