Well I was bored so I decided to draw some more of my creepy-ass Meloetta form.  I have given the one in my Creepypasta a nickname now. Nickname: Universa.Age: Unknown.Gender: Genderless, Considered female.Species: Undead "Cursed" Meloetta.Height: 2'4"Weight: Unknown.Type: Normal/Ghost.Moveset: Perish Song, Curse, Psychic, Shadow Ball.Ability: Immortality, This Pokemon cannot faint in battle.Personality: Evil, Crazy, Blood-thirsty, Careless.Likes: Blood and gore, Screams, Singing, Evil-ness, Darkness.Dislikes: Anything happy or good.Info: She used to belong to a girl that loved her so, But she was cursed by a evil man and his Cofagrigus, Anubis, And now is dead and wanders around killing people while singing a terrifying song that drives her victims mad.This Meloetta form and Universa belongs to me.Meloetta itself belongs to Game Freak.


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