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Nidhogg (Present Day)
Nidhogg, the Evil Paradox
Alias Old Jormungandr
Evil Jormungandr
Jormungandr's Evil Twin
Zenith's Guardian Serpent
Origin Unknown
Occupation Temporal Gap Fixer
Evil Counterpart
Status Alive
Skills Incredibly tough scales, dagger-like fangs, swimming ability and water breathing, toxikinesis, scales which, is separated, can be crafted into various magical based products.
Hobby Not known, apparently idle in place when not in action.
Goals To replace Jormungandr as the Evil version of the Serpent God.
Causing peace through violent, destructive methods.

(Note: Nidhogg's role in the Ultimorian Timeline effectively replaces that of the being he was cloned from; Jormungandr. Nidhogg takes over any and all evil roles that Nidhogg once had, all because Zenith was the one who originally caused Jormungandr to be evil, and also is in control of the evil clone Nidhogg.)

Nidhogg is the result of a temporal paradox which Zenith helped to create. During the time when Jormungandr was an evil being possessed by Zenith, after Zenith had corrupted Dogma, Jormungandr was obliterated from existence itself to prove a point. When it was later discovered that Zenith was the true cause of both of their problems, Zenith's Infernal Void lair was infiltrated by Ultima and the resulting beating from Ultima's uncontrollable rage left Zenith in such a beaten up state that Dogma and Jormungandr became purified and back to their true selves. Jormungandr, recreated as a reward for the misunderstanding, was given his original role back of being a guardian of interdimensional peace. However, Zenith eventually woke back up, and from a wandering Metal M, Zenith was offered the ability to clone Jormungandr to fill in important, vital gaps that nobody else had realized happened. Due to the fact Jormungandr is back where he belongs, he had left behind temporal paradoxes in other worlds which still depict him as a villain. Due to this, Nidhogg was cloned from Jormungandr's DNA to have Nidhogg take the place of Jormungandr in these events.


Nidhogg seems to lack a proper sapient mind; when idle, he just lays in a heap of his coils without doing anything else. Nidhogg seems to be in a deep state of focus that, should there ever be an event where he is needed, Nidhogg will do nothing but wait until he is called upon by Zenith or any other villain who has the authority to command him. Nidhogg's personality, while in action, is as malevolent as you'd expect. Nidhogg gleefully causes destruction when ordered to do so, but upon further inspection, Nidhogg doesn't showcase any actual emotion seen in a sapient villain. He seems to behave more like an animal that is instead commanded to perform evil acts rather than being something that takes action on his own. This is supported by Nidhogg's odd lack of movement or activity when idle.

When Nidhogg's body and appearance went under a "transformation" due to Zenith's influence, no demon dared approach Nidhogg's den; it was immediately next to Zenith's own den, meaning Zenith trusts Nidhogg so much that the serpent had became his personal bodyguard, all the while Sophia was also staying in Nidhogg's vicinity. Notably, Sophia is the only being within the Infernal Void, alongside Zenith, who Nidhogg is never hostile towards. Sophia, however, is a special case since Sophia treats Nidhogg much more kindly than everybody else whom Nidhogg has ever known to have been approached by. Her soothing voice, in addition to soothing Zenith, also helps in soothing Nidhogg.

During Endgame, when Sophia was being targeted, Nidhogg served as her personal guard during the encounter, and it wasn't until Nidhogg was finally slain in which Sophia herself fell at the hands of the protagonists in their goals to completely purge the Infernal Void out of existence, in their combined efforts to permanently slay Zenith for his recent crimes.

Design Notes

Nidhogg (Early Life)

Nidhogg in his early days.

It was originally planned for Jormungandr to be a oneshot character who fulfills Dogma's goals through violent means before being destroyed for good. Eventually, the story was altered to have it so Zenith was negatively corrupting the good of Dogma and his creations into doing questionable acts against their will, and thus the backstory was altered to where Jormungandr was only temporarily killed until the true culprit of the disasters was found, and thus Zenith receives a beating from his eldest "sibling" Ultima as punishment. Afterwards, Jormungandr is revived and freed from Zenith's control. However, to prevent time paradoxes in other universes where Jormungandr had been, Metal M, a servant of the Kingpin/Ultimorian Deity known as Zaalim, was hired to find Jormungandr's original, corrupt DNA, and give it to Zenith so that it could be cloned into a new being capable of stabilizing the flow of time. The result was Jormungandr's newfound evil twin; Nidhogg. Due to the fact they look virtually identical to each other, the temporal instances of Jormungandr's old self, when Nidhogg takes his role, Nidhogg will be referred to as Jormungandr by the individuals involved if they are not from the Ultimoria Universe.

Nidhogg's design, just like that of Jormungandr, is based off of Draconid Sea Serpents, but at the same time, their role in Code Black, an MMO based story because of the Sword Art Online characters, they have anotehr basis for their designs. Both Serpents are based off of Monster Hunter Frontier's Raviente, but at the same time, based on the (currently) handheld exclusive monster Dalamadur from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, in which they resemble the latter much more in regards to looks than they do the former. However, like the former, they lack limbs entirely as a proper serpent would (Dalamadur actually has functional limbs despite the serpent motifs).

Nidhogg's ability to create powerful, toxic clouds is based off of one of the original Jormungandr's abilities, which the now good Jormungandr still maintains. All in all, both Serpents are effectively the same species with the same abilities. In an odd, unintended parallel to the How To Train Your Dragon series, Nidhogg can be compared to the "Muddy" Bewilderbeast, and Jormungandr can be compared to the "Snowy" Bewilderbeast. However, it is noted that by technical definition, both Nidhogg and Jormungandr are supposed to look completely identical due to being clones. However, as both of them continue to live further into the story, Nidhogg adopts a darker color palette with red eyes due to Zenith's influence, and Jormungandr goes from a dark, murky green to a glowing, rainbow-like shade of blue to resemble Dogma's influence. However, neither Zenith nor Dogma are parallels to Drago Bloodfist or Valka respectively. However, for the former comparison, Drago Bloodfist better compares to Dr. Devoniak, who actually DOES play a role in corrupting Nidhogg even further from when it was originally created, but this doesn't happen until Dr. Devoniak is forcefully dragged into the Infernal Void in Season 2 of The Blue Tri.

Nidhogg's fangs were originally just that; fangs which had the ability to extend out of the mouth into dagger-like weapons. It was eventually decided, though, to turn them into tusks design to strip bark from trees, as the Mythological Nidhogg from Norse Mythology fed on the roots of Yggdrasil.

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