Dr nowun pose 3

A gang of criminals in MegaKat City led by Dr. Nowun


Dr. Nowun is like Lex Luthor from Superman where he owns NowTech and supplies weapons to rival countries. His quest for youth I thought, at the time, was pretty original...but then I remembered Silvermane from Spider-Man. Nowun is a sponsor to Manx's political party and is always one step ahead of Commander Feral since he has Officer Jeremy Nolaway on his side.

Xander Gibbs-An assassin skilled in knife throwing and a former member of the Katscratch Mafia. Xander has a taste for violence. Check:

Mazur and Jigsaw are two bodyguards that work for Nowun. Check:

Colonel Roland Whyte-Head of NowTech's security team. Check:

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