Night Blackclaw is an OC created by DarkArtistKaiser (or DarkArtist). Art featuring her can be found on , and


Night Blackclaw is a goddess/demon who is tall with a fat belly and fat body in general. Even though she may look to be in her 30's or 40's but in reality is most likely hundreds of years old. She is a "mother goddess" who gave birth to her son Malice Blackclaw (who's also now her husband) and her son Vlad. She proclaimed as the "dominant predator" of the universe who can eat anyone as she chooses for many reasons such as disrespecing her or just for the heck of it. As a goddess/demoness she is worshiped by many for her body (and is targeted by quite a few for that reason). She's imposing and will eat anyone who gets in her way. Even though she's mostly a predator there are a few rare times where she's the one who's eaten.