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Omnicron, the Destroyer of Worlds
Alias Omnicron 600M
Omnicron 700M
Omnicron 800M
Omnicron 900M
Omnicron Primal (ESWN only)
Omnicron 1B
Omnicron -0-
Grand Vizier Omnicron (C-K's AU Fanfic Canon only)
Origin Unknown
Occupation Omnicidal Manchild
Status Allegedly "Revived" in a sense...
Skills Infiltration of other Multiverses through EMP waves.
Ability to devour and absorb almost everything and anything.
Shotgun rapid-fire projectile attacks from its hands.
Anti-Immortal Cluster Shot attack against immortal characters.
Chronicler's Eraser Blade replacing his left hand when in dominance.


Hobby Destroying things because "It's all just a game".
Goals "To win the game" (Destroy everything else).

(Note: Due to the fact Omnicron is effectively one half whose opposite half is a hero known as Chronicler, more information on Omnicron's missing half can be found on the Hero Fanon Wiki as a result of that.)

(Note: Click here for information on its future incarnation.)

Designed to absolutely destroy and entire multiverse, Omnicron shows no remorse as to who it kills, and any target that stands in its way, by priority, is killed immediately and without warning. It has the ability to completely ignore an opponent's immortality and wipe them from existence if they have the ability. As a whole, it cannot be bargained with, it cannot be reasoned with, and once it's loose, its only inevitable destruction of the entire multiverse it invades...
~ Grandis
W H I C H - O N E - H A S - T H E - T I M E R ?
~ Omnicron, upon setting every nuke on Earth to self destruct in less than 3 minutes and after creating a mass army of clones of itself
N O - G O D - M O D E - A L L O W E D .
~ Omnicron, immediately before fatally injuring a seemingly immortal or invincible target.

Omnicron, known properly as OMNICRON 700M, is a being created by Grandis meant to silently infiltrate the Sword Art Online universe and mercy kill the entire multiverse long before Grandis himself would arrive and invade it, just to wipe the memory of the SAO Universe clean from his memory in the process. However, the plan backfired and Omnicron went missing in action, and was never seen since. Due to Omnicron being composed of particles that are highly unstable and irreplaceable, Grandis didn't bother to create a second one to continue the plan, so ultimately scrapped the assassination attempt of the SAO Multiverse. However, Omnicron would later be confirmed to still be alive, and has gained so much incredible power that this thing is capable of handing everyone's asses to them in a fight, as its fire power is unprecedented, and strikes so rapidly with its extreme speed that it's nigh impossible to counterattack Omnicron's onslaught. In "The Blue Tri", and nearly all works relating to the Neo Ultimorian Canon, Omnicron's default body is instead OMNICRON 800M. In the AU Fanfic Continuity, Omnicron appears as an alternate version of his canon timeline self, taking the name of "Grand Vizier Omnicron" in the process.


By default, Omnicron looks like a two armed humanoid creature, with the arms and hands separated from the joints to allow extensive lengths that Omnicron can grasp from. The other two arms (As seen in the artwork) are normally hidden from view entirely, but will emerge from the creature's back when it is in combat. In this form, Omnicron is known as "OMNICRON 700M", and is sometimes referred to as its "Primary Form" despite the fact this is NOT the original form of Omnicron.

Omnicron 600M


In its original form, Omnicron has a Jellyfish-like appearance, with massive hands and five fingers on each, and arms no different from Primary Form. Its head is a stereotypical UFO shape, with its mouth having no restraints on the upper jaw, allowing the top of the head to lift itself up and disconnect entirely from the lower jaw, and within its mouth is an energy core capable of firing powerful blasts of plasma at a target, in addition to its numerous, tentacle-like legs causing the entire ground it touches to spark with electricity and cause entire blackouts in a city if present in one. This form is referred to as "OMNICRON 600M", and is sometimes referred to as "Child Form".

Omnicron 800M


In addition to Child and Primary Form, Omnicron has an INCREDIBLY deadly form known as "OMNICRON 800M", or "Perfect Omnipotence". In this form, its arms solidify and are no longer dis-attached joints, but now full arms. Its outer arms expand into extremely muscular forms, whereas the two other arms shrink and become laser attachments, with its primary left arm becoming a massive, three clawed arm capable of being used as a grappling hook. Its entire body becomes armored in a dark violet color, with a metallic cable extending from its back to impale, strangle, or electrocute enemies with. Its face is now heavily armored, and now sports a visor which serves as the closest thing this creature has as a face.

Omnicron 900M


Rumor has it, that a fourth Omnicron form exists, which is given the codename "OMNICRON 900M", which is likewise nicknamed "Impossibility Form", due to the fact it's though to be extremely impossible for Omnicron to acquire this kind of form due to already having incredible powers with Perfect Omnipotence as its main form. In this form, it's apparently utilizing all six of its limbs to walk on the ground, and apparently gained six additional limbs which appear on its back and used as arms. In this form, it looks more serpent-like, and has a jaw that greatly expand to fire a blast of plasma capable of wiping out entire fragments of space and time itself, greatly damaging the surrounding environment. Its size also drastically increases from its other forms, becoming at least 4 kilometers in height, and and a staggering 33 kilometers in length. It's just as big as you'll get with this kind of creature in regards to beings that exist primarily on the ground.

Omnicron 1K


In the final battle of The Blue Tri, Omnicron is the final antagonist faced, and prior to this, Omnicron learned that one of the five heroes up against it has a power capable of permanently slaying it once and for all. How did Omnicron decide to adapt to that? When it progressed through each and every prior form it had simply to stall the battle and eliminate four of the heroes from the battle, and leaving only the titular Kerason remaining by the time Omnicron 900M was reverted back into its gemstone form, the abomination of a fusion between the remnants of the original Grandis, Dragora, Ultima, and a fourth, still unnamed Deity, fused together with Omnicron's new form which is dubbed "OMNICRON 1B", which is given the fitting nickname of "Absolution Form", as this is without a doubt Omnicron's last chance to continue to exist, and it proves its point by displaying near supreme omnipotence. Only one being was ever known to best this form, a hero known as KeraKing, who not only bested this form, but permanently destroyed all remnants of Omnicron's data from across the planes of existence, thus ending the infamous legacy of the Destroyer of Worlds at long last.

The primary reason why the 1B form wasn't used until his final showdown with Kerason was because, in every other appearance prior, it was still the Old Ultimorian canon, as in, prior to Dogma ransacking Ultimoria. After Dogma killed Grandis, Dragora, and Ultima, in addition to the still unnamed fourth Deity, Omnicron used each of its four arms to absorb all four of their remaining energies while it still had the chance, and would utilize all four of their powers in case of extreme emergency in which Omnicron is ever truly threatened, or, in the only time it's used, to simply flat out obliterate all of existence itself. However, while this is the only time Omnicron 1B is used as a transformation of Omnicron, it DOES, however, make some non-canon or semi-canon appearances outside of The Blue Tri, particularly in game concepts designed by Shiramu-Kuromu which feature Omnicron 1B as an extra form of Omnicron's boss fight that serves as an even tougher opponent than Omnicron 900M and has a battle strategy similar to both Omnicron 600M, Omnicron 700M, and Omnicron 800M all in one, singular form. It also combines the strategies and moves that Grandis, Dragora, Ultima, and one other secret character utilize due to being a hybrid of those four characters in addition to itself as the primary host of the composite body.

Omnicron -0-


Omnicron -0-'s appearance is the result of partially fusing the Eraser Blade onto Chronicler's hand in a similar appearance to its original design, Chronicler's overall appearance for the primary body, a distorted face based off of Chronicler's own, and 800M's tail emerging from the back of Chronicler's neck. In this particular form, Omnicron has access to an unstable, but functional, version of the Eraser Blade; a melee variation of Omnicron's signature weapon that was reverse engineered from Omnicron after his defeat with the intent on using it for other beings like Omnicron's original self. However, despite the fact Omnicron is yet again in control of Chronicler's body for the first time in ages, it doesn't appear that Omnicron is behaving like his usual self whenever this for is used; in fact, he can't even access his other forms at all anymore; not even the very powerful forms like 1B or INFINITY can be utilized due to how heavily eroded Omnicron's data is to the point that this particular form of Omnicron possessing Chronicler is effectively all he can manage anymore in terms of forms.


As Child Form, it seeks to consume and eat just about everything. However, the only thing it cannot eat is alcohol, which renders Child Form vulnerable to attacks it would normally be immune to (Note: Primary Form doesn't have this weakness and eats everything entirely just fine). During its brief stay in the SAO Universe, it obsessed over Asuna's cooking abilities, to the point she got annoyed with its appetite, so Kirito gave her alcohol to spike Omnicron's meal just so that Kirito can land a killing blow on Omnicron...

...Which proved to be a said mistake since Child Form transformed into Primary Form, whose personality is basically summed up as ignoring any "normal" rules that a universe has, and applying it's own unique rules for it to utilize instead. For instance, a GM with God Mode activated was NOT immune to Omnicron one hit KOing him with a barrage of rapid firing plasma rounds. It is also capable of using magic skills or otherwise unobtainable skills not normally programmed into any VRMMO that normally doesn't have such skills. In addition, it screws with Gravity like it's an absolute joke, since it's frequently jumping at almost teleportation level speeds, and can use its four arms to cling onto thin air and literally levitate by climbing on virtually nothing.

As Perfect Omnipotence, Omnicron becomes highly destructive in nature, in that it takes the most extreme form of killing a target to ensure they're dead; it not only makes millions of copies of itself, but it sets every Nuclear Weapon still active on Earth to detonate in mere minutes, all the while toying with the would be hero by testing to see if he can kill whichever one has the timer for the nuke's self detonation sequence. It's capable of heavily bombarding opponents with plasma beams, and has almost every ability that Primary Form has amplified to its own power.

Impossibility Form showcases an ability that makes it incredibly deadly. Whereas Omnicron was normally restricted to virtual worlds to traverse and invade, Impossibility Form breaks all sense of logic by immediately and directly entering the physical world the moment it transforms into this state. In this state, its personality is no different from its prior form, but it fears NOTHING that tries to attack it; various direct hits from impaling weapons from creatures far smaller from it don't even cause a single reaction from the creature, and are shrugged off like the attack did nothing whatsoever. Had Grandis actually been facing this creature himself, Grandis would actually be outright destroyed by Impossibility Form.

As stated above, Omnicron didn't use the 1B form until his appearance in The Blue Tri, which is because in all other appearances, the original incarnations of the gods he absorbed were still alive, and thus was incapable of using this form. In the final bout of The Blue Tri with Omnicron's disguise having been accidentally exposed, and the fact that one of the five hero characters potentially have a power that can eliminate it permanently, it first utilizes all four of its initial forms to stall out the battle as long as possible until he deemed it perfectly safe to use its new powers as 1B. When it first uses 1B's powers, it immediately vaporizes Guruson, Ursason, Rakokadi, and Kasuoma (Although they actually survived the attack), and when it later kills Kerason, it believes itself to be completely invincible, so even when Plio and KeraBeast was transformed into KeraKing, and they wind up stirring Dogma in the process on purpose, it shows no actual fear of Dogma and proceeds to charge up an attack that would not only destroy Dogma, but also all of existence in the process. However, it overestimates its own powers, as KeraKing wields the exact powers needed to aide Dogma is slaying Omnicron for good, and not even its crazy prepared nature was capable of foreseeing its own death. There's an actual reason in that its mind is deliberately incapable of seeing an outcome its involved in where it gets permanently destroyed, which is apparently a design flaw in its AI, even when its near invincible as Omnicron 1B.

While is unknown when exactly Omnicron crossed the Moral Event Horizon, it apparently did this as soon as it arrived to the SAO Universe, due to causing machine failures in hospitals on purpose, as well as outright electrocuting several VRMMO testers all as a means of testing out its own capabilities. It may not actually knew it did these events, but it apparently DOES have instances of the events unfolding recorded onto its visor as 800M if it ever plays back images to a target, meaning Omnicron is hiding who knows what other damages from the public as to just how outright insane it is. The worst part about it? Omnicron, like the two characters it's a homage to, thinks that all of its own actions are nothing but a harmless game, even if it does indeed know that it deliberately killed who knows how many people in its test run. Even in The Blue Tri, this mentality hasn't changed, and Omnicron STILL thinks that all of what it's doing is a game...

Despite the fact that post-Dogma's Damnation, it's committing EVEN WORSE crimes than it did prior to this, such as rendering nearly 700 trillion sapient races extinct between 7 trillion years ago and the present day, meaning every year, 100 species went extinct. Note this is ONLY counting sapient races, as who knows how many non-intelligent species died because the list of species that became extinct because of Omnicron became so ridiculously high that nobody was able to keep track of its killing spree to properly analyze the damage. The only thing analysts have to say about Omnicron is that it is the absolute extreme in regards to Omnicidal Maniacs in all of Shiramu-Kuromu's cast of characters, and the fact it shows dead zero remorse over who it kills and thinks every crime it does is nothing but a game, just goes to show how mentally unstable Omnicron is as the biggest Complete Monster of a character that all of existence would ever see.

An bit of an enigma exists with Omnicron in the upcoming Hamtaro fanfic named "Operation Debug", in which Omnicron's first introduction into the story gives Omnicron plenty of chances to kill something since VR realm beings are present in the pathways between various universes (which are also the same pathways Omnicron uses in general). Omnicron, despite being an Omnicidal Maniac and a Complete Monster... completely ignores them. This may have to due with what Omnicron's own aggression is triggered by; those who get in the way of Omnicron's plans or are a target to Omnicron. None of these beings are even remotely considered targets for Omnicron, and all but one VR being ever "gets in the way", which in this case is due to the VR being in particular never having encountered Omnicron before. Omnicron, upon detecting said being, stops where he is and gazes down on the much smaller, Mouse-like program. Omnicron, in spite of its extremely hostility, flashes a signal to the program for directions of where to head, and the program leaves, and Omnicron continues its path without killing anybody until it later arrives to its destination. In general, due to the nature of the fanfic showcasing more of Omnicron's personality and behavior far more than any other story, it is quite possible Omnicron is not entirely as monstrous as it's made out to be by everyone else who is at odds with it, considering how virtually every other VR realm program fears Omnicron, although certain other beings which qualify as VR beings tend to be braver, but that's because a vast majority of these beings are not true VR beings since they either have a true physical realm forms (Every Code Lyoko Character capable of being materialized, even the XANA monsters which are depicted as doing so), are avatars for physical realm beings (Just about any human who uses internet based technology, not just the SAO cast), or are very bizarre VR realm beings that Omnicron can't properly identify them as being "normal" at all (Any known Digimon species to exist).

Omnicron's method of expressing hatred towards a target is noteworthy because it is considered one of the most overkill methods that Omnicron is capable of killing somebody off with, but is also perhaps the most tame of what Omnicron has the potential to do in any other case; should a target piss off Omnicron and be out of normal reach, Omnicron will remote hijack supersonic aircraft and have them collide at asteroid-level speeds into somebody's home. It's considered overkill on Omnicron's part because of the fact that the collision causes much more damage than Omnicron initially intends to cause because of how extremely fast the aircraft was moving towards the crash course it was aimed at. It's been compared to Omnicron forcefully grabbing cosmic debris and crashing it into something in regards to how insanely destructive the impact itself is, and how generally without warning this attacks can occur, in addition to how difficult it is for this method of attack to stopped on the fly, since the jets Omnicron chooses to hijack are forced to go full blast in speed to the point they out-speed incoming attacks without question as to ensure the aircraft hijacked reaches its targeted, planned crash landing.

When Omnicron is unofficially revived as Omnicron -0-, he's been reduced to an absolutely mindless state that only has a personality in the form of the now unyielding rage Chronicler is experiencing due to Omnicron's influence on his mind; he is effectively nothing more than an incredibly enraged Chronicler at this point in history, nothing more, nothing less. However, despite this, Omnicron technically does have a more matured mind if merely because whenever Chronicler speaks in this form it is in a voice similar to Omnicron's means of vocalization in the past; it's even spelled out in text very similarly as well. While Omnicron is mindless in this state, he only tends to truly awaken when something is considered by Chronicler to be needed to be absolutely and brutally torn to shreds before his own eyes.


Omnicron's physical body varies in terms of weaknesses in regards to what can harm it and what can't. In addition, Omnicron's child-like yet intelligent mind can only properly process so many things before hitting a dead-end, if only because Omnicron is technically an unfinished AI that had to manually reprogram itself to save its mentality and instinct. Not only that, but by the time Dogma's Damnation occurred, Omnicron permanently became stuck in Cyberspace until Chimera had effectively freed it from this restriction. Prior to Dogma's Damnation, however, it could freely traverse Cyberspace and Reality through various methods.

Omnicron 600M is weak to alcohol if ingested, and is VERY weak to physical attacks of any kind. Not only that, but this is also the only form that is outright weak to any type of attack, due to the fact this form has a very soft outer body design.

Omnicron 700M, due to being more heavily armored, is not as weak to elemental damage that 600M is, but at the same time, it isn't hard for Omnicron to dislocate one or more of his four arms due to how they function and move. Not only that, but in this form and all future forms, Omnicron gains a heavy weakness to electrical element attacks. However, to compensate, Omnicron can take a lot of hits regardless, as if it had an actual HP Bar that totaled at a very high amount of health.

Omnicron 800M was prone to paralyses if the opponent managed to forcefully apply gravitational force onto 800M's overly top-heavy build, and thus if Omnicron was in actual contact with the ground, he would never be able to move from his location and thus be an easy target. The cable on his back, however, could serve as a last resort means of defense against ground targets if rendered immobile.

Omnicron 900M's internal memory cores can easily be broken by smaller creatures with or without weapons, and compared to Omnicron itself, lack heavily in the HP department, and thus shatter like glass. Given how these same internal cores are what keep Omnicron alive in this form, Omnicron's outer shell is normally invulnerable to attack... unless whenever it tries to devour a target that said target fires a wave motion gun type of attack directly into Omnicron 900M's mouth, and thus will not only destroy every memory core in its body, but also completely vaporize Omnicron 900M's outer shell as a result.

Omnicron 1B is much more imposing, however, and due to the fact it absorbs the powers of 12 fallen Ultimorian Deities to acquire this form, Omnicron has no weakness in this form... initially. Much like Yami from Okami, it takes very careful exploitation of what very few openings Omnicron 1B gives to cause Omnicron 1B to lose access to a particular power, and thus have said power restored into whatever Deity it originated from. After all 12 powers are absorbed, Omnicron 1B is nothing more than a heavily armored 800M in weaknesses, but also gets a noteworthy weakness to every elemental attribute due to its powers having been stripped away in this form after a long and gruesome battle.

Omnicron -0- is heavily considered to be the weakest form of Omnicron despite the fact this is effectively bringing Omnicron back from the dead via using Chronicler's much stronger body as a host. Why is it considered so weak? Omnicron's mind is non-existent; it attacks blindly and without tactic like his original self would've done, and is completely unstable mentally that the form only can manage to last for very abrupt periods of time in which Chronicler is placed into a situation where he absolutely desires for whomever stands before him to be absolutely torn to shreds without mercy; however, due to the sheer anger from Chronicler and the mindless state of Omnicron in this form, this can often be prone to a mixed bag of results depending on his opponent.


Grandis (Rebirth)

Rebirth Grandis is not initially aware of Omnicron's existence, but his dreams, which are visions of his past self, seem to detail everything about Omnicron's creation to him. Grandis feels openly worried about what kind of monstrosity he unleashed in the old era, but it isn't until he learns of just how unholy of a kill count that Omnicron had racked up since the Dogma incident that Grandis feels absolute fear of Omnicron. To make matters worse, this is before he realizes Omnicron is still alive, and near seconds before Omnicron replicas completely swarm Shiramu Inc. and attempt to murder Grandis and leave the building up in flames in the aftermath. Grandis, barely alive by the time his most loyal servant Ultima finds him, declares a special rule to be made about Omnicron being on the Black List. He would take off ANYBODY who had previously made the Black List if they can successfully put up a fight against the Omnicron replicas, and they will be redeemed automatically no matter their previous crimes, given that what Grandis had seen first hand in both the backstory and what also happened to himself, Grandis considers Omnicron an abomination with absolute zero chances of redemption, and must be permanently destroyed outright at any chance given.

Ultima (Rebirth)

Ultima's temper is easy to ignite into absolute fury. Ultima especially gets into a rage if you actually manage to injure Grandis, who Ultima is the most loyal to more than anyone else. Given the fact Ultima arrives too late to save Grandis from nearly being murdered by a swarm of Omnicron 800M replicas, Ultima believes that Omnicron had finally gone too far. Ultima's passive nature allowed him to dismiss Omnicron's actions beforehand, but nevertheless he did in fact want to kill Omnicron; he just felt powerless since the only way he knew how to stop Omnicron was to destroy the original unit, and he's completely helpless in terms of tracking it. When the original flat out gives a signal of its location at the very verge of The Blue Tri's finale, Ultima is quick to note and be horrified of the fact Omnicron just decided to reveal its location after what hell it brought to the Ultimorians already, and when he learns of what Omnicron said to Darigus, Ultima is nevertheless outright disgusted as to how Omnicron can even EXIST given the kind of insane omnicidal personality it has, and what kind of outright horrible pleasure it gets from all of the killing and destruction it's caused.

Darigus (Darigus Jr.)

JUST A GAME?!?! THAT FUCKER REALLY THINKS EVERYTHING IT'S DONE HERE IS ALL JUST A GAME?!?!?! Does he not even realize how screwed over the plans of existence are all because of his actions?!?!?! Omnicron can't possibly be as intelligent as it is, since it's completely blind to all of morality itself!!! Its voice is a mere child, but its actions are EVEN WORSE than Kagubot!!! Listen well and heed my warning... Omnicron you jackass. Even the past lives of Grandis and Ultima would not have approved of this behavior!!!! They had their reasons for being evil, and yet you go across all of existence spreading chaos like no tomorrow ALL BECAUSE YOU THINK IT'S JUST A GAME?!?!?!?!''
~ Darigus's fit of rage against Omnicron.

At first, Darigus didn't care in the slightest that Omnicron was a villain, since he actually enjoyed competition. However, Darigus quickly became wary when Omnicron flat out killed his mother and severely wounded his thought to be indestructible father, but Darigus, at first, completely dismisses it..... until he learns that Omnicron's entire motivation is completely non-existent due to Omnicron's childish mind of believing everything it has done is all just a game to it. Darigus, when he first hears this, believes Omnicron to be joking... he's soon wrong when he keeps getting the exact same answer from Omnicron repeatedly, which prompts Darigus to soul dive into Omnicron's mind... and only then does Darigus see the truth of how outright insane Omnicron is. However, as Darigus tries to escape from Omnicron's sadistic mind, Omnicron forcefully ejects him and uses his Anti-Immortal Beam attack in the process, which is the closest anyone ever gets to permanently killing Darigus. Unlike Grandis, however, Darigus was indeed killed by the blast, to the point Grandis became so desperate in fighting off Omnicron, that he not only revived Darigus, but fused with him to become Megalo after many years of not using the form, as he openly slaughters an entire legion of Omnicron 800M and 900M units, all the while Grandis's mind is explaining to Darigus just how twisted and disgusting of a monstrosity that Omnicron is. By this point, Darigus doesn't even know what it means to be called evil anymore, and surrenders himself to the Ultimorian Deities as if he's lost his identity. He fights alongside the Ultimorian Deities in the finale of The Blue Tri, and even after Omnicron is slain for good at the end, Darigus is dead set on ruling alongside the Ultimorian Deities as one of their own, an idea he had ever since having to work alongside them against Omnicron.

Dragora (Rebirth)

Dragora doesn't have much to say about Omnicron, other than the fact Omnicron is the only being he can say legitimately disturbs him. Not much is known as to why initially, but every time Omnicron appears, Omnicron never seems to open fire on Dragora for an unexplained reason. It could be perhaps Omnicron already knows it's pointless, since the Dragora seen in the rebirth era is an avatar for the true form of Dragora that's hidden away deep in space and looks nothing like his own avatar. Due to this, Dragora feels a constant dread around Omnicron, mentally questioning if Omnicron actually found out where his true body had been hiding and is gathering enough power to kill Dragora. Later on, however, it's revealed that Omnicron is effectively using his true body as a battery... but at the same time, his true body is already dead because of the Omnicron units having devoured it, and what little remains is a living refueling station for Omnicron units that survive multiple battles. When Dragora learns of his, he ejects all of his memories and remaining power into his own avatar, as Dragora glasses the entire region of space in which the Omnicron units gathered at to swarm Dragora's body. Dragora, just like Darigus, surrenders himself to the Ultimorian Deities because he's witnessed just how far off the deep end Omnicron is willing to go. He even further loses it when he overhears Omnicron mentioning its belief that everything is just a game to it, and then Dragora is the first being to draft Darigus into the ranks of Ultimorian Deity immediately after he earns the rank himself.

Hydriska (Rebirth)

Given how Hydriska's reborn self contains all of his old memories, Hydriska knows more about Omnicron than he initially lets on. Hydriska, however, is incredibly cowardly in regards to Omnicron. Hydriska only managed to survive the Dogma incident by reincarnating as a weaker predatory animal than his then current form, but Omnicron outright survived the same incident completely unhindered as if it didn't apply to Omnicron. Hydriska, believing Dogma damned them all to suffer Omnicron's wrath, outright despises Dogma and claims everything Omnicron ever does is all Dogma's fault, since Dogma spared his life... until it's revealed by Grandis and Ultima that this was most definitely not the case. While none of them know exactly how Omnicron survived, Omnicron used some kind of bizarre loophole that allowed itself to hide itself from existence entirely and reappear after Dogma left, meaning even if Dogma knew of Omnicron's existence, he couldn't do anything about it due to how Omnicron chose to hide from it. Dogma himself later states that he's never seen Omnicron until the end point of The Blue Tri. Hydriska, when he learns more of Omnicron from Darigus, is outright disgusted by Omnicron's lack of morality and passion for killing anything just because it thinks it's all a game. Hydriska's own mind snapped in response to how Omnicron was a waste of cosmic space wherever it went, and the rage brought about caused Hydriska to rapidly evolve into its older forms, all the way back into its final form, only to evolve EVEN HIGHER into the form of a humanoid Avian and become an Immortal God, which is when Hydriska fully realizes he must use this gift to join the Ultimorian Deities for real and slay Omnicron.

Mirror M

I used to call Darigus soulless and lacking morality... but this.... hideous abomination probably never had an actual soul to begin with, and I'm not even referring to Darigus for once... That AI... Whatever the hell it is... Is far, FAR worse than what Darigus ever could be by comparison, to the point I'd give up my hatred of the guy if it meant the possibility of destroying the AI for good!
~ Mirror M's thoughts about Omnicron's lack of morality.

Mirror M already knew of Omnicron from Ultimoria's Black List, and noticed that Darigus, Dragora, and Omnicron was always a part of it. However, he did not know WHY Omnicron was a part of it, nor did he understand why Omnicron got promoted to an even worse version of the Black List, and that Darigus and Dragora were no longer part of the Black List at all minutes later. Later on, however, when Shiramu Inc. got ransacked by surprise, he and Centauri were both leading the defense against Omnicron, but Omnicron wiped out both of them before they could transform into their stronger forms. When Centauri apparently died from her wounds, Mirror M was both heartbroken and outright furious at Omnicron. He stated out loud that he would flat out forgive Darigus for everything if it meant Omnicron could be destroyed, or if Darigus could somehow save Centauri's soul from dying, since he loves her to the point he's desperate just to see her alive again, and it isn't too long until Darigus actually does show up and save both of them alongside Grandis. They are both present for when Omnicron's reveals that it's been doing all of this just because it considers it's own actions to be a game. Mirror M has to be forcefully restrained to not do anything reckless in this situation, as he watches as Darigus gets killed by Omnicron, and just how much all of the Ultimorian Deities are going to extreme measures just to stay alive against Omnicron eliminates whatever hatred Mirror M had for Darigus, and replaces that hatred with newfound hate for Omnicron.

Centauri "Nurse-chan"

Given the fact Centauri is killed fairly quickly by Omnicron due to having been hit with the Anti-Immortal beam unlike with Mirror M, her death leads to Darigus's redemption in Mirror M's eyes since whenever Darigus attacked anybody in Bomberman Classic, he never once harmed any of the female cast. Omnicron not only deliberately harmed a female, but went completely lethal in how it attacked her, seeming to spare Mirror M only to see his reaction to the replicas having killed her. Centauri, when she's brought back, is first hospitalized before she finally takes part in the final battle against Omnicron in The Blue Tri's finale, and Mirror M doesn't leave her side not even for a second, and during which, Darigus was also one of her numerous visitors hoping she would get better, and for good reason; Darigus devoted his entire redemption quest to ensure Omnicron would suffer and perish for good, and he did it specifically for Centauri and his deceased parents. Centauri's reaction to Omnicron, however, doesn't get to be anywhere near the same as the others, as she doesn't join the final battle until very late, and is quickly killed again even in her Alpha Centauri mode, and thus she never gets to have a true opinion on Omnicron other than the fact she felt horrified by what Omnicron did, since she felt like she broke her own promise to Mirror M when it originally killed her;

S-She was.... expecting during all of that chaos.... I told her to get to safety.... She chose to fight alongside me...... I didn't realize until too late just who were up against when the attack began in full force..... That AI..... It murdered an unborn child and thinks all of it is just some kind of sick game!!!!
~ Mirror M's calm to furious rant about Omnicron regarding Centauri's condition.


Rose is an obscure Ultimorian Deity to have pitted against Omnicron, since she herself has inflicted similar cases of Omnicide due to being a Terranadrosus. However, she at least had a reason; she believed all males were perverts who wanted to exploit women, and was highly sexist since her entire species were only female individuals. When Omnicron began forcefully converting Terranadrosus that attacked it into males before it killed them, however, is where Rose mentally snapped at Omnicron. She also did not like to the fact her mind immediately knew Omnicron's own motive was non-existent, and yet despite that, it was even worse of a villain as an omnicidal maniac than she was. Rose, in outright fury and the fact Omnicron violated and disgraced many Terranadrosus when it killed many of them, needed only to be prevented from attacking Omnicron by Balaur Macbeth to prevent her from dying no differently than her own kin. Rose's introduction to Darigus during the big meeting before the siege immediately changed her views of males, since Darigus appeared to be highly vile in personality, but not once did he ever remotely harm a female, and she did in fact witness several times that Darigus genuinely cared for Centauri's well being. As a response, she would choose Darigus as her mate solely because of how Omnicron caused her own kind mass suffering, and the fact that the replicas went so far as to ruin the life of an actual God of Evil like Darigus.

Balaur Macbeth

Balaur Macbeth never tried to associate herself with Ultimoria, not one bit, even if she was technically from there. However, when she stumbled upon Rose and the Terranadrosus being openly violated then killed by Omnicron, Balaur is the first to stop Rose from doing something foolish. As both of them hide from Omnnicron while trying to run into at least another Ultimorian Deity, Rose and Balaur's hostile hatred towards each other caused both of them to fight. Balaur and Rose both realized that the former was genetically designed to replace the latter's species, as the Harvest Dragon were designed to wipe the Terranadrosus from existence. Balaur, upon realizing she was utterly helpless against Rose's fighting style, realized just how horrible of a mistake she made by trying to prevent her from fighting, given how Balaur was actually aware of Rose's secret presence on the Black List, and that if Rose actually killed several Omnicron units, she could've redeemed herself from it. Balaur, in utter guilt, apologizes severely to Rose by making she that the both of them don't arrive to the meeting at all until they bring the corpse of an Omnicron 900M unit with them.


EVE, being a gender counterpart of Dragora and also his own resident Yandere Stalker, was by no means pleased that Dragora's true body was being destroyed further and further by Omnicron's various replicas, and she felt nothing but outright fury and guilt no differently from the other Ultimorian Deities who had crushes or lovers effected by Omnicron. As a result, it seems an unusual amount of foresight on Aesir's part when bringing her back to life seemed simply devoted to be a key step to leading Omnicron to his final downfall. Made virtually indestructible to Omnicron's own attacks as time went on, EVE deemed it necessary that her final blow towards Omnicron required her to Phase Evolve to her newly created, permanent form. When Omnicron tried to interrupt the transformation as per usual, Omnicron 800M lost all four of its arms in the process, and evolved itself to 900M solely to deal with the damage... only to discover that he had only two legs to work with. The resulting beatdown from EVE's behalf outright caused Omnicron to deliberately rage quit the fight and activate his self destruct sequence and escape into a newly forged body in order to evade EVE's wrath.


Genesis is the fusion of four minor deities of Ultimoria, and all four of them never hesitated when it came to serving Grandis, be it his past incarnation or his current. When they were unaware that Omnicron had nearly murdered Grandis, by the time they finally learned of it, they were quick to action and they responded by violently glassing several star systems from which Omnicron was hiding in. Genesis was horrified to say the least. Genesis does indeed destroy things despite being a hero aligned character, but Genesis had never been so outright furious that Omnicron had been causing great devastation all because of extremely childish reasons and nothing else. They did everything they could to prevent Omnicron from surviving the final battle, but even when their nigh invincible stature was even more imposing than the typical immortal, they were the last to fall out of the Ultimorian deities in the final battle, as Genesis was completely crushed in eternal hatred and sorrow as to why the hell a heartless creature such as Omnicron is even possible to exist. When Genesis joined the Ultimorian Deities, it made sure to allow everyone an equal chance in redeeming themselves in the fight against Omnicron.


You are not like any other human I would ever ask for this... You have a notorious track record in Ultimoria's past era, Sugou... Would you care to redeem yourself in their eyes by joining me as my servant, and realizing just how lucky you are to even be alive after the fact Omnicron was deliberately designed with every intent of killing you...
~ Zaalim speaking to Sugou from Sword Art Online.

Zaalim, unlike all of the other Ultimorian Deities, loves to keep secrets from the others. Zaalim knew before all of this began that Sugou's existence was the reason why Omnicron became so ballistic, since Omnicron was designed specifically to erase the SAO Multiverse from history, and Zaalim was horrified that Omnicron was perfectly willing to carry out the order despite arriving in the wrong time period when it was initially deployed, so when Omnicron kept continuing to get worse, Zaalim traveled back in time to before Sugou would've began his role of a villain, in order to change all of history to prevent Omnicron's existence from happening. However, Omnicron rigged every timeline in the SAO multiverse to where, no matter what happened, Sugou would always be responsible for Omnicron's creation. Zaalim, utterly horrified, travels back in time and glasses the entire SAO Multiverse... only to see it immediately regenerate. Zaalim even went to the Dogma incident to force Omnicron out of hiding, but failed to pull it off since had it actually happened, Zaalim himself would've been destroyed alongside Omnicron, and given the fact Ultimoria couldn't exist without Zaalim, Zaalim was forced to instead travel in time to the future of The Blue Tri's universe, fetch Plio's alternate future from Omnicron's victory of desolation, all to warn Plio's past self about everything that would happen when Omnicron began appearing. As a result, Zaalim saved Plio's future, and ensured Omnicron was somehow destroyed. However, as Zaalim needed to make sure it was done, Zaalim took part in the final battle despite a heavy risk of dying. As a result of losing the battle, Zaalim began questioning his existence as he was apparently no longer necessary for Ultimoria to survive. As a result, Zaalim is the very first Ultimorian Deity to suggest promoting Kerason to an Ultimorian Deity.


... Odd... your presence disturbs me all of a sudden and I can't help but ask as to why...
~ Eidolon about Omnicron's first awakening for the first time in ages.

While Eidolon is to blame for why Omnicron is "revived", Eidolon immediately regretted his actions of aggravating Chronicler and killing his first wife Sierrus, because he witnessed his own first death at the hands of a weapon he had only managed to survive due to briefly being able to rewind time to allow himself to escape; he only had the instability of Omnicron's version of the Eraser Blade to thank for why he even had that chance to flee for his life intact in the first place. As a result, and because Eidolon has no knowledge of Omnicron, Eidolon develops an immense hatred of Chronicler as he assumes that only Chronicler is to blame for how he had almost died for good so prematurely in his plans for anarchy.

In the AU continuity to which Eidolon flees to and is out of reach from the main timeline, Eidolon is utterly horrified to learn he's now stuck in a universe where not only does he have to deal with his own AU equal in the form of the Alternate Chronicler, whose strength far surpasses the main timeline Chronicler, but also the fact Eidolon has to deal with an incarnation of Omnicron in its prime and one that gains its strength faster than it did originally albeit being shortly lived. Eidolon, knowing the full danger of Omnicron towards himself, gathers the seven Super Dragon Balls and summons Super Shenlong, and then wishes to forcefully ensure Omnicron's demise by the end of his own debut story; Sword Art Online: Special Edition.

As a result of Super Shenlong's lack of a limitation on wishes aside from the fact only one wish may be granted at a time, he successfully decreases what would've otherwise been a lengthy lifespan on Omnicron's alternate self... at the cost of now setting into motion the creation of alternate incarnations of his own enemies from the main timeline, to which Eidolon screams for a solid day in absolute anger and frustration towards what Omnicron had forced Eidolon into doing now that he risks himself even further now that his own enemies now exist in this alternate timeline because of Omnicron forcing Eidolon into a corner out of desperation.


True Origins

One half being mind, the other being power. Both would split apart once both elements became unstable within this entity. A truly immortal being this is, now separated entities begin to acquire even greater abilities than they originally had as once entity. Fuse together both of them will, by the time they both return to their former homes.
~ Shiramu Inc. Database on Chronicler and Omnicron.

Many thousands of years ago, in a world called Erinn, lived a selfish Paladin who had been basically growing sick and tired of the Deities and other inhabitants of this world basically using his own abilities as a puppet. Desiring to become free, the Paladin openly attacks the deities head on, and this results in Cichol banishing the Paladin once he realized how dangerous he was... he only made the situation worse without even realizing it, however, as the raw power that the Paladin displayed separated from the original body, and disappeared into universes unknown, where its own basis of a powerful being would be used to construct the AI known as "OMNICRON". The Paladin, who is stuck in limbo for a good while before awakening in Neo Canon Ultimoria, is known as "Chronicler".

Cover-up Origins

Omnicron was part of a seemingly failed project to wipe the SAO Universe from existence so that Grandis would never know about it in the first place and be more at ease with himself. The result wound up sending Omnicron back in time to before the major plots of SAO even began, and Omnicron was secretly hiding in the VRMMO games and capable of traversing the Internet itself. Prior to fully emerging as its Child Form, Omnicron caused INSANE glitches and electronic damages by consuming any and all data surrounding it, and caused millions of banks accounts to crash and be devoured, causing entire economic disasters throughout the entire world.

By the time the story begins, Omnicron seemingly disappeared, but emerged in SAO to constantly eat whatever Asuna cooks. Its frequent, almost stalker-level appearances it had towards Asuna quickly got on her nerves, and as a suggestion from Kirito, spiked one of the meals she'd prepared for Omnicron, which caused Omnicron go glitch out entirely and shed its humanoid cloak, revealing its true nature as an eldritch abomination AI, and thus Kirito seemingly destroys it in a single hit during its weakened state...

...However, Omnicron almost immediately transforms into Omnicron 700M, its Primary Form, and immediately tries to kill Asuna and Kirito, which is stopped when Kayaba activated his own personal god mode and tried to erase Omnicron from the game, but only resulted in Omnicron immediately changing targets, jumping clean through the roof of the Inn it was in at insane speeds, and opening fire with gatling gun fire rate plasma spheres, which completely obliterate an entire region of the game without a single sign of mercy. When Kayaba himself appears to try and kill Omnicron the old fashioned way, Omnicron almost immediately bombards Kayaba with a plasma laser in mere milliseconds, and kills him permanently long before he can even attempt his final battle with Kirito. Once done devouring all of Kayaba's data, Omnicron learns of Sugou, and begins draining all data from the SAO game and allows any survivors to log out of the game due to the restriction having been eaten by Omnicron and nullified as a result.

Sugou doesn't even get a chance to start any of his own schemes, as Omnicron is immediately infiltrating ALO the mere second SAO is entirely devoured and absorbed, and when flying to the very top of the world tree due to an insanely powerful jump, Omnicron transforms into Omnicron 800M, and rockets up to the very top of the World Tree, and completely devours the entire structure all the way down to the very roots in mere seconds. Its programming to destroy all of the SAO Multiverse seems to have already kicked in; it silently created duplicates of itself to infiltrate every other SAO universe and wipe out everything electronic so that no plots could occur.

Sugou, enraged by Omnicron, actually teams up with Asuna and Kirito to stop Omnicron's insane levels of destruction to all digital and electronic devices and software. Omnicron, as expected, immediately eats Sugou without him even getting a chance to fight back, and Omnicron begins rapidly cloning itself in all universes and begins to activate a self detonation timer on every nuclear weapon still active in the real world, and taunts Kirito and Asuna by messaging them "Which one has the timer?" when by this point, at least 1,000,000 Omnicron 800M clones exist. Kirito and Asuna still push to fight off the incredibly durable AI, and through the assistance of their many friends, manage to expose the real Omnicron 800M and deliver a fatal blow to its head, decapitating it and stopping the timer...

...Which causes the clones to fuse with each other and initiate the final plan it had been programmed to do; devour and destroy the entire multiverse to absolute nothingness. With its various cloned forms from all across the entire multiverse having survived, they all combine into singular entities called Omnicron 900M, which is dubbed Impossibility Form, and they all immediately break the laws of physics themselves by entering the real world just as they transform into this state. Within mere seconds, 80% of the entire multiverse is destroyed, and massive chunks of space and time are destroyed during Omnicron's rampage in the real world. With military forces sent to combat Omnicron, none of them prove effective, as Omnicron's insane durability by this point makes it not only bulletproof and swordproof, but it doesn't even acknowledge being attacked at all, and continues the timer on the nuclear weapons, but without spiking every military weapon on the planet with hyper-matter, which will cause immense black holes that'll obliterate all of existence. With Kirito and Asuna emerging in the real world as their in-game avatars, they fly to try and combat Omnicron, but their attacks prove entirely useless against it, and once they are bombarded with an extreme onslaught, both of their avatars are immediately destroyed.

Omnicron 900M, by this point, has merely 1% of the entire multiverse left to destroy, and its various incarnations all combine into a seemingly invincible Omnicron 900M that's even larger and more amplified in powers, that its goal is almost guaranteed to be met. However, despite seemingly being destroyed and with 1 minute remaining until their existence is destroyed, Kirito and Asuna infiltrate's Omnicron's demonic and computerized internal structures, facing anti-virus versions of its 700M form along the way as both of them destroy a vital fragment within Omnicron's body, which causes Omnicron to roar in pain and buy the duo 1 extra minute to find another, similar weak spot and destroy it. After seeking out five other cores and destroying them, both of them gaining a minute each in time until their destruction, they are finally down to one last core, and Omnicron begins to spazz out of control and speeds up the rate in which the timer counts down, in which Omnicron still has one final core within its own head to destroy.

By the time they're both down to the final core, the Omnicron 700Ms within 900M's body transform into 800M units and begin rapidly pursuing Kirito and Asuna, until they finally reach Omnicron's last core and destroy it with a powerful blow, causing Omnicron's entire physical body and internal clones to be destroyed and converted into a gemstone in a blank void of chaos. Here both Kirito and Asuna see that their universe had yet to be fixed even with Omnicron's destruction, so both of them immediately wail on Omnicron's gem corpse until it's send flying upwards and explodes into a tremendous force of stardust that causes the entire SAO multiverse to be restored back to normal...

...As one particular Omnicron 700M clone managed to survive the ordeal, and leaves the multiverse to reconsider its plans...

10K Guardian Beast

(Note: Non-Canon Info ahead. Proceed with caution.)

It is revealed that Omnicron is still alive even trillions of years into the future, as if facing the bonus boss with Wraielzebub (Who normally IS the bonus boss of the game), he will instead face Omnicron in all of his forms. As Omnicron 600M, he is relatively weapon, but his area of effect attacks are incredibly difficult to avoid.

As Omnicron 700M, which he transforms into after taking enough damage, he gains a massive increase in offensive power, and during the transformation sequence, will inflict status effects to Wraielzebub and will actually partially heal itself in the process. Omnicron 700M tends to pause in between attacks, at the cost of having insanely powerful attacks that are near impossible to dodge properly.

As Omnicron 800M, he can create many clones of itself, with only the real Omnicron taking any damage from attacks, and the only way to get rid of the clones is to score a critical hit on the real Omnicron. Omnicron actually has a similar moveset to Wraielzebub in this form, but is a much larger character and thus has a larger hitbox with his attacks, and utilizes different elemental attacks.

After taking enough damage, Omnicron will seemingly be destroyed... only for the clones to be summoned again and combine into Omnicron 900M, which devours the arena. Within Omnicron 900M's body, Wraielzebub has 5 minutes to destroy every core fragment that Omnicron's body contains, and having to face various Omnicron 700 spawns within its body and various environmental hazards such as anti-matter acid, which will instantly KO Wraielzebub if he makes contact with them. The final core fragment is located in Omnicron's heart, and takes numerous hits to successfully destroy, whereas the prior 6 cores only took a single attack or two. Nearly running out of time, the countdown actually speeds up slightly when Omnicron only has the final core fragment remaining, putting the player on complete edge to finish off Omnicron.

When Omnicron 900M's body is destroyed from the destruction of the Core Fragments, it reverts into a spherical Diamond on the normal battlefield it was originally faced on. The gemstone must take at least 100,000 HP worth of melee damage to be destroyed, and thus win the battle. In 50 seconds, the gemstone will simply regenerate into Omnicron 600M, and the battle will literally repeat itself if this happens, all the way from the very first phase of the battle and all following phases having to be redone. If the gemstone is destroyed, all playable characters in the game unlock their strongest weapon and skill, and the experience gained from slaying Omnicron will immediately level-up Wraielzebub to max level, and give him the passive skill "God Mode", which allows him to take no damage whatsoever from targets, but still takes damage from Omnicron if rematched, but the damage is six times less than what Omnicron originally dealt, in exchange for Omnicron having increased HP in rematches.

According to the story, Omnicron attacked Wraielzebub since it did not recognize him as his creator, Grandis, and thus tried to obliterate all of existence since his creator was no longer around to contain his near unstoppable powers. The rematch battles with Omnicron are actually virtual simulations that recreate the boss fight in the mind of the player character, and the gemstone phase is altered in that instead of repeating the match from phase 1 if failed to be destroyed, it will instantly KO the player. However, if the player manages to block/evade its final attack, it will destroy itself within 10 seconds, and the player will automatically win the battle and earn a special achievement for defeating Omnicron in this matter.


In the revived E.S.W.N. project, this time taking place in the Neo Ultimorian Canon, the world in which Genesis lives in is revealed to be the location in which Malevolent Era Omnicron was hiding the whole time. However, as a mysterious, second Omnicron Prime had emerged from Chronicler, the original Omnicron felt no need to continue its original programming since now it had an identical copy to do the job instead.

In the path towards the Supremacy Ending, Malevolent Era Omnicron appears as the final boss who behaves in a similar fashion as his 10K Guardian Beast counterpart. To unlock the boss fight against Omnicron, Sirryu must achieve Level 8,001 or higher, and Genesis' level must be at least 10,000 (much easier to accomplish since transformed versions of normal characters level-up faster despite not earning as much experience in battles as the default form). However, because Genesis is a Fusion Category Hyper Evolution form, and due to how Genesis levels up, this means Zucue, Baywho, and Xannu must also be between Levels 7,500 to 8,001 at minimum.

After Genesis is at maximum level, the player must travel towards the Ruins of the Elven in which the gateway to the Black Void is present. Switch the lead party character to Zucue and Hyper Evolve to Hyper Zucue in the overworld, and then investigate a mysterious glow a distance south from the Sacred Door leading to the Black Void. After investigating the mysterious object, the Guardian Beasts are transported to the World's End Palace, the location of the Casual Ending Final Boss fight against Honglong. The battle will begin against Honglong immediately, and the party placement will reset to default.

As the battle carries on into Honglong's first phase as if the player was facing the default Final Boss, at about 50% HP, an event would occur which gives the implication that Honglong was immediately slain at that point despite still having HP and the fact this would've otherwise been the first phase of the Honglong Fight. As the transition to the overworld is made, Harena begins questioning what is happening to Honglong at the moment. Suddenly, Honglong's body begins to pixelate in appearance, before the image of Omnicron 600M appears. After devouring Harena and what remains of Honglong, Omnicron 600M escapes into his own personal dungeon; the Network.

Eventually encountering Omnicron 600M, the group of heroes realize that they're unable to Hyper Evolve for this particular battle. As such, the boss fight involves the main characters wailing against the unusually tanky, but weak hitting Omnicron 600M. After his HP falls to 0, Omnicron Phase Evolves to Omnicron 700M. While still remaining in battle, Xannu's attempts to warn the others against Hyper Evolving now that they have the chance is either ignored or listened to depending on the level of bond with Xannu (as that'll allow you to understand them at a high bond). If Hyper Evolution is triggered when Omnicron 700M is above 50% health, Omnicron 700M will trigger an event in which he'll immediately deal 50% of Max HP damage to the Hyper Evolving character, temporarily disable Hyper Evolution, and drain both of their Non-HP skill resource bars.

After being reduced to below 50% health, the player characters can activate Hyper Evolution skills without worry; Omnicron will still attempt to interrupt it, but it'll cause a random negative status effect onto Omnicron, and sometimes even doing a small percentage of damage to itself. Also at this point, Omnicron's sprite changes to where his head looks visibly damaged, and it lacking two of his four arms in this form; the fight pretty much forced Omnicron 700M into a second programmed version of this form which is designed to replace the original version at this phase, to showcase that Omnicron 700M took severe damage upon dropping below 50% health.

After having his HP dropped to zero here, Omnicron actually begins to speak. Initially, the voice sounds like the dialogue often associated with Omnicron originally... until Omnicron begins using Honglong's voice to speak instead, and thus develops a normal speech. Due to this revelation, Omnicron 700M Phase Evolves into Omnicron 800M, and even acquires Honglong's unique ability of being to do two actions in a single turn. In addition, some of Omnicron's attacks take on the form of Light Element attacks. However, despite the increased power, Omnicron 800M's HP is a lot less numerous in number than his prior forms, and his defensive stats are weaker in this form.

With his HP falling to 0 yet again, Omnicron begins to laugh at a quiet tone, before bursting out laughing entirely as Omnicron Phase Evolves into Omnicron 900M and swallows the entire opposition whole. In this phase, the Guardian Beasts are traveling through a smaller dungeon in which they seek shadowy versions of themselves to defeat in order to make progress. On the way, shadowy versions of other characters begin to appear during set encounters at specific points. After the initial four Guardian Beast doppelgangers are, the central core takes the form of Harena and Honglong. Destroying both will initiate the final phase of the battle.

As the protagonists are ejected from Omnicron 900M's imploding body, they quickly realizing that Omnicron's core is absorbing its own, larger sized body and reshaping it entirely due to having had exposure to the Crystals of the Guardian Beasts from the 900M phase. As a result, Omnicron doesn't take the form of Omnicron 1B, but rather takes on a somewhat similar, but just as powerful form: Omnicron Primal, a feral, animal-like version of Omnicron which takes the corrupted form of the Guardian Beast of Cyber. After defeating this boss fight with Genesis and being capable of using 10K Mode Genesis for the fight, Omnicron is destroyed and shatters like glass. However, before his core can be destroyed, it reassembles into the purified Guardian Beast of Cyber.

After this, the credits roll, and the game will flag itself to allow the usage of a special password to use the newly purified Guardian Beast of Cyber as an unlockable party member in a new save file. In this save file, Omnicron will not appear again anywhere unless the game is completely erased of all of its saved data (which can be done by speaking with Crimada should you be playing on a file that was created after having unlocked an ending at least once).

(Note: Non-Canon Info ends here.)

Dogma's Damnation

Exactly 7 trillion years prior to The Blue Tri, a great, mighty being called "Dogma" appeared and reinstated order and left the plains of existence on a clean slate... but there existed a problem. Omnicron was not going to allow itself to be erased from existence so easily, so adapted a form in which it can disguise itself as nothing to survive Dogma's reset wave, that caused almost all of the other Ultimorian Deities to turn Good Aligned as a result. Omnicron, having survived relatively unscathed, witnesses the creation of Grandis and Dragora in their new, reincarnated forms. Grandis, while still a bit of an overpowered douche, was no longer evil. Dragora, on the other hand, apparently showed itself to be a direct reincarnation of Kagubot, merely sealed up with special objects forged by Dogma's own hands, and thus while it is effectively both Kagubot and Dragora in the same being, it is less powerful as of the time of the recreation of existence due to the seals that banished it as to prevent its influence from corrupting Grandis and later Ultima.

Omnicron, as the sole direct surviving Ultimorian who was neither killed off nor reincarnated, hide itself away in a virtual database, awaiting the day it can finally return to Ultimoria and claim Grandis's original role of Big Bad of the Ultimorian Deities...

Intermission Notes

Omnicron, from this point forward, would frequently revert to his Omnicron 800M form as his technical default form. In addition, before Omnicron could be recongized as an official Ultimorian Deity, when the order of deities present basically forced all of those who were part of it into heroic roles, Omnicron's first instinct was to flee the environment but analyzing its own physical body and what little soul it had, and removed any ability to directly track Omnicron through various methods. As a result, none of the Ultimorian Deities that claimed their titles even heard of Omnicron for a long time... until a fateful event involving the reborn Earth and the Global Interface caused Omnicron to reveal its presence to humanity and various other Ultimorians as a result...

SAO: Code Black

To say that Omnicron's intelligence actually allowed him to fully realize his powers and the fact he knew immediately how to play the villain really well is the very basal reason as to why Omnicron was such a huge threat to begin with; he never took action unless he knew he had the absolute advantage, and his existence as an AI gave Omnicron much more full freedom as to what kind of powers he could possess compared to a mere human antagonist. To put it bluntly, Omnicron has the exact amount of intelligence necessary to avoid all of the stupid mistakes that the other antagonists made and more; he very nearly succeeded in his goals had it not been for an extreme battle of wits to determine who was able to finally best him.
~ Grandis in an interview regarding Omnicron's incredible competence as a villain.

In the Sword Art Online universe, Kayaba never gets to realize his goal as the Final Boss of his death game; Omnicron hijacks that role from the very beginning by making it so that even Kayaba is forced to stay logged in. Meanwhile, an infantile Omnicron feasts on various portions of data all across cyberspace, and eventually, Omnicron, in a human disguise, confronts Asuna and Kirito, and begins hounding them both for Asuna's excellent cooking. In annoyance, when Omnicron goes too far, Asuna and Kirito spike Omnicron's next meal with alcohol. When Omnicron arrives and begins to eat, he suddenly glitches out and his true body is exposed; Omnicron 600M. Upon being spotted as a monster, Kirito and Asuna both gang up on Omnicron to try and kill him. When enough damage is done, Omnicron forcefully pushed them both back with an explosion, and from the dust emerges Omnicron 700M.

Omnicron 700M puts up a greater fight than its prior form did. Utilizing its four arms, it manhandles both Kirito and Asuna into submission, and leaves them for dead while Klein rescues the two of them. Kayaba shows up on the scene as his Heathcliff ID, but is soon heavily bombarded by projectile attacks that Omnicron begins letting loose, and thus kills Kayaba in an instant and allows for everyone to log out. However, while Sugou is beginning to log in and recreate the game into ALO, Omnicron traps Sugou in the game and begins to swarm to his location, eventually arriving and injecting some kind of microchip into his head, and only then does Omnicron let him leave.

Later on, Sugou is reported missing by the authorities, and Kazuto and Asuna are both enjoying a peaceful time in the real world... until Omnicron reveals its causing terrorist attacks against Japan as a whole unless the two of them come back to face it. Omnicron, now transformed into Omnicron 800M, begins to (silently) taunt the two protagonists into a fight, and that's when Kazuto and Asuna have had enough and rush into the fight against him. When they encounter Omnicron 800M, they notice they're are a serious disadvantage. Omnicron had cloned itself into various drones, and only one of them was real. However, Kirito is eventually able to deduce which is the real one by the slight difference in coloration, and impales the real version in the visor with his sword alongside Asuna. However, while the clones that present all perish, the battle is not over yet.

The Omnicron possessed Sugou arrives at a nuclear facility, and sets all of the reactors to overload. When Kazuto and Asuna eventually confront Sugou before he has a chance to arrive, Asuna pins down the heavily crippled Sugou, as Kazuto interrogates Sugou for his crimes against humanity. All Sugou can say that all will be one with Omnicron, as a police officer on the scene shoots Sugou in the head, killing him, as Omnicron's microchip escapes the scene for an eventual return.

SAO: Code Black 1.5

Omnicron is mentioned by Zenith several times when interrogating the souls of the various antagonists of Sword Art Online and Accel World. He asks of them if their entire purpose is simply to give Omnicron vileness to feed off of, since all they're doing is just accelerating the countdown to their doom.

Accel World: Code Black II

He's not exactly overpowered, mind you; he's simply the only villain who was even remotely intelligent to any degree to have actually posed a legitimate threat to entire nations in that world rather than a select group of humans.
~ Chronicler in an interview about his former missing half's extreme prowess as the main antagonist of the Code Black stories.

Omnicron makes a triumphant return in this series, as an older Kazuto and Asuna, now having a family of their own, realize their friends are calling them because they learned Omnicron has returned and is eagerly looking forward to a rematch. However, the protagonists of Accel World end up getting roped into the incident as well, as when they encounter Omnicron 800M on their own, they get effortless stomped to where they force themselves to log out just to survive. Omnicron's attacks, by this point, have become powerful enough to cause injury in the real world as well as in the virtual world. Kazuto and Asuna both log into a specially designed AI ID in order to confront Omnicron 800M with, as they do not want to risk injury after what they had both been through before.

Omnicron, using the voices of the assimilated antagonists as a means to taunt them, eventually shows itself as Omnicron 800M is surrounded by millions of microchips, all of which begin increasing in number as they disappear. Kirito's friends, both new and old, eventually deduce that Omnicron has actually managed to get the microchips to start infesting the real world. When Kirito and Asuna land the killing blow against Omnicron 800M when this is heard, Omnicron 800M explodes into trillions upon trillions of microchips, as all of them eventually disappear as Kirito and Asuna find their virtual avatars being forcefully dragged to an unknown place.

Omnicron's various microchips all arrive in a central unit over a bay as they merged together to form into Omnicron 900M, a colossal sized form that is armed to the teeth with various nuclear weaponry. After an evacuation notice is given to Kazuto's friends, they all shelter in bunkers while they allow for the Accel World protagonists to arrive as reinforcements. Just in time as well, since Omnicron 900M not only leaves a complete devastation of the surrounding cities, but it completely wrecks Kazuto and Asuna's armored AI, and the AI falls to pieces as Kazuto and Asuna find their mecha repaired by the Accel World protagonists arriving on the scene with their own armor AI, via hijacking Omnicron's program.

Combining into one gigantic mecha dubbed the "Paladin", the Paladin completely assaults Omnicron 900M head on. With a powerful usage of dual swords, Omnicron's weaponry is disabled, before Omnicron 900M's head and body are completely sliced up by Paladin's swords, and the microchips, due to a malfunction from the central unit being destroyed, all explode. Kazuto and Asuna, in addition to all of the other protagonists, are left with an absolutely destroyed city from which they used to call home, and they now work together to rebuild their home as the Omnicron threat, on their own end, is no more.

Bomberman Classic

While Omnicron never appears in any of his actual forms, he instead takes a disguise in the form of a Hindu deity type of humanoid with four arms, with the overall build suggesting Omnicron is hiding as Omnicron 800M. Omnicron appears in not only this disguise, but numerous others as well. Omnicron, unlike most of his appearances, doesn't actually do anything wrong in the setting he's spotted in. He IS, however, spying on Shiramu Inc.'s employees to study their weaknesses. Even with the revelation of Omnicron's motives, this is a major sign that Omnicron is much more intelligent than it lets on (although it's by no means faking the whole "it's just a game" bit about its personality). At the same time, however, it is unconfirmed if Omnicron is legitimately thinking everything is just a game to it, or if it's merely faking the personality just to feign innocence over the dead nothing it has.

The Blue Tri Season 3


Up until this point Omnicron had been a common enemy for the Ultimorian Deities as a whole, and each time they thought they had destroyed him, Omnicron had actually managed to survive. Zaalim, desperately trying to seek the way to end Omnicron for good, realizes something he had never knew would've been the case; throughout all of existence, a grand total of 13 Ultimorian Deities would exist at the final battle of a powerful being. However, Zaalim, himself an Ultimorian Deity, had known for the longest time that there had, to date, only been 12 characters still alive in the Neo Canon to ever have been considered such. In other words, somebody they had no idea existed would be the ultimate solution to stopping Omnicron. Omnicron, upon spying on Zaalim, learns that the mysterious, 13th Ultimorian Deity originates from Ultimoria's Earth, and thus Omnicron realizes that the only possible candidate among the humans native to Earth was Plio Kenson, the lead protagonist of The Blue Tri, due to his efforts having managed to allow him to tackle opponents that no other human would've stood a chance again, even long after Plio had been physically crippled by his original right arm being destroyed, nearly dying from the injury, and having to suffer through with a prosthetic cyborg arm and harness to still function at all. Plio Kenson, due to his own determination to stay alive even at near impossible odds just to save his home and everyone he cares for, left Omnicron to easily point him out as the 13th Ultimorian Deity, and thus Omnicron begins his true entry into The Blue Tri's storyline constantly trying to both eliminate Plio, and find a way to materialize into the physical realm.

Season 3 overall

Omnicron appears consistently as the main antagonist of the entire arc. However, it's revealed, as was the entire time with Omnicron's entire life, that Omnicron's actions are solely because it think it's playing some kind of game, and nothing more. Not even with it causes the absolute largest case of extreme omnicide against various species and multiverses without provocation, and many individuals of these worlds who do survive are ultimately hunted down by Omnicron. The Neo Ultimorian Deities, as the season progresses, begins to hunt down Omnicron after Shiramu Inc. was openly attacked by Omnicron and nearly kills Grandis. Also throughout the course of Season 3, until the very end, all Omnicron appearances are actually the replicas of it rather than the true individual. The original Omnicron doesn't show up until the OMNICRON arc, which is the series finale.

Omnicron, before the finale three parter, confronts Darigus and Grandis, and Darigus is not actually sure if Omnicron is trying usurp his throne as the King of Evil, and throughout the entire time, Darigus continues to do evil acts to try and one up Omnicron, only for Omnicron to up the ante even further than what Darigus is physically capable of, INCLUDING unleashing all of the Infernal Void upon the world without any sign of hesitation. Darigus, in a bout of insanity as he's surprisingly not being taken down by the nearby Grandis, tries to demand the reason for Omnicron's evil from Omnicron itself, but Omnicron repeatedly replies "It's just a game" to Darigus, to which Darigus slowly goes into a bit of denial before realizing that Omnicron wasn't even trying to joke around by saying that, and Darigus takes a moment to realize what he had effectively brought upon himself when Omnicron, as Omnicron 800M, mass replicates itself to surround Darigus, and seemingly kills Darigus for good.

In the three part finale, Omnicron appears to Kerason just like how he did to Kirito and Asuna, but this time it's doing so to give everyone a false sense of security, and because it's underestimating Kerason's abilities. However, it's not joking around at the same time, since the Neo Ultimorian Deities, with Darigus now being one of them, are all under attack by not just replicas of Omnicron 800M, but also replicas of Omnicron 900M, which gives an eerie signal to Grandis and Ultima, as Omnicron has never replicated both of said forms in such massive numbers before.

As Kerason, Kasuoma, Rakokadi, Guruson, and Ursason all demolish the insides of Omnicron 900M in Unison, Omnicron is reverted into its core form. However, none of the five heroes are aware Omnicron is still alive, and none of them are informed since by this point, the Ultimorian Deities had all dropped dead at the hands of the replica army. Omnicron's core, in a bit of sudden action, absorbs the souls of all 12 of the Ultimorian Deities, and transforms into Omnicron 1B, and thus the final battle begins. Omnicron 1B is quick to the punch in immediately KOing everyone else by Kerason with the use of replicas based off of Omnicron 1B, and Kerason himself soon finds himself under the same type of weapon fire until he drops dead alongside his own team, as the original Omnicron stands on a tower of corpses of the Ultimorian Deities and the other heroes in what seems to be its ultimate victory...

...However, the powers bestowed by Paladin Beneva to Kerason finally activate, as the other four heroes are revitalized, and Kerason undergoes a transformation into a new form known as KeraKing, and KeraKing immediately showcases his superior firepower by deflecting every attack Omnicron 1B has straight back towards it, until Omnicron 1B fires an attack to attempt to destroy all of existence, only to immediately backfire when Guruson and KeraKing's abilities freeze Omnicron 1B in time, with Kasuoma and Kerason freezing Omnicron 1B's body solid in dark ice, Rakokadi and KeraKing knocking Omnicron 1B to the ground in a helpless stance, and Ursason and KeraKing outright disabling Omnicron's physics break ability, as KeraKing, utilizing the minds of both Plio Kenson and KeraBeast, utilize ALL of the Tarot Cards to summon forth Dogma, as Dogma revives the fallen Ultimorian Deities as all of them use a combination attack and separate Omnicron 1B's soul from his body, and straight into the maul of Dogma.

With Dogma destroying Omnicron's physical body with bites powerful enough to destroy entire multiverses, and the Ultimorian Deities and five human heroes endlessly attacking Omnicron 1B's soul into oblivion, completely and permanently destroy Omnicron for good with the summoning of EVERY character of The Blue Tri firing a massive beam of light into Omnicron's soul, completely vaporizing him entirely, all the while Omnicron's physical body is destroyed and devoured by Dogma. With Omnicron completely dead by this point, the souls of the dead return to where they were summoned from, with the human heroes and the Ultimorian Deities beginning a celebration, as Dogma leaves back into the Primordial Ocean since all of existence is now finally at peace now that Omnicron is no more.

True Endgame

Omnicron, secretly having survived, violently snaps upon returning to the Mabinogi Universe, and when it does so, it suddenly begins to speak very intelligently as it goes through a complete breakdown. Immediately transforming into Omnicron 1B after reacquiring his original levels of power, Omnicron outright vaporizes the Deities and other beings who had once exploited him, giving a heavy insult towards each of them as he does so, before finally banishing Ruairi, the absolute cause of the entire problem, into the Infernal Void where he will never leave unless Ruairi accepts defeat at the hands of Omnicron... until Chronicler finally arrives on the scene to meet his other half after finally having acquired the strength to equal his malevolent half just enough to do so.

Chronicler goes on a huge rant about how unnecessarily selfish he was, but does not excuse Ruairi as much because yes, Ruairi is to blame for Omnicron's mere awakening; everything Ruairi had done towards Chronicler had basically allowed for Omnicron to even exist in the first place, and after Omnicron tries to attack Chronicler, the latter instead forces a permanent fusion with the former, and Chronicler and Omnicron become one in the same. Chronicler, freeing Ruairi from the Infernal Void, realizes that Ruairi is still alive when he should technically be dead given the timeframe in-universe. However, Chronicler, instead of going through with killing him, simply begins laughing in Ruairi's existence and begins chanting "It's all your fault" towards him, before Ruairi huddles up in a lack of sanity as Chronicler departs back to Ultimoria as a new man, one which no longer requires him to even need to remotely think of killing Ruairi to be who he is.

With Chronicler permanently removed from existence in his own universe, the Mabinogi Universe resets, and the events above are nothing more than mere memory for Chronicler at the current time.


Once the Ultimorian Deity Runes can freely disconnect with their original masters and be utilized by any of the Ultimorian Deities at a given time, Grandis puts Chronicler in a virtual simulation using Omnicron's powers as a template to determine how the codenamed "Runic Mode" would apply to Omnicron 1B, since Omnicron's original goal was to absorb all 13 Runes of the Ultimorian Deities. The results of the test were... unpleasant, to say the least.

The monitors crashed before Omnicron Runic Mode could even be seen, but the faint images of it showcased a white, angel-like being with lengthy, cable-like extensions from Omnicron's head, back, hangs, and feet, in addition to wearing all 13 Runes as a mask with a sharp toothed grin. The virtual opponents in the simulation were Dogma, Kagubot, and Granjia, three of the strongest Ultimorian Gods in existence; Omnicron Runic Mode completely demolished all three of them in a single hit, and during the brief time the monitor flickered to showcase Omnicron's form, appeared to be even larger than all three combined, to the point Omnicron Runic Mode seemingly was so monstrously huge that even Dogma was pathetically tiny by comparison.

After finishing the tests via the simulation, Grandis and the Ultimorian Deities come to an agreement as to only activate Runic Mode for each of them once simulation tests prove that the Runic Mode can actually be stable for any of them.

AU Fanfic Continuity

(Note: This is currently ongoing and will be updated as time progresses and story drafts are finalized.)

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Because of the fact the author is making an alternative take on the NUC as it would've happened through the use of various Alternate Universe fanfics, Omnicron is back as a central antagonist for the Sword Art Online AU titled "Sword Art Online: Special Edition". Unlike in the primary canon, Omnicron is nowhere near as strong as he was originally, but unlike his primary timeline counterpart, he gets several crucial abilities far earlier due to the fact this'll be his only appearance in the AU Fanfic Continuity. As a result of his short but brief appearance in the overall continuity, Omnicron uses all of that time to his advantage to prove how even in the alternate timeline, he is still an absolutely immoral AI who commits evil solely because of his sadistic nature and twisted sense of humor and fun, under the "excuse" that it's all just a game. However, unlike the canon Omnicron, this Omnicron is actually faking its own immaturity and is even more monstrous because of the fact he's fully aware he's committing crimes left and right.

Unlike his main timeline counterpart, he only actually has three forms; 600M, 700M, and 800M, and an unofficial fourth being Omnicron -0-, which is Omnicron taking control of Chronicler's body until he's forcefully ejected from Chronicler.


(Note: This combines the events that occur in Sword Art Online: Special Edition and Reflection Code, due to the fact both AUs take place in the same universe.)

''G E T - O U T .''
~ Omnicron -0-.

In Chronicler's first appearance that showcases him actually fight, it showcases very well that he has been avoiding involvement in the plot for a key reason; decades ago, French scientist and researcher Franz Hopper worked on a program to turn physical matter into digital matter. Franz, collaborating with Akihiko's father due to Akihiko himself still being a youngster, the duo perfected the first Supercomputer to use the Materialize Agent. However, things had backfired horrifyingly; back in Japan, a genetically engineered super soldier broke out of containment and was immediately seeking out the duo for an unforeseen reason; trapping the being in cyberspace, he was probed for any viable information and data that could be utilized in the creation of the very first, fully functional, physical bodied AI; they dubbed the child "Chronicler" after what the genetic warrior was mumbling in stasis.

A decade later, Franz vanishes on a day Akihiko, his then current assistant, would inherit his own job on the research facility. However, peace was not to last; the mysterious being learns how to forcefully manifest itself without the usage of the scanners, and the child AI Chronicler begins to go rampant from being injected with an odd virus as the result of the now incredibly hostile X.A.N.A.. With Akihiko forced to take what he can and flee the scene, his partner Nobuyuki, on the other hand, couldn't help but notice a pretty girl in pink on the monitor of the supercomputer. Being told to hurry up and gather what he can, Nobuyuki is given a prompt by X.A.N.A. to input a virus into the girl, to which Nobuyuki asks why he should; X.A.N.A. retorts by giving Nobuyuki exclusive credit to the creation of Chronicler, and that X.A.N.A. "has a way" to ensure that's how it'll be.

Nobuyuki flees the scene with Chronicler in an external hard drive and is back in Japan where he spends two days alone with the hardware, wondering why X.A.N.A. isn't holding up his end of the bargain; as it turned out, however, it actually did. Akihiko was comatose due to unforeseen circumstances to which he asks Nobuyuki to personally take his place in the meeting to announce the success of the materialization agent. Nobuyuki does so, but due to suspicions and fears of what public knowledge of the program would lead towards him, he fabricated his own version of the story and project to which he details how he will make a brilliant game using the software one day. With Nobuyuki famous for founding the company which would years later begin to produce the MaterialEye hardware for Virtual Reality gamers, Nobuyuki forcefully injected a bug into Chronicler to make him react to it violently when given the proper activation code.

Sword Art Online: Special Edition

In the light of the results, Omnicron is born within Chronicler; using the new bug which transforms into the Re: Materialize agent, Chronicler's body is manifested into reality where he proceeds to slaughter and butcher the men inside, including Akihiko and his wife, and leaving only Nobuyuki alive due to the fact Nobuyuki had a means of controlling Chronicler... however, Omnicron gained enough intelligence to realize that Nobuyuki would soon become the toy of this little game himself and see how Nobuyuki would like in the light of the results. With Nobuyuki unaware as to the second mind of the Chronicler AI that now exists, he forcefully sends back Chronicler into the midst of a PVP zone where he's stripped of his own level and abilities. Chronicler, upon escaping, takes mere days to achieve Level 60 through grinding off of enemy monsters, to which Omnicron eventually takes notice of an opportunity to "appeal" to Nobuyuki somehow; luring the novice player Suguha into a PVP zone, Suguha finds the badly wounded Chronicler at 0 HP and drags him to safety.


  • Out of all of the Ultimorian Universe Villains, be it from Old Ultimoria or Neo Ultimoria, Omnicron is never played for laughs. All encounters with Omnicron are outright horrifying, and the mere hint it's in the current location leads to absolute paranoia for characters from Neo Ultimoria, or outright panic in characters from Old Ultimoria. It definitely says a lot that Grandis and the other Ulitmorian Deities want nothing to do with Omnicron, to the point all they would do would be to barricade Ultimoria's borders so that Omnicron couldn't get into their home universe, since until KeraKing, no character had the ability to permanently kill Omnicron.
  • Omnicron has many similarities with Diablomon of Digimon: Our War Game. Their starting forms (Omnicron 600M and Keramon), are initially harmless outside of the fact they're causing destruction by eating everything they can even devour, and grow in power very quickly as a result. Once they are targeted by the main characters, they thus quickly change their priorities into killing its threats and they transform to deal with them (Omnicron 700M and Infermon). When it escapes into ALO and is confronted again, it transforms into its seemingly final form (Omnicron 800M and Diablomon), and has similar plans for destruction via the use of nuclear weapons to wipe out humanity, and clone themselves to delay how quickly the heroes can stop the timer used to initiate their final plans. When they are seemingly killed, they come back from the dead as a transformed state that enters the real world and is absolute massive in this form (Omniceron 900M and Armagemon), and they make short work of their initial killers as if they're no longer even a threat. In addition, in a final desperation from the protagonists themselves, the story responds to permanently kill the villain with a hyperpowered creature (Mega Rayquaza for Omnicron 900M, and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode for Armagemon), and they are almost easily destroyed by the new opponents.
  • Likewise, Omnicron shares similar details with Love Machine from Summer Wars, due in part to the fact Love Machine is also an expy of Diablomon. All three Big Bads have a similar mindset, either speak minimal or not at all, are out of control AIs, have more than one known form, upgrade themselves by assimilation, similar strategies in thinking, but with the key difference being Omnicron having more in the dialogue department than Diablomon and Love Machine. Despite that, Omnicron's lines almost never truly indicate an actual free will or emotion to its speech, so Omnicron's dialogue seems to be some kind of voiced internal commands for Omnicron's programming based on specific situations.
  • Omnicron also bears similarities with Master Core of Super Smash Bros. in regards to its appearance in 10K Guardian Beast. It goes through various forms one by one as its HP drops, its health and status bars are obscured through some method until the final phase, and in their second to last phase (Wii U only for Master Core), they transform into location type enemies in which weak points located within them must be destroyed before they revert into a seemingly helpless form which will, if not destroyed in time, wipe out the player with an Instant Kill attack. Like Master Core's final phase, if the Instant Kill attack is dodged or blocked successfully for its duration, the gemstone form will fade away and be obliterated, and it will count as the player as having slain Omnicron and won the battle. In terms of strategy, 600M is an analog to Master Giant, 700M to Master Beast, 800M to Master Edges, and 900M to Master Fortress.
  • Omnicron's still surviving after Dogma had killed off all of the other Ultimorian Universe villains is a reference to its persistent title of "Physics Breaker", in which it disobeys any law of the way things work in order to both deal damage or to simply survive. THIS is the actual reason why Omnicron proved to be such a big threat to where it could never return to Ultimoria; none of the Ultimorian Deities could permanently kill this bastard off, and they knew even if it had the threat level of Kagubot, it would simply survive existence itself or Dogma trying to destroy it and evade them for all eternity.
  • Omnicron's ultimate death references both MaloMyotismon's death in Digimon Adventure O2, and Loptr's death in Bayonetta 2. Omnicron's physical body is hit with a force so incredibly fierce that it's separate from its soul and sent flying toward Dogma's awaiting maul after having been summoned by KeraKing earlier, all the while KeraKing repeatedly slashes at Omnicron's soul at the same time in which Dogma bites down onto Omnicron's physical body. Omnicron's physical body is destroyed the same way as Loptr's in this case; being swallowed whole by Dogma. Omnicron's soul, on the other hand, is destroyed the same way as MaloMyotismon; being blown up from a massive beam strike from all directions so that nothing remains.
  • Omnicron is one of only three Ultimorian Universe Characters to be considered a Knight of Cerebus. Grandis was the first, as he changed all order of the universe itself when he overthrew Oblivion. Wraielzebub is the second, due to the heavy tones and implications in his backstory. Omnicron is the third, due to fact unlike the other two examples, Omnicron is never played for laughs and is outright alien compared to the other two, since the other two were originally ordinary humans, whereas Omnicron is a heavily glitched computer AI with sapience.
  • Omnicron 900M is the very first known user of "Rain of Destruction", a skill otherwise exclusive to beings of an incredible age and size. Chronicler states that Omnicron 900M had acquired the ability based off a similar version of the attack utilized by Bahamut of Final Fantasy XIV, which Rain of Destruction is more or less just an amplified version of the attacks shown from Bahamut in the "End of an Era" cutscene. However, it would not be for at a little less than two decades in that it's learned that Rain of Destruction is actually the secret art of Ancient Oblivion, and that the version that Omnicron 900M uses is pathetically weak in comparison to Ancient Oblivion's version of the attack, which has been known to destroy multiple universes at once, whereas all Omnicron 900M was capable of doing was level almost all of the eastern portions of Asia and sink all of Japan into the sea.
  • Omnicron's views of everything being "just a game" is a terrifying coincidence of Undertale's "No Mercy/Genocide" path in the game. Considering the game itself was released a few months or so after Omnicron had already been revealed, this is more than likely just a coincidence.

Gallery/Alternate Artwork

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