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Mirror M
Mirror M
Mirror M, the Bastard Hybrid
Alias Experiment ID:Omega
Origin Unknown
Occupation Villain turned to the side of good.
Status Alive
Skills Sharp, Wolverine type claws.
"Atom Bomb", a Bomb Type so powerful it hits all of the grid in a multiplayer map, but while it destroys every block in sight, it leaves the characters unharmed.
Hyper Plasma Bomb, in addition to the other four elemental bombs.
Phase Transformations.
Hobby  ???
Goals  ???

(More information on Mirror M located on the Heroes Fanon Wiki.)

These scientists... Do they really believe THEY can even attempt to control ME?!?!
~ Mirror M's establishing quote in his early birth.
You have no chance... Do you even realize the full extent of my own supremacy?! I am Mirror M! THE ABSOLUTE!!!
~ Mirror M's boast of power.

Mirror M is believed to be have been the strongest Ultimorian in existence prior to Dogma revealing itself, but it's apparently made clear that Mirror M is perhaps far stronger than what was initially realized. Mirror M is an enigma in that it's a genetic chimera of creatures or characters from a myriad of universes and multiverses that otherwise do not see any remote contact with each other whatsoever. The body template of a Bomberman character, the explosive power of a Digimon or DBZ character, the retractable claws of Wolverine, the marksmanship and leadership skills of Fox McCloud, and being programmed mentally with the strategies and abilities of those who Mirror M was intended to target and destroy. Mirror M, as of the latest series, is not a villain character, but his actions lean heavily towards an antagonist if taken the wrong way, hence why he is listed here on this particular wiki in addition to the Hero Fanon Wiki.

Major Roles as a Villain

Mirror M, in the modern time, is considered a protagonist even if he is noted for a foul temper. However, he used to be far, far worse in nature until very recent events took place that forever changed Mirror M's lifestyle. Born 6 trillion years ago in a laboratory on the edge of numerous different multiverses, Mirror M's incredibly unstable DNA that was taken and spliced from many different, incompatible entities all into a singular lifeform caused Mirror M's mentality to be nothing short of your personality-lacking Omnicidal Maniac. His first crime was completely destroying all traces of the laboratory he was born in, and threatening various other multiverses without any regard for what peace Grandis was trying to enforce so that Ultimoria could avoid becoming a target for Dogma again. As a result, Mirror M's blunt threats to existence forced Grandis from his usual quarters, and Mirror M engaged Grandis in a fight as Mirror M's superior weaponry nearly ended Grandis had it not been for Ultima's quite literal divine intervention, and as a direct result, Mirror M was banished to a lesser universe until Grandis could recover and figure out how to properly deal with Mirror M, all the while Ultima placed a strict limit on Mirror M's powers by his own Omnipotence and heavily wounded Mirror M to ensure Mirror M did not have the power to immediately get back into causing unnecessary havoc.

While in this seemingly unknown universe, Mirror M soon discovers that this is one of the numerous Code Lyoko Universes within the Code Lyoko Multiverse, and Mirror M's hostile behavior still shows throughout Mirror M's numerous run-ins and interactions with the main characters, including, but not limited to:

  • Numerous attempts at murder towards a specific person without much provoking. However, this only happens initially, since later cases he actually has a reason for his warnings.
  • Assaulted Sissi and snapped BIG TIME and Dark Charged into the dreaded Hollow Dragozaur, a corrupt evolutionary form that Mirror M has access to, but is completely incapable of controlling or having full knowledge of what he does. He nearly kills the entire main cast in a single go had it not been for a return to the past, and did numerous damages to the academy building all in an attempt to snuff out the Lyoko Warriors in this outright savage form.
  • While in a different tone, he threatens William to never come towards him armed again, although it's clear Mirror M is not trying to be antagonistic here; he's warning William that a firearm is a very easy trigger towards getting Mirror M to Dark Charge into Hollow Dragozaur against his own will. However, the lack of noticeable panic from Mirror M's tone implies he's not being entirely nice about his warning to him.
  • Ends up adopting young children, orphaned on the streets, and is forced to cause serious destruction with his Dragozaur evolution all to prevent a Monster that XANA cloned from his own DNA from causing even worse destruction in a nearby city from the factory's location. Even if he was trying to save their lives from a giant sized monster, Mirror M was also a part of the destruction that occurred due to said fight.
  • Generally behaves like a smug asshole even if he is not meaning any harm, and Mirror M's hostility in general does not help this.
  • Seems to be perfectly willing to openly taunt XANA into doing something to either himself or anybody else. However, at the same time, it appears that Mirror M can actually HEAR something that XANA is saying that is otherwise no dialogue at all to anybody else, and is thus responding to XANA instead of openly insulting it.

However, while it is noted that Mirror M does several bad things while in this verse, his actions become well intentioned in nature as the story progresses, until finally, even if Mirror M maintains his smug attitude, Mirror M had mellowed out enough to not even be as remotely hostile as he once was. According to the story's timeline, this takes place over the course of slightly less than two years. It takes a further 10-15 years, however, until Mirror M has controlled his hostile nature enough to be considered safe enough to have around Shiramu Inc. without much problems, and even then, Mirror M is still known to have a temper, but nowhere near to the degree of what it once was like.


Malevolent Era

His backstory in the Malevolent Era is very similar to his backstory in the Neo Ultimorian Canon. However, whereas his Neo Ultimorian Canon incarnation has traits of both heroes and villains every now and then, this version of Mirror M is a more shameless villain outright. His origins, as described below as well, is the result of a genetic experiment in the attempt the create "the strongest Bomberman ever", and the guy in charge in handling Mirror M's creation was Bagura, leader of the Hige-Hige Dan. When Mirror M was put through simulations, it was determined that Mirror M was far more powerful than they had predicted, and before Mirror M even allowed them the chance to terminate him, Mirror M completely leveled the room he was in and made his escape from Bagura's off-site lab. Mirror M was not seen for several months on end after that point.

Not much can be recalled as to how Mirror M was vanquished by Dogma at the end of the Malevolent Era, but it is more than likely that this incarnation of Mirror M was destroyed in the omnidirectional blast that rebooted existence itself. This is also very likely to explain how the genetic samples used in his successor were obtained as well.


You know nothing of the pain I endured during my own creation... The splicing of various worlds, knit into a singular being, was nowhere near as painless as you would think...
~ Mirror M.

How they were obtained and why the genetic samples from the characters used to create Mirror M remains a mystery, but the intention of what to do with them were simplistic to understand; gene splice all of the materials into the most powerful entity to exist. The results were horrifying to say the least, and it led to the destruction of an entire multiverse, with Dogma and Kagubot having bared witness to Mirror M's destructive explosion attack that it used to escape the laboratory it was born in, but neither primordial deity even bothered with Mirror M, and both forces of Good and Evil itself fled from the vicinity Mirror M was located in, giving the impression to witnessing multiverses that whoever or whatever caused the explosion is fully capable of killing off Dogma and Kagubot, which led to Grandis seeking out this monstrosity first so that no other being could acquire it. As implied later by Mirror M himself, the events that led to his own creation were painful even for what standards normally applied for genetic splicing, since Mirror M's DNA came from so many vastly different universes that it was a miracle that each individual gene was able to be compatible into Mirror M's final resulting form.

Mirror M, when he was first encountered in the Sword Art Online multiverse, gave just about every major character a good thrashing, using an electrical surge attack from his body during most of his melee combos to fry their brains alive, but the most painful was with Sugou's death, who was not only fried the same way, but send flying clean into orbit. Omnicron, while he was trying to invade this universe, flat out turned and ran at the sight of Mirror M's sudden interruption, as apparently Mirror M is fully capable of killing Omnicron if it so desired to do so. When Kirito attempted to uses his dual swords against Mirror M, the experiment's own psychokinesis completely overwhelmed Kirito's nerves to where he was effectively paralyzed as a statue when Mirror M began trying to wail at Kirito's in-game avatar, only to realize that somebody is giving a supreme status buff to Kirito to keep him alive, which resulted in Mirror M attacking the source of the buff; Grandis.

Grandis and Mirror M both fought as their clash brought them both to other multiverses out of sheer accident, and Mirror M's explosion ability left gaping holes in reality of all of the multiverses visited, and Grandis knew very well that if he didn't stop Mirror M's mindless rampage, Dogma would attempt to force the conflict to end on his own. Surely enough, Dogma did indeed show up, but Mirror M immediately changed targets to Dogma, using some kind of transformation to evolve into a higher form as Dogma attacked Mirror M, only to have parts of his arms outright obliterated by Mirror M's omnidirectional blast radius, and even when Kagubot decided to interfere, Kagubot's wings were almost entirely destroyed by Mirror M. Seeing the two Primordial Deities as near useless against Mirror M's abilities due to how Mirror M knew exactly what parts of their bodies to target to destabilize them, Grandis changes into his radiation proofed armor and charges Mirror M, until Mirror M uses the sword-like set of claws on his left gauntlet and managed to actually pierce through Grandis's armor with it, heavily wounding him as Ultima shows up in a fit of rage of seeing Grandis being mortally wounded by a bastard hybrid such as Mirror M.

In response to what damages Mirror M has caused, Ultima grabbed Mirror M with both of his cosmic hands and heavily damaged Mirror M's body with various elements all at once, and drained Mirror M of so much energy that nearly all of Mirror M's powers were unable to be utilized. In addition, Ultima launches Mirror M's disabled body towards the Earth of the Code Lyoko Verse, as to banish Mirror M to that world so that he could "teach Mirror M a lesson", since as of the current moment, Ultimoria was too hazardous for Mirror M to have been banished there instead, so Ultima chose the one particular Verse that Mirror M would be unable to damage any time soon. Upon Mirror M having landed in said Verse, Ultima escorts the pained Grandis back to Shiramu Inc. to heal him up, all the while casting powerful mending magic on Dogma and Kagubot, as both Primordial Deities take their leaves, as Ultima and Grandis depart for back home as Ultima silently watches Mirror M's course of actions through his Omnisight ability to ensure Mirror M doesn't get himself into too much trouble, since Ultima believes there is potential for Mirror M to actually be a good aligned character, but right now, Mirror M's own genes are preventing such from happening.

Code Lyoko Verse Banishment

Heh. So here I am, right on Lyoko, and you can't do a thing about me since you're too afraid of the other guy within me to awaken, huh? You have an entire arsenal of monsters you can choose from, yet you KNOW that they are pathetic jokes compared to my darker form! Admit it, you're just trying to figure out what I am, aren't you? Good luck with that then, XANA.
~ Mirror M, taunting XANA no different from the usual.


Design History

Until Hollow Dragozaur was redesigned from it's original concepts from several years ago, it was intended for Mirror M's "Dark Evolution" to simply be an evil version of his own Dragozaur form, with the primary differences being the color palette and very minor details. However, it was later decided to bring back Hollow Dragozaur into it's current form, and as a result, Hollow Dragozaur completes Mirror M's overall nature as an expy of the Agumon Evolution Line. The entire incident with the Code Lyoko Verse as to showcase Mirror M's interactions with the cast is also the heaviest amount of times Hollow Dragozaur is seen compared to other appearances by Mirror M in other fanfics.

It is worth noting that Hollow Dragozaur normally Dark Charges from Mirror M's primary Phase 2 form of Dragozaur, but in the Code Lyoko fanfic, each time Hollow Dragozaur is activated, it Dark Charges from Phase 1 Mirror M; default Mirror M. This was specifically because, while the story may eventually lead to the possibility of these forms appearing, the story would not feature the normal Phase 3 and Phase 4 forms of Mirror M unless the latter was absolutely required. If the latter is indeed required, it will be because Omnicron takes claim as a major antagonist in the story as a possible plot.


  • Hollow Dragozaur is an Expy of SkullGreymon from Digimon Adventure, no different from how Dragozaur, Platinum Dragozaur, and Omega Platinum are also Expies of Greymon, MetalGreymon, and WarGreymon respectively. In regards to how Hollow Dragozaur is portrayed, however, it bears MANY similarities to how SkullGreymon appeared in both Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, most notably the fact that Hollow Dragozaur is completely impossible to actively control, even being able to oust a XANA specter from it's body once Mirror M Dark Charges into said form during the chapter it's first shown. Not only that, but any attempts to possess Mirror M and force him to Charge Up from Dragozaur to Platinum Dragozaur will always result in Dragozaur Dark Charging into Hollow Dragozaur due to the evil influences that Dragozaur is experiencing while possessed. Apparently, Mirror M has to actually allow for himself to become Platinum Dragozaur to actually use said form, and very early on, was prone to accidentally Dark Charging into Hollow Dragozaur because of his own arrogance.
  • In regards to aesthetics (and also name), Hollow Dragozaur is based off of the Hollows of Bleach, but more specifically, Hollow Ichigo. Particularly noted in Hollow Dragozaur's white color palette in addition to red stripes, which are the most associated with Hollow Ichigo in general, since most other Hollows are almost completely black by comparison in regards to coloration. In addition, Hollow Dragozaur's eyes are also based off of Hollow Ichigo's eyes as well.
  • Hollow Dragozaur, out of all of Mirror M's forms, is the only one depicted in the Hi-Res Artwork to have normal looking eyes rather than very simplistic, stylized eyes in comparison to the other forms that currently have Hi-Res artwork.


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