The Mine! Bird is the main antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan episode, Mine!.

He also appeared in the end of The Big Thanksgiving, as the main antagonist, despite having only one scene.



In the movie, The Mine! Bird first appeared at the window, but he left, but he came inside in the kitchen, but he later stole Bowser's remote, and he later saw Junior's train table, and Junior calls him Toucan Sam. He and Junior were both later fighting over The Ugly Red One and Thomas. He was stealing Junior's Thomas toy, and they were both arguing in the kitchen.

he was defeated by leaving the kitchen, and took the fish with him.

The Big Thanksgiving

The Mine! Bird reappeared at the end of The Big Thanksgiving, and was stealing the turkey, and threw it outside, but he was defeated by Bowser.


  • In The Big Thanksgiving, Mine! Bird is officially dead, and was defeated by Bowser.