Alice in wonderland orb weaver

Orb Weavers are minor villains in the 2016 film Wonderland. They are predators in the Wonderland Woods, however, despite their scary look, they come in enormous sizes, getting in some cases to the size of a tall human.

Role in the film

When Alice enters the cave of wonders, she encounters a sword and a few orb weavers. She kills the orb weavers, however, an orb weaver comes at her from behind, crawling on the ground with his legs. The orb weaver bites her (Alice), and Alice is taken to the hospital of Dr. Coatwing. Later, Jason enters the cave of wonders, as he encounters two massive orb weavers, getting to the length of two humans, and to a much bigger width as well. Jason killed them, however, one ate his friend Alfredo Mochunnos and killed him. Later, in the tuck-shop, an orb weaver ate the caterpillar.