Master Sword is the lead protagonist of ADVENTURES OF MASTER SWORD AND FRIENDS. And a minor character in SATEN TWIST ADVENTURES.


Master Sword was born in Manhatten and was abused by his father and brother, but treated kindly by his mother at least..

Eventually Master Sword got involved in a dangerous pony gang. Though he ran himself into trouble after betraying the leader and stole the money that he was suppose to be giving to the gang..

Going into hiding, Master Sword eventually ended living in Ponyville. And ended up befriending all the characters. Including Saten twist.

He also has developed a crush on Derpy, despite that Saten Twist is very over-protective of her, and it often causes problems between him and Sword..


As running joke in SATEN TWIST ADVENTURES, Master Sword often shows signs of being a bit "insane". Often saying and doing things that most would consider "abnormal" (like jumping out a 2 story window and hospitalizing himself simply to avoid being interviewed by Saten back when they first met.)

Easily described as one of the most foul mouthed characters of the series, Sword can sometimes come across as a uncaring jerk, but is actually very kind hearted, loyal person, and very protective to those he cares for.

He and Saten have a rocky relationship, often arguing and humiliating each other. But they do care about each other. And often have more in common than they would usually admit to. Both are quite immature and love causing mischief on his spare time.

Saten Twist respects Sword enough to at least allow him to date Derpy. Who Saten is VERY protective of..

Relationship with characters

SATEN TWIST: They often have a off & on type of friendship. Saten will normally use Sword as the unwitting victim of various pranks. And Master Sword will sometimes question why he's friends with Saten (so do the readers probably). But, they do enjoy each other's company..

DERPY: Master Sword has a large crush on her that, for many years, she wasn't fully aware of.

Until now at least. As their confirmed to be dating..

THE MAIN 6: (uncertain)

TRIXIE: He hates her in most sences, but respected her a bit more after she became Saten's girlfriend..

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