Nightmare Moon (Character What)0002

Nightmare Moon, Real Name Princess Luna is a character in the Character What franchise, In all 10 Character What series, Princess Luna become Nightmare Moon cause by a few villains.

Powers and Abilities

Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna is the embodiment of night.

  • Alicorn Physiology: Being a alicorn, She can fly using her wings, and can use magic through her horn.
  • Nightmare Manipulation: She can produce and control the nightmares of her victims.
  • Mane Manipulation:
  • Moon Control: She can control the aspects of the moon
  • Dark Form: Princess Luna can transform into Nightmare Moon.
  • Dream Manipulation: She can manipulate the dreams of others.
  • Dream Enter: She can enter the dreams of others.
  • Lightning Generation:
  • Metamorphosis:
  • Scattering:
  • Weather Control:
  • Voice Manipulation:
  • Animation:
  • Cloud Walling:
  • Telekinesis:
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Magical Beam Emission:
  • Force-Fields:
  • Teleportation:
  • Immortally:
  • Night Embodiment:

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