Tamable Megaera V
"She's one monster that you do not want to cross paths with."
Alias Indominus Rex, Indy, Tamable Queen, White Freak (by Anger)
Origin Unknown
Occupation Camouflage Masstress, Sneaky Beast
Status Alive; later deceased
Skills Camouflaging, Teleportation, Super Jumps, Biting, Scaring, Massive Tail Whipping, Roaring
Hobby Giving Riley her worst nightmares possible, Being mean and vile, Framing the innocent, Lurking at Headquarters
Goals To Kill Joy and her friends so she can take over Headquarters to make Riley have the most colossal headache in the world.
The Indominus Rex, better known by her villainous Pixar name Megaera, is the (fan-named) main (yet unseen) antagonist of the 2015 Disney/Pixar film Inside Out. She is a dinosaur hybrid who was created at Jurassic World. She is the main antagonist of the Inside Out fan-fiction Missing An Old Friend by author SuperFrank225.

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