And If I ever see you talking to your pets again, your precious town will go down!
~ Mr. Ruben threatening Blythe to destroy Downtown City
Mr. Ruben
IStock 000004812893Small.jpg
This business man is behind something sinister yet very humorous.
Alias The Business Man, Greedy Old Pants (by Russell), Money Thief, Traitor (by Fisher Biskit), Uncle Ruben
Origin Unknown
Occupation Business Man / Money Thief / Greedy Boss
Status TBA
Skills TBA
Hobby TBA
Goals To take away everything Roger loves, To destroy Downtown City, To be the better comedian than Pepper Clark
Mr. Ruben is the main antagonist of the Littlest Pet Shop fan-fiction Unfolding The Secrets (and by extension, the true main antagonist of the entire series.) He is the Texan-American multi-billionaire CEO of RubCorp and is very mean and greedy. He can be considered Roger's arch-nemesis due to their history.


Coming Soon.


  • Although The Biskits (Brittany, Whittany, and Fisher) are thought to be the main antagonists, Mr. Ruben turns out to be the true main antagonist because he had bigger plans than anyone else.
  • He can be considered the funniest villain in the series.
  • He is similar to Daniel from Thunder and The House of Magic.
    • Both hate cats (besides Ruben hating pets).
    • Both want to be rich.
    • Both of them betray the people they used to trust and work with.
  • He is the first original fan-fiction villain to be taken seriously in a comedic way.

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