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Marina Del Ray is a major villain from the Character What series, She is also a character from Disney's The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning.


After Shadow Aaron's defeat by Shadow Joe, Morgana was summon along with other villains by Shadow Aaron to warn them about Shadow Joe is the upcoming threat to all evil.

After Shadow Aaron's second defeat, Shadow Aaron revived Marina Del Ray since he kill her.

Character What: The Adventures

In The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning, Marina Del Ray reprise her role from The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea film, with Shadow Aaron making aware that Shadow Joe and Twilight Sparkle will stop her.

Marina Del Ray send Undertow to watch Melody, At Marina Del Ray's Lair, Marina Del Ray and Shadow Aaron saw that Shadow Joe save Melody (including Flounder) from Glut the Shark. Marina Del Ray then know that Shadow Aaron was right about that Shadow Joe will what ever he can to stop her, Shadow Aaron remind Martina Del Ray about Melody is the daughter of King Triton and Martina Del Ray remember that King Triton banish her from Atlantica. Martina Del Ray state that Morgana will be the key to Triton undoing.

Undertow watch Melody going to a ship with humans on, Martina Del Ray and Shadow Aaron saw Melody watching a human named Eric. Shadow Aaron had a plan to allow Melody to save Ariel, So Shadow Aaron disappear and went into the sky and cause a thunderstorm.

Marina Del Ray have a battle with Shadow Joe in her giant form, King Triton Freeze's Morgana with a Triton's Wand, Shadow Joe than strike lightning at her and the shock kills her (similar fate from the film).

Character What: Tales

In Shadow Aaron's Revenge: Part 2, Ursula appears in a flashback when Shadow Aaron can to her grotto to see her.

In The Little Mermaid II, Morgana make a cameo on poster (like in the film), She is also mentioned a few times.

Character What: Hero Force

Character What: New Hope

Character What: Ultimate Hero

Character What: New Adventures

Character What: Good Hero Times

Character What: Villains' Revenge

Character What: Friendship is Magic

Character What: The Last Stand

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Potions: Marina Del Ray possesses great magical abilities, create magic potions with various spells.
  • Size Alternation: Marina Del Ray can grow into enormous size, while she grow she leashed ink clouds.
  • Polyps Transformation: Morgana has the ability to transform Merfolk into Polyps.

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