The tale of Mosso the hybrid from Bin Weevils, how is a part Weevil, a part Evil Weevil and part mosquitio isn't very pleasant, infact it's down right disturbing

Child Hood

Mosso,(how was named because he a quarter mosquitio from his fathers side,) has alwaysed had ambition for greatness, ever since the age of nine, were he felt over shadowed by greater Weevils mostly by by his older brother. His family had always felt his brother was a strong, child prodigy, Mosso always belived him a chump with a big ego. Mosso's father alwaysed abused him for not being as good as his older brother, and when Mosso was ten and his father died, Mosso didn't shed a singal tear. Out of all of Mosso relatives his great grand father on his mothers, mothers side was the only one how saw Mosso greatness. The forefather was not very popular, as he was an evil weevil how wanted to rule all, but in his old age he was so week. He practically raised Mosso and loved him like a son. He knew deep down inside Mosso there was pure evil and a lust to rule all. Mosso learned that he is of royal heritage as his great grand father was the king of the Evil Weevils. He told Mosso that he should take over the position. At first Mosso seemed intimidated at the idea of being evil, but when he was eleven, working as a janitor at the Mall, he started to get that envyus feeling again, seeing weevils how are better more connected then him, "there as pathetic and as arrogant as my brother" he thought. He soon started to like the to like te idea of being an usurper. And when he was twelth his great gran father passed away. After the funeral ( wich he was about the only person how attended,) he made vow that he would one day rule all of Weevil Land, and began his plots.

Quest for Power

Mosso started to gather followers, most of them were of Evil Weevil heritage, some how were pure Weevils with ambition for power, how he found useful, (of corse he plan to betraying them soon after, (the pure ones that is.)) How ever he never made alliances with "Greens" (new Weevils how never change there appearance,) be they of Evil Weevil heritage or not, he thinks they lack dignity, not to give them selfs individuality. This make Mosso a racist. He had a conflict with Queen M in the 2D bin and latter Cryskull in the 3D bin.

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