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Nailixxz  (Pronounced identical to "Nails"), one of the Spicivores who went to Earth as part of the infamous "Tribal Cult", an infamous group of Spicivores who are generally uncivilized and savage in nature. Nailixxz, initially part of this group, was once just like her fellow clan and thus no different from their villainous, murderous villains. In the present day of 2014, she is seen doing things that are taboo to her own cult, and she ends up captured alive by humans. In terms of history with the story "The Four Digit Dancer", she was among the witnesses who saw the death of an individual known as "Sizrzenz", and was part of the same raid who stormed the killer's household and killed everyone inside.


Nailixxz is no different from a typical Spicivore in terms of looks, being approximately 5'09" in height, and being fairly light weight at around 192.3 lbs when considering her height and strength. Her hands are not built to suit human-made tools, so she's usually grasping a large stick of sorts, with a giant nail attached to it to serve as a primitive melee weapon. Her appearance doesn't gain any significant attributes to make her notable right away, but when she's first seen, she has four bullet holes in her chest with a bit of stained blood from the bleeding of the wound. Apparently these bullet scars have been around for at least two centuries.


As a Spicivore, she is Omnivorous in nature, she can fly in the air at agile speeds, she can turn invisible, and she is intelligent enough to utilize makeshift weaponry. Technically her entire species is supposed to be intelligent, but individuals of the Tribal Cult tend to have very low IQ by their standards. Nailixxz's own IQ, however, is ranked up at the highest of any individual who was ever in the Tribal Cult. Naturally her intelligence caused issues with her clan, due to how the fact she was using weapons gave away how intelligent they really were, and the fact she could potentially learn to communicate with humans and flush out her former clan.


Compared to the rest of her clan, who utilize their claws and fangs as weaponry, she relies on a makeshift Axe-type weapon, at least for the beginning of the story, and she does not like to generally be associated with the sheer brutality of her clan members. She is apparently responsible for Sizrzenz's death, but this isn't confirmed outright. She generally has a hatred for Captain Sirryu, but she's only known about him via rumors, and the only reason she hates him is because she feels that Sirryu is the real monster out of everyone she knows, and that by Sirryu's indifference towards cults like the one she originated from, he effectively left them to die on a planet that was ill-suited for them to return to their own civilization.

Dogma's Damnation

Despite being a heroic character by the time of Dogma waking up, even she was destroyed by Dogma when Dogma considered the actions of her whole species irredeemable due to her species's now deceased leader.