NOTE: This is an article about MikoNeko's Persona. Do NOT add the information about the creator

Mikoto Furukawa

Alias MikoNeko, Miko, Dorito Queen
Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Status Alive
Skills Chainsaw
Hobby Eating Doritos, Torturing people (as a Yandere)
Goals Unknown

MikoNeko, or commonly known as Mikoto Furukawa (古川美琴 Furukawa Mikoto) is a Persona of the creator of the same name. And is the mascot of the creator's franchise. While MikoNeko isn't some sort of homicidal person herself. However, her Persona appears to be somewhat psychopathic.


Mikoto has black hime cut hairstyle tied with a red bow. She wears a fuchsia pink hoodie, dark blue jeans and black shoes. Her glasses are often seen shining.


  • Her Weapon of Choice is originally a knife. But this was scrapped due that knives are used a lot by yandere characters.
  • Mikoto Furukawa and Rowena Bonnet/Machera were originally the same person. But MikoNeko later scrapped this idea.
    • They had the same hairstyle. But Rowena has long sidelocks and lacks a red bow.
    • Mikoto has brown eyes while Rowena has blue eyes.
    • They both wear pink hoodie but Rowena's hoodie is lighter.
    • Mikoto uses chainsaw while Machera uses cleaver.

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