In the 45th Century, Edward Feral became president of the United States of America.


In New York, Edward Feral amassed an enormous fortune and founded a company called Feral Corp. After Feral Corp became a multinational company, Edward ran for president and succeeded. Edward was interested in communism because his ancestor Alexander Feral was an adviser to Joseph Stalin, a leader of the Soviet Union. Edward is currently trying to make the world fall under the communist rule since he treats the world as his business empire which is was he is always declaring war on foreign countries. Today, Edward has most of the world under communist rule and has outlawed elections leaving everyone with fear in opposing him. The only good Edward has is his hatred for terrorism unless it's for communism.


Sir Ferlin (ancestor)

Alexander Feral (ancestor)

Commander Ulysses Feral (ancestor)

Lieutenant Felina Feral (ancestor)

T-Bone (ancestor)

Frederick Montana (cousin)

Base of Operations

New York City

Washington DC


45th Century






Enemy to the Swat Kats


-Knowledge of Sciences and Technology



-Hand to Hand Combat: President Feral is trained in Wing Chun, Mixed Martial Arts, and Krav Maga


-Tactical analysis

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