The Special Six:The Return of All Adventure Time's Villains!

Plot:When a new mysterious arch-foe,who's unknown to connie as Connie's Father have freed all of the Land Of Ooo's Villains(with a help of her wife,Dr.Maheswaran,who'd turned out to be the bowler hat robot with intellectual mind,Z-H Mach 7-7),who,with Melissa of lumpy space(Diamond) and omipotence,but even more evil,the New Lich King.

Only Steven & the Crystal Gems must put an end of their insidous plot with their new-founded gem powers.

after the legendary warrior,Finn The Human wore out from his old insidious partner's attacker(Monazite), it's up to Steven Universe,Garnet,Amethyst,Pearl,and with their 2 newfound Gem on their side,Lapis Lazuli and the techno-obsessed Peridot must stop their evil plot with their new-found gem powers.

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{{Infobox[1]}} The Special Six:The re-emerges of Adventure Time's Villain!


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