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Ancient Oblivion

Oblivion, the End of an Era
Alias Neo/Ancient Oblivion
The Bringer of a New Era
Origin Unknown
Occupation Infinity Grade Xilatealeon of Destruction
Status Deceased
Skills Insane faster than light travel, scales that can spread and destroy entire cosmic regions of space occupying up to an entire universe, being even larger than any known Ultimorian based creature to the point his own unstoppable power does him in the moment he's finished with his goal.
Hobby  ???
Goals To destructively bring about the end of the Ultimorian Multiverse by sparring only a single universe part of and it and thus restoring Ultimoria into a singular universe after the Multiverse Plan had caused the Ultimorian Multiverse to free him due to how flawed the plan ultimately was carried out.
The universe forged entirely of glass;

The vessel which seals the destroyer, Shall be broken should the multiverse become damaged. All will be perged... Upon the awakening of the giant from within the glass.

~ The only real hint anybody had ever known about in the Present Day about "Ancient" Oblivion's existence.

Oblivion couldn't have made his rebirth into the Ultimorian Multiverse any more clearer than he had chose to do; by completely flying across all of the Ultimorian Multiverse and obliterating every Non-Ultimorian originating universe that is still present in the Multiverse somehow without a single sign of remorse. It's not even known if this particular Oblivion is even a living being, or if it's simply absolute destruction incarnate into an animal form. Hell, it's not even known if this being in particular is even related to the original Oblivion or not due to the fact the creature seen here looks far, far more Draconid in origin than Oblivion originally was. Not only that, but the new creature seen here is so gigantic in size that he completely eclipses the next biggest Deity Dogma in size to the point he cannot exist within any given universe, and must only exist outside of them. Not only that, but this particular creature quickly perished alongside his own power the moment the Ultimorian Multiverse was purged entirely of the outside universes that had still been part of this Multiverse. Mirror M, Centauri, and Darigus had only barely survived getting sacked by Oblivion by changing their own origins via Ultima and Chronicler's help, because the three of them knew that because of Oblivion's unstoppable force of destruction quickly spreading, that the trio of former Bomberman absolutely had no other choice but to permanently take new forms.

Not that oddly enough, some of the events that Ultimoria was involved in with other universes, despite the sheer amount of lengths that Oblivion had went to in order to purge the multiverse entirely of outsiders, the Ultimorian Multiverse is STILL somewhat connected to the universe that had previously once been a part of the Ultimorian Multiverse; Oblivion's destruction from out of nowhere was so catastrophic in nature that even their original Multiverses of origin fully recall the events of their Ultimorian located variations.

This Oblivion holds the distinction of causing the end of the first incarnation of the Neo Ultimorian Canon Era in regards to timeline placement; the Neo Ultimorian Chronicles is the name of the Era that takes place immediately after this catastrophic event, although because the damage had only effected universes which were not naturally a part of Ultimoria to begin with, most of the lifeforms continue with their own existence were they already native to Ultimorian to begin with, or few which survived retconned their origins so that they were native to Ultimorian solely to avoid destruction.


Oblivion, in this incarnation, is sometimes given the title "Ancient Oblivion" because of his looks alone; his body, for what it could be seen, looked very aged and somewhat like his body was made of rock. His eyes are described as being red jewels with a rune based off of Oblivion's other incarnations imbued in the center of them, and his exterior, just like the other incarnations, is a bright white. His wings, which extend from his sides rather than his back or shoulders, unfolded in a way that makes him resemble a star, and looks as such when he's being observed from the primary Ultimorian universe. Unlike his other incarnations, however, he completely lacks a beard-like feature. Instead, he has a lengthy mane along his back.extending all the way onto his own tail. His feet are different from a normal Xilatealeon's during the birth of the Xilatealeon species, they originally had five digits which fused into three digits to allow their limbs more strength. Oblivion, in this incarnation, actually has all five digits akin to an actual lizard. Also like an actual Lizard, even when he's described as being much more Draconid and look and still having his wings, the wings in question are not actual limbs akin to what most Draconid flyers have; he still has the same four limb layout of his other incarnations.


It's unfortunate that Ancient Oblivion's actual dialogue is never heard; compared to his descendant incarnations, he is actually benevolent when it comes to intentions. He is only classified as a villain to begin with because of the fact he is far too destructive by any standard to even be remotely considered a true hero, hence why he is Chaotic Neutral; he does not prefer actually taking a side in the game of mortals since he made a wise decision when he was first born. He had willing sealed himself in the very same type of glass that would later be used to imprison his descendants with, all because every universe in the winds of existence was not only too young to handle his presence, but he was so powerful right at birth that he feared he would accidentally harm his brothers and thus sealed himself away into an entire realm that's dedicates to keeping him sealed away.

As many eras passed, this glass realm became universe sized in nature, and Ancient Oblivion, despite being dormant, was still alive enough to have his body grow. Due to how he was containing himself, however, he grew to huge sizes so much faster than the likes of Dogma, his second largest sibling, that he eventually became so big that he had to curl up into a ball to prevent himself from breaking his glass realm of a prison; he was even outgrowing his own prison to the point several weakspots began to become apparent in it's previously flawless design. It was very clear that Ancient Oblivion had zero desire to let himself free of this prison...

... until a few decades after the Ultimorian Multiverse was forged. Ancient Oblivion had began to stir slightly because he felt a voice of sorts calling out to him, begging him to kill whoever the voice was. Ancient Oblivion resisted as per usual attempts to invoke his true power from within his prison, but then it became clear WHY this voice was calling to him; it was none other than the entire, disembodied, suffering will of the Ultimorian Multiverse warning him of something bad happening if Ultimoria remains a Multiverse. Since Ultimoria was artificially transformed into a Multiverse with minimal understanding of how to had properly used the power and tech to do so, the resulting multiverse was heavily flawed in design and also in what universes it had contained within it. It took a decade worth of calling out to Ancient Oblivion for Oblivion to finally see the real problem; his most vile descendant had recently been revived, and if he ever utilized his signature attack again, he'd end up destroying all of existence had the Ultimorian Multiverse still existed at the time of using such an attack.

In other words, Ancient Oblivion showcases far more concern to all of the other Multiverses than he does for anything Ultimorian based, so the point the only time he truly took the mantle of a destruction based god was in eliminating all but one of the Ultimorian related Universes until only a single one remained.


Ancient Oblivion has only a single known weakness; it was far too big and far too powerful for it to stay alive for more than less than 30 minutes. Not only that, but because of just insanely powerful and how old this "lifeform" is, it is incapable of being recreated or reincarnation unlike it's other relative, and not just that, because of the sudden levels of energy and power it had utilized to fly across the Ultimorian Multiverse and ransack all but one universe until said universe is the only surviving portion of Ultimoria as it was before, the sheer amount of power it possessed and the fact it had no actual control over it caused it to self-ignite when it had finished it's job and explode entirely, leaving absolutely zero remnants of this particular version of Oblivion remnant remaining.

The only reason he died is because is was quite literally far, far too powerful for his own good; his raw power melted away at his body when he was forced to exert even more destruction energy to escape being sealed up by the Ultimorian Deities, since the Ultimorian Deities were getting in the way without realizing it. The Ultimorian Deities all speak common, but Ancient Oblivion does not speak at all and has zero actual lines. Also, in addition to the fact it's highly doubtful that Ancient Oblivion is an actual lifeform at all, he may be completely incapable of any kind of speech to begin with, thus making communication with the Ultimorian Deities even more strained. Only adding further salt on the wound is that Ancient Oblivion has had his descendants wind up being hostile towards the Ultimorian Deities at almost all of the incarnations's short lives.


What Ultima and his four siblings never got to learn when they were created was that they had actually had a sixth, sealed away sibling hidden in secret long before they were born. The sixth son, the ravenous Ender of Eras, Destroyer of the Cosmos, Oblivion, was sealed within a star made entirely out of an Infinity Grade type of Glass, much like how the much smaller incarnations of Oblivion had traditionally been sealed away with. However, many, many trillions of years later, the sheer power of this particular incarnation of Oblivion was so strong that he is the only one to had ever escaped containment on his own without much help, especially considering that prior to his breaking loose, nobody still knew of this very specific incarnation of Oblivion, as his original master believed this particular incarnation to be a doomsday event in the form of an overgrown lizard.

When this version of Oblivion, given the prefix "Ancient" to distinguish it from the normal incarnations of Oblivion (one of which had actually been recently revived and is still alive), finally broke free, it was mere weeks after Zenith had fallen victim to the Ultimorian Deities. Zenith's downfall had caused many of the universes within the Ultimorian Multiverse to begin to destabilize the Multiverse as a whole, and thus the Ultimorian Multiverse sought out any possible way to reduce itself back into a singular universe; it found so in the form of a long since hidden universe with an exterior forged entirely of the same exact type of glass that can make all of the other incarnations of Oblivion weak and paralyzed upon contact. Upon breaking away at the glass containing Ancient Oblivion, though, it quickly became apparent that the universe sized container containing it was nowhere near as effective as other incarnations being imprisoned in glass; the Ultimorian multiverse had only barely weakened the glass universe when Ancient Oblivion awoken immediately from within and began it's own escape and rampage across the Ultimorian Multiverse until it was once again simply known as the Ultimorian Universe and nothing more than that.

The Ultimorian Deities, entering a state of panic and emergency from Ancient Oblivion, are completely oblivious to Ancient Oblivion's true motives and true to forcefully seal him into a glass prison with their combined powers. However, Ancient Oblivion, knowing that this destruction is a necessity for the continued existence of all others, unleashes even more of his limitless power to completely negate and destroy the forming glass that tried to paralyze him into imprisonment, and due to how much power he began letting loose from this point forward, his entire body began burning with so many destructive chemicals, that by the time his job was done, his body melted gorily from the sheer raw power he had utilized to destroy all but one of the Ultimorian controlled universes and perishes permanently as a result of both this, and the fact his unique attributes make him impossible to truly revive at all.

While the actual extent of his destruction before he perished from his own power is unknown, he actually awoken at all because of how his actual personality truly was once it was made known to Chronicler; Ancient Oblivion had voluntarily sealed himself away at the beginning of Ultimoria, since at the time, no Multiverses existed and every universe that actually did was so incredibly young that Ancient Oblivion had no desire to even remotely stay awake, and thus sealed himself in glass and went into dormancy. It wasn't until the fact was made clear that the Ultimorian Multiverse was a bad move from the get go did Ancient Oblivion finally awaken and completely sack the Multiverse he's native to until it was reduced to a singular universe once more.

Design Notes

There is a very key reason why this version of Oblivion is separate from his normal incarnations, and why that even as a Rebirth, he is actually not originating from Neo Ultimorian Canon onward; in fact, his original incarnation was actually brought back to life directly in this era rather than having been reincarnated. Not only that, but during the time where the original Oblivion was still alive, he had witnessed Ancient Oblivion's reign of destruction and instead spelled it as "Rain of Destruction" since that is literally what was following behind him in his flight back, and the fact his shed scales basically destroyed whatever the touched, in addition to the shards of the glass universe causing even more damage to all that they had touched before exploding.

While it isn't outright confirmed in-universe or spoken of in such a way, the Ultimorian Multiverse that was established to try and address some of the problems Ultimoria had been through before was actually making the problem even worse the whole time, to the point the multiverse began tearing just enough of the glass universe apart to allow Ancient Oblivion to realize it now has a chance to escape and go on a rampage to carry out the Ultimorian multiverses's planned destruction so that Ultimorian only exists as a single universe once more.

As mentioned below, he is the only character of his type to be deliberately designed with complete, outright invincibility in mind, so much so that comparisons to other pre-existing characters were made solely to enforce this ability's type. His entire story had him go into a deep state of hibernation after he seals himself away from realizing because he does not want his raw power to disturb the path that life was going to begin, and thus went completely unnoticed as a result for trillions of years and many eras. Due to his hibernation, his body ended up acquiring so much power so quickly and through unnatural means for his own natural form that the final size he reaches surpasses the size of an entire, single universe and that the containment of glass he imprisoned himself in is actually not growing in strength as quickly as he is, and by modern days, has weakened enough to allow him to take notice of how much had changed with his absence, but only decides to truly get involved into the story when the Ultimorian Multiverse, predicting the destruction of the winds of existence from it's continued existence, pleads with Ancient Oblivion to reduce all of Ultimoria back into a singular universe as it should always remain, a task he only takes upon when learns of the type of powers his truly evil descendant incarnations have that could bring about the end of everything in which he is being warned about.


  • Ancient Oblivion is the only incarnation/design of the character Oblivion who is not a Complete Monster for one simple reason; he actually legitimately cares for life and prosperity and actually despises the types of powers he has access to being ones that are solely based on mass destruction. Not only that, but the only reason he awakened when he did was because he knew the Ultimorian Multiverse was a threat to not just all of Ultimoria as a whole, but also to existence itself it lasted for any longer than a mere few eons, and thus Ancient Oblivion had absolutely no other choice but to completely sack the Ultimorian Multiverse until it was reduced to a mere, singular Ultimorian universe just like it was originally, but also at the cost of his own life.
  • He is classified as a villain who dies a gruesome death because of how graphically portrayed his death occurs; his body basically dissolves in a way that makes him look like a fully organic based lifeform, and exposes numerous, pulsating vital organs after dissolving away at the skin, then muscles, then to the organs mentioned, then to just bones as his organs burn up and shatter, and then exploding into his own raw power after he's reduced to just bone and no more than that.
  • He is the first and only character designed by Shiramu-Kuromu who was deliberately designed with complete invincibility in mind as the basis for his powers and how lethal they are to others but also, and most importantly, to his own life as well.

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