Nima the Bat

Nima, Sarah McRomp's sexy cohort

Nima is the secondary antagonist of Critter Fighters: TropiKILL Castaway. She is a brown bat who works as Sarah McRomp's assistant. She appears to have a crush on Red until she betrays him and his friends. Through out the game, Nima tries to stop the Small Gang from retrieving the temple artifacts but often gets foiled like sinking in a swamp, devoured and pooped out by a slug, tied into a cobweb by spiders, burried in sand, etc.

At the temple, the Small Gang defeated the curse which causes the whole temple to flood with water. After the gang escaped unharmed, it was confirmed that Nima and Sarah had drowned.

She speaks in a british accent like Sarah.


Nima is a brown bat with black hair and light brown eyes and a black nose. She wears a white tank-top tucked into a black pair of boxum shorts held by an orange belt, black gloves and black rubber boots.


  • She and Sarah are the only two characters in the Critter Fighter series to die.
  • She has alot in common with Neyla from Sly 2, both assistants who seduce the hero, betray them, both talk in a british accent, fight with whips and died in the game's climax.
  • Her face bares a little resemblance to Roberta from Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.

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