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Mayor Manx is the great-grandson of famed war hero The Blue Manx and Megakat City's longstaning mayor. He has been in office for a total of 11 terms. His voice suggest either Irish or Scottish decent as it is a thick accent. Manx is a huge fan of golf since he is frequently seen playing golf in his office and outsider playing golf. There is a long running comedy in the show of his games being ruined during a time of danger.

Manx is not good or evil, however his regard for his city and its citizens is primarily directed as to how it affects himself. He is conspicuously cowardly, opportunistic, and to a degree rather lazy, but in his own way is a consumate politician. Whilst not a particularly virtuous individual, in most situations he is able to direct the public view to a more positive light during a crisis, although many times his assurances are almost instantly proved to be premature. He has a habit of leaving the real work of his office to Callie, the deputy mayor. One time, Manx pushed Callie out of the way so he can climb the Enforcer chopper to escape from Morbulus.


  • Few Fans thinks that Manx shouldn't be mayor of MegaKat city.
  • In "Enter the MadKat" When MadKat capture 4 certain people in his box, he picks out Manx as the King from his past.
  • Some fans thought that Dark Kat was a robot controlled by him
  • He might be a corrupt official under the employ of Dark Kat
  • In the MBI website, he has a daughter named Alexandra:
  • In Razor's Edge, there is a theory that Manx was involved in Dark Kat's scheme to frame the Swat Kats since his support of vigilantism was bad for him. Manx then was planning to betray Dark Kat by naively trusting Feral to deal with the situation which didn't work out when the Swat Kats managed to save the day.

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