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Human!! You dare defy my own supreme rule over this universe?!?!
~ Oblivion

Oblivion is from a species known as "Xilatealeons", who are extremely powerful, irradiated lizards who inhabit the depths of space. Oblivion, an albino individual, is the most powerful of them all, but his own laziness had prevented him from being the ruler of gods he had claimed to had been the entire time before being sealed away by Grandis. Due to his extreme laziness, he is the living representation of the Sin of Sloth among the Ultimorian Deities, and this behavior showed so prominently that it was just proof of his immediate downfall once somebody finally got the chance to overthrow him.


Standing about 160 meters high and walking on all fours, Oblivion is fairly massive for a Xilatealeon, as most don't get much larger than 8-15 meters in height. In addition, Oblivion's weight of 500,000 tons is something that most Xilatealeons don't get up to in weight, as most as much lighter in weight than he is. His fur covered hide is pure white, with eyes that are a bright red, and his tail is marked by the "Ultimorian Insignia", which exists in several varieties on certain Ultimorian creatures, and even appears on some machinery used by Grandis himself. His feet have three digits, with red colored claws. His mane, which covers most of his neck, is a darker silver color than the rest of it's body, which is something is six wings attached to it's sides are also colored like. On it's head, it's only real trait it shares with other Xilatealeons are it's twin head crests, which for Oblivion's case, is a more degraded look as to show how old Oblivion is.


The key thing about Oblivion is his absolute laziness, which prevents him from showcasing most of his abilities. In the rise of Grandis, he only showcased two abilities; the ability to fire a gamma ray burst from his mouth, and the ability to explode with a force so powerful it can destroy an entire universe. He only gets the chance to showcase the former, but it shows that due to Oblivion's lazy nature, his powers have degraded over the eons of him existing.


As mentioned frequently, Oblivion is the embodiment of an immensely lazy ruler, one that would care less as to what ultimate fate becomes of his subjects, as he personally wanted all of the Ultimorian Deities to rot within their own universe, as until Oblivion showed up, all of them were dimensional conquerors. However, due to Oblivion's own laziness, he never directly tried to enforce this rule, to the point he defies the very rules he had made in his ultimate downfall. His lack of the ability to comprehend an actual threat towards himself is what had allowed him to be sealed away helplessly within a glass box and left to suffer the same fate in which he had "planned" to have the other gods suffer.


When Oblivion first came to be, he had effortlessly overwhelmed Dragora, Ultima, and Hydriska, the three most powerful gods at the time, and forced them into hiding. When his rule started, he informed them to simply stay in their own domains and never leave. Initially, they obeyed him, until modern day in which they began to realize that Oblivion had effectively left them to rot away as the eons passed, to the point the Ultimorian Deities sent a spy towards Earth to fulfill the creation of the one god they had known would later exist, and quicken the pace as to which he would become a god and lead them to rebellion against Oblivion. In the process, most of humankind was rendered extinct, and in the final moments of humanity, Martin had been filled with anger and blood lust due to his own personal relationships having been against him the entire time, and when he gained his abilities as a God, Oblivion actually noticed and ordered Martin to kill his former girlfriend if he wishes to stay a God, something that would ultimately turn Martin against Oblivion in the process.

One year later, Martin, know known as Grandis, had waltzed right into Oblivion's Domain, and as Oblivion felt like he didn't even care, he was quick to notice that over half of the Ultimorian Deities had sided with the human, and in response, Oblivion summoned up the remaining other half of deities, but Grandis was quick to point out that Oblivion broke his own laws, causing the older deity to blast Grandis with a gamma ray beam, but Grandis was completely unaffected by it, and continued to walk straight towards Oblivion, an action that turned the other gods against Oblivion and joined Clan Ultimoria under Grandis's role almost immediately, and within moments Grandis sealed Oblivion within a glass box, and announced that all of the Ultimorian Deities would once again be conquerors, and all of them simply left Oblivion's sealed body behind as they began their first invasion of another universe, as Oblivion's future fate remained unclear due to him never having been seen again.

When existence itself got reset thanks to Dogma, a supreme deity representing existence itself, Oblivion is one of the few Ultimorians Deities who did not live to see a reincarnated form. However, all it took to bring Oblivion back to life was simply gift it's own powers onto another Xilatealon individual, a Xilatealeon known simply as "X".