~ Prâk Jaws' Famous Line
~ Prâk Jaws' last and only words

Prak Jaws is an Uruk-Hai in Tear Of Grace's Youtube Series "Shadow of Mordor: Forging an Army". He is an orcish berserker of fat posture. He changes his looks and weapons through the course of the game. At first he used two blooded axes, causing bleeding damage.

After humilliating Tear a couple of times, he changed his weapons into twin warscythes, which he used frequently as some sort of boomerang. After humilliating Tear even more times, Tear used one of his branded warchiefs, Bagabûg the Singer, to kill Prâk. Prâk was presumed dead, but he returned while Tear was fighting Mûzglob the Bone Collecter. He gained a few arrows and a knife in his back.

After humilliating Tear several times and even killing him for once, Tear killed Prâk a second time by detonating an explosive grog barrel, which was standing next to Prâk.

After a bit of time when Tear was about to start a battle with Ûkbùk Man-Breaker in a stronghold, Prâk returned yet again. He died again shortly after when Tear had thrown him off a ledge.

Prâk did not return after that encounter, so he was presumed to be dead at last. But when Tear was doing the mission "Mordor in flames", Prâk turned up as "The nemesis." His mask was gone and he had his own little army. In a cutscene, Prâk uttered his first and final words: "BURN..........MAIM...........KILL THEM ALL!!!"

After the cutscene, Prâk and Tear fight for the last time. After Tear had gotten Prâk close to death, Prâk fell to his knees and uttered one final laugh, before Tear impaled his heart with Tallions sword.

"He died as he lived, laughing like a crossbreed of a demon, and hellspawn."

Prâk has been dead ever since, but his soul lives on, as is seen in the other episodes in which Tear comes across "reincarnations" of Prâk.

Two years later, Prâk is fully reincarnated, but this time in a short and thin body as opposed to the larger fat body he was in when he fought Tear. Also, he was able to fully speak and was armed with throwing spears instead of his twin axes or warscythes. He appeared to someone else called The Nethral King and attacked him during his battle in the arena. Nethral made a message to everyone who knows of Prâk in order to warn everyone that he lives again. Nethral fought hard and died to him once, but was eventually able to defeat Prâk brutally.

"I have faced and fought countless demons, monsters, madmen, wannabe king, corrupted gods, and lord knows what else, but never before have I faced something so.....horrible as him..."

Although Prâk perished in the battle, Nethral affirmed everyone at the endnote of his message that Prâk was still alive and told everyone to spread warning to even Tear himself, "Prâk lives!".

Prak Jaws, The Immortal Nemesis
Prak Jaws' First Appearance
Alias The Immortal Nemesis, Bane, Masked Motherf*cker, Ultimate Nemesis, Bane of Tear
Origin Unknown
Occupation Uruk-Hai Captain
Skills Expert Combatant, immortal, Resurrection, Reincarnation
Hobby Harassing Tear, Hunting Caragors and Graugs, Screaming at the top of his lungs.
Goals Harass Tear; Torment Tear