Mr. phillium

Leodore Phillium, better known as Mr. Phillium, is the CEO of InGen, the boss of Cyrus Monberg and of Paul St. Antonio, and a major antagonist in Jurassic Operation,  and in the comic book Jurassic Operation: Apocalypse Time during book 1.


Jurassic Operation

He at first sends InGen hunters on the mission to explore Isla Sorna, and give some raptors to him, so he can give his son a birthday present; some pets. However, later he signed a contract with Byosin, thus phoning the company's manager Cyrus Monberg, and informing him he needs to capture every dinosaur in the island, and giving them to the Japanese Zoo, managed by Byosin themselves.

Jurassic Operation: Apocalypse Time franchise

Book 1

He then revives the Giganotosaurus by finding it's body, alongside his chief scientist Joseph Vertox. He then questions Joseph if it's dangerous to public. Joseph replies that danger is the whole idea of making a dinosaur proud. Then, after reviving the foremost dinosaur, he gets killed as a result for evil deeds.